tainted love draft 1

tainted love draft 1

A Poem by Zombie Dutcher

how can you say anybody's love is perfect
if its so perfect how do you know it was worth it
it takes time and patience
understanding and temperance
i'm not saying you gotta throw fists 
but fighting's the best way to learn who a person really it
ask any couple thats lasted 20 plus 
none of them will tell you they never had a fus
is they do call them out on their lie
even i have done my share of fights, oh my!
but you know what, if you can make it through
you best stick with her cause you'll  know its true
it takes a special gal to put up with your bull crap
it takes a special gal to learn ya well, and that
thats what you wanna find 
and hell, you may find it in another guy
if your hearts in the right place
then it doesn't matter if there's lipstick or a beard on their face
if you think it does then cuz you better rethink your thoughts on love
cause love is love it doesn't matter the source 
the feeligns will flow and they'll travel the same course

tainted love can be worked through
and who you love is really up to you
no law or religion can dictate
your loving decision or who's hand you take

people have really gotta understand
its okay if a man loves another man 
their passion and their life 
should be placed in their own hand
not held at the end of a knife
or tossed out by some suited man
it never made sense to me growing up
i grew up with an uncle with a boyfriend i guess that was just good luck
it helped me to not grow in bigotry or hate
and it helped me to understand and  even relate
but nothings screwed with me i grew up just fine 
some people just don't know when they've crossed the line
cause we the people of the united states
set up to ensure the separation of the church and state
take religion out of this political debate
and we've got a one sided no brainer at any rate
now i'm not saying its not okay to have an opinion
im just saying fear and regression are acting as a minion
to set up a place where they run the dominion
instead we need a world not bent on fear
but one of acceptance and love is oh so near.


hearts can breakdown on this road of life
that doesn't mean they have to be controlled by the  strife
even in a blizzard you can find a light
a kind of hope i suppose
a special someone with a rose
someone to get up the courage to set aside
all the thoughts of others and their pride
if you can find the one who would tear down the sun
just to be a part of the run to chase your heart 
then you'd better give them a huge head start
we're all different and express emotions in different ways
but if they love you more than the amount of air in a bag of lays
than maybe its okay
we all make mistakes and stumble
but that's no reason for a love to crumble
if you give up before you even try
than how will you know if he wasn't the right guy
don't be fooled by the jerks and fools 
but don't mistake a mistake for a guy being a tool


at some point this song is gonna end 
but lets recap all the points that im tryin to defend
nothing will be perfect from the get go
but if you've given up then you'll never know
have your own opinions and be who you are
but think before you talk make sure your not going to far
these facts will always be true
 same sex couples will always exist
no one is trying to stop you 
from loving so quit wasting your time trying to stop this 
give a second chance to anyone at all
it may have been a stumble mistaken for a fall
thank you for your time and i know that i'm young
but i believe every line of this isn't wrong
and i know that some will simplee agree
and others will just stand back and laugh at me
thats okay because these are simply the words of mine
that had to be written down to free my open mind

© 2013 Zombie Dutcher

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This is really good, Koda. More people should think like you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 19, 2013
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Zombie Dutcher

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A Poem by Zombie Dutcher