Take yours

Take yours

A Poem by Zombie Dutcher

Lets get this straight so we don't twist the words

these songs are my own my souls in every verse

and it just hurts

cause I don't want that to be it

I don't want it to be dropped down some pit

or just the target of some critics spit

so i'll just practice and enunciate

while I just try to participate

but I can't change every single trait

to make the rate

a ten point oh

here in idaho

its not the same as on another coast

no matter how sick the flow

you can't just get it and go

you have to be the best

have to score an A plus plus on every test

and drop any moment you get for a rest

lest ye die and are soon forgotten

the time and the calasts will soon harden

but until then

well my friend

you gotta stick quick

gotta stay with the tick

gotta surpass the tock

and ignore the clock

if you wanna be more than just another rap jock

on the street corner

on his way surely to the coroner

with no chance of escape

they've already prepped the police tape

can you be slicker the snake

and can you assume and make

twenty g's an act

and get yourself fat

gain a few pounds and ounces

while others are scroungin for mouses

but can't get out of some dude's houses

so are you truly ready to rise to the moment

and when you get there are you gonna be ready to own it?

Well its yours so take the take

and don't break the break

you hold it off now and the shake will shake

hold on to that confidence while it gets tense

this is your fifteen minutes to shine

get up and cross that damn finish line

i'm not finished don't get it confused

i'm not likely inclined to just give up and lose

i'll shake off the cuts accompanied by bruise

and it don't matter to me which words you choose

cause honestly I think i've found my muse

finally something I can really do

something to release

and bring me to peace

and while were at it get me out of this lease

cause its driving me down the wrong path of life

I can't work at taco time for the rest of my life

that just won't do so don't put me there

i'm getting myself ready i'll soon be prepared

after some experience and some trials that wait

i'll be able to get up and even anticipate

the words the lyrics the music the thought

every bit that goes into creation I bought

and when the time come's i'll say I fought

cause I did and I won

I beat the starting gun, son

are you paying attention cause there will be a quiz

on how I did it and made it into the biz

probably by luck but mostly by skill

and the sheer motivational power of will

© 2013 Zombie Dutcher

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Added on November 29, 2013
Last Updated on November 29, 2013


Zombie Dutcher
Zombie Dutcher

Boise, ID

I'm a pretty laid back guy whose been writing since people told me to stop talking so much and put it on paper. I enjoy sci-fy and demonic type writings. I write songs and wraps along with a 4 book se.. more..

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A Poem by Zombie Dutcher