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About Me

Okay so quick summary:My name is Taylor. I do consider myself "scene". I have O.C.D. (people think it's funny to f**k up the desks in class before i get there just to see me flip out) I have my moments. I am clinically depressed. I'm really random and that's what they love about me! AND I INVENTED GAY ZEBRA BIATCH!

The explanation (believe me, I need one) -

I guess you could call me eccentric or random...

I currently have black hair with blonde streaks but it's been every color under the rainbow + rainbow... my friend blake said it best when i had pink hair and she stated "I love you having pink hair because when I walk in a room I just look for it and then I go, okay there's Taylor"

falling apart seems to be a reoccurring topic in the book I call life...

I'm hyper-sensitive so please be gentle; my heart breaks easily...

my favorite quotes are "never make anyone your everything because when they're gone you have nothing left", "if you would want to say goodbye before you leave then don't leave" and "Love is watching someone die" and for those of you who think true love doesn't end - you're wrong, and I use to be one of the people who thought "you just have to find the right person" but I've had my heart broken one too many times to keep believing that, the matter of the fact is if you believe that you're out of your mind and you're going to realize I was right about the time your heart gets broken...

My name is Taylor Anne (it's pronounced Ann so don't screw it up) Longstaff.

My birthday is March 19th and I'm 14 but don't let my age make you over look me, I'm way more mature than expected and most people assume I'm 16 or 17 when they see me.

I am bisexual and if you have an issue with it, please, get over yourself, you're not hot enough for me and if you are and you're worried about me hitting on you then your conceit disgusts me.

It's very possible I'm out of my mind, haven't quite figured that out yet :p and if you think I'm psycho I'm pretty sure they have a club so yeh you should join it!

My friends are my life and believe me; they hold me together and save my life everyday.

I hate fake people, I mean I honestly don't get what the point of being fake is.

I love sports...and I'm VERY aggressive so f**k off or I'll eat you :p...

I've been a wreck since my best friend killed herself...(I love you babe and I miss you everyday)...and if someone has something to say about it then - f**k you, you don't know s**t and if you're gunna run your face then i suggest you don't be saying it to me because i will beat you to death just like she woulda -... rest in peace babe, miss you so much and i only wish you knew...

I've had my mix ups with things I shouldn't and right now I'm just trying to get myself out of this hole...

Someday you'll watch me change the world and you'll turn to the person next to you and say "I use to know that girl" and then you'll realize you didn't really know me at all and wish you wouldn't've been so quick to judge me...

I'm in the process of fixing everyone, one person at a time, and when I'm done maybe she'll realize if she would've picked me she wouldn't be alone right now...

Oh and I have clinical depression so please don't purposely try to hurt me...

Okay the next section is who I refer to as "the girls", my best friends xoxo

Ali-I love you, and you're constantly putting me back together so thank you so much, I don't know what I'd do without you, you've literally saved my life over and over again, i'm here for you, don't ever forget it.

Blake-I know we have our teenage girls with pms b***h moments but i love you and you're like a sister to me, we're going to be those friends that still talk 20 years from now and we'll go out clubbing and stuff.

Tiffany-I swear, if we spent anymore time together my mom would have to adopt you, lol, I'm so happy we worked things out back in elementary school, thank you for always being there for me i love you much!

Savanna-Vanna cabbana, even though people don't see it from the outside you're always there when i need you and i promise i'll always be here for you.

Emily-MUDDY BUDDY! lol, some of the best moments of my life you have been there and not even a guy(you know which one im talking bout) could seperate us and im so happy we became friends, i love you!

Kristin and Kirsten-my good girl friends, wow you guys are amazing, i know sometimes we arent very close but you guys are always there and you keep me in line, love ya.

Courtney-I know we aren't so close sometimes but I love you and I know I can talk to you and I hope you know I'm ALWAYS here for you.

Mariah- after our conversation the other day I want to let you know I love you and becoming friends with you was probably the best thing I got out of Troy and I's relationship. You understand so much that I don't expect you to. Love ya much and I'm here for you completely!

Haley- sometimes we don't talk for months and then other times we're attached at the hip. no matter what i'm here for you.

Andrea- I'm not going to lie, when we broke up I never thought we'd be friends but I love you and I hope you know that. No matter what I will ALWAYS be here for you!

Liz-...I miss you so much and you will always be my best friend. Everytime I kissed you I thought of unicorns and princesses. You're always on my mind and I can't believe you're gone. It seems like just yesterday that I hugged you goodbye and I still don't think my mind has completely acknowledged you're gone. When important things happen I want to call you and tell you and then I realize I can't. You're the most amazing person I have ever met and when I said I didn't know how I'd live without you I meant it. When you died I was in shock and I still am. I miss you so much. Still to this day, I have dreams about you and I mean they happen less often now but they're still there. You meant and always will mean the world to me. you have taught me so much about myself and i love you and miss you. I promise i'll never forget. xoxo, i love you.

but even after that depressing moment I'd just like to say that...OH MY F G! I JUST FOUND A FRIGGIN LOLLIPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOME GREAT MEMORIES: ZOMBIES WITH BLAKE ON MOUNTAIN DEW, LITTLE STUMP BIG STUMP, REEYR IN IA AND THE FRIGGIN LOOK ON KRISTIN AND KIRSTEN'S FACES (WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS???) uhm yeh there are tons of other ones like dude tiff's birthday party and that time i hit her with the mop! hhahahahahahahahahaha had to be there!!!!

dude i always fall for it!

Don't click here!

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Who did you last shoot a dirty look at?
some guy at a concert

What kind of car do you drive?
hahaha i cant drive but my dad bought me a 68 fastback mustang gt that i get when i turn 18!

Have you ever had a garage sale?
yeh when i was little....

What color is your iPod?
one is an ipod touch so silver and the other is pink

What kind of dog do you have?
a fat one!

Whats for dinner tonight?
friggin whatever i warm up!

What is the last drink you drank?
uhm water...

Last time you were sick?
haha im mentally sick!

How long is your hair?
idk don't have a ruler...

Are you happy right now?
nope, exhausted and bored but not happy

What did you say last?
uhm? idk i was talking to myself

Who came over last?

Do you drink beer?
f**k no! that s**t is nasty!

Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
nope but i told my lil sis that and she hit me

What is your favorite key chain on your keys?
uhm idk wait what??

What is in your pocket?
your sister's hand! does that bother you?

Who introduced you to your boyfriend or girlfriend?
i'm not dating anyone right now

Who is the last person you had a phone conversation with?
idk uhm andrea or possibly kaylene

What DVD is in your DVD player?
idk and i'm not gunna f****n get up to check!

Whats something fun you did today?
its 9am! i've been in bed all day!

What do you think of when you hear the word "meow"?
"reeyr!" and the look on kristin and kirsten's faces...f****n priceless

What are you listening to right now?
Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne

What have you had to drink so far today?

When is your birthday?
March 19th...the last day of winter

Whats the area code for your cell phone?

Where did you buy the shirt youre wearing now?
hot topic

Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror?

How many states in the U.S. have you been to?
too many to count

What are you going to do after this?
probably look up other stupid a*s s**t

What is something you need to go shopping for?
a girlfriend that isn't a psychopath or a f*****g homewrecker! why do you know one?

Do you like pickles?
f**k no! i give them to blake or em

How about olives?

What is your favorite kind of gum?
the kind i find myself chewing when i'm done kissing and think to myself "hey! i wasn't chewing gum earlier was i?"

Do you have any tan lines?

Do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher?
Mrs. Pierce...

Who was the last person to call you baby?
Grace, before she went all "im a f*****g s**t" on me...

When youre at the grocery store do you used the self checkout?

Has anyone ever sang to you?
Grace...god why is she the f****n answer to half of these?!

Has anyone ever given you roses?

If you were abandoned in the wilderness, would you survive?
i doubt it. i'd go crazy and like claw my eyes out

What is your favorite color?

What color are your eyes?

What is a compliment you receive way too often?
"you have gorgeous eyes!"...it makes me wanna be like "oh my god get some new material!"

How tall are you?

Who was the last person to say they loved you and when?
well if you mean love as in romance love then Grace, if you mean friend love then Blake and if you mean just love, my mom

Do you like your parents?
my mom...not my dad

Why did your last relationship end?
she picked weed over me and she's a homewrecker and she changed and now shes dating another one of my exs

Who was the last person you said you loved on the phone?

Where is the furthest place youve traveled?

Which do you prefer, to eat or sleep?

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?

How long does it take you to shower?
an hour

Can you do splits?
hell no

Can you use the grill?
yup but i burn s**t

Are you flexible?
haha dirty comments

What movie do you want to see?
uhm really none?

What did you on New Years Eve 2007?
got drunk

Was your mom a cheerleader?

What is the last letter of your middle name?

How many hours of sleep did you get last night?

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?

Are you scared of flying?

What do you sleep in?
whatever i wore that day

Do you have any tatoos?

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?

What jewelry do you wear all the time?
my great grandmother's wedding band on a necklace

What is your favorite song at the moment?
anything that doesn't make me think of Grace

What song do you HATE?
I Think About You Everyday by A Rocket To the Moon - i loved it up until Grace ruined it for me

Do you like chocolate?

Are you easy to get along with?
depends how my day is going


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Posted 14 Years Ago


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Posted 14 Years Ago

yup! comepletely serious

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Posted 14 Years Ago

no but thank you!

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Posted 14 Years Ago

awww thats sad i hate it when that stuff happens :( im sorry

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Posted 14 Years Ago

why are you disappionted?

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Haha, yer welcomeee. [:

Lmaoo, chyeah.
I'm writing a new chapter right now, actually.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks fer the reviews.
[: <3

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Posted 14 Years Ago

im not a happy person, so sorry. but not atm. maybe when my life gets easier.

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Posted 14 Years Ago

im not a happy person, so sorry. but not atm. maybe when my life gets easier.