A TRUE POET!  January 19, 2014 - January 22, 2014

Contest Completed


First (A TRUE POET) - Words
Second (A GREAT POET) - Why do I write?
Third (A GOOD POET) - Live A Life Uncommon
Fourth (Brilliant poem) - I Am Poetry
Fifth (Great poem) - Poetry
RUNNER UP (I liked it) - Poetry in Motion
RUNNER UP (I liked it) - Poetic Life


In this contest i want you to enter any poem you have about just that being a poet!
How does it feel when you write!
Why do you write!
What do you think a true poet is!
Anything and everything about writing :)

Only one rule:
Only write about this topic, if you write about anything else you will not be chosen as a winner!

Besides that just 1 pointer, you may have a better chance at winning if your poems rhyme, they sound more poetic that way! and i love poems that rhyme.
Although if its a good piece please enter it weather it rhymes or not :)

Good luck to all! May the best poets in my eyes win!


My reviews for all the winnerz


cimmy wuv xxxooo
cimmy wuv xxxooo
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