Healing Trauma  December 16, 2012 - December 24, 2013

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Many of my US brethren, and indeed many others worldwide, were horrified by the actions in my home state of Connecticut on the 14th. There have been no answers we have wanted to hear for the thousands of questions asked and unasked. I therefore wanted to create this contest for the gentle warrior souls of my lovely Spiritual Woman Group, because all us of on a path to the spirit understand that the path to the soul is the path of healing life's traumas.

Many of us have faced, or helped others face, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and sexual trauma. What I would like to see are poems and stories about this struggle; because your words may help others who are grieving in their own lives or vicariously. It does not matter where in the process you are, because all understanding is valid. Calling out trauma for what it is, is a healing and cathartic process. It leads to pilgrimage and joy, which will be the subjects of other contests.

So let's see your works on the recognition, understanding, experience, and healign of trauma.

Because of the nature of this subject, I encourage you to thoughtfully read, review, and comment on each others' entries. Each of the top 3 works will be feautured in the group.


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Marie Anzalone
Marie Anzalone
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