By the Tale-fire in Tol Eressëa


"...and before him (Eriol) the only light came from an open door through which poured a red glow as of a big fire. 'That', said Vairë, 'is the Tale-fire blazing in the Room of Logs; there does it burn all through the year, for 'tis a magic fire, and greatly aids teller in his tale - ..."

The Book of Lost Tales - Volume 1 J.R.R. Tolkien
The Cottage of Lost Play page 17

This is a group for all those who love Tolkien's world. Here you can send your poems, novels and stories inspired by his work and those writings that is related to the Middle-earth, Elves, Men, Dwarves, Hobbits and so on.

'Tolo anir naur!' Come by the fire.

"Now let me tell you a story, but where I should begin? Memories flowing through me like endless stream of many rivers that rejoice when they meet.
Come and sit down by the fireplace,
and listen to our stories of life, love and grief.
We want to hear all that you can tell,
my dearest friend there’s no need to be in brief."

The tale of the Storyteller
by © 2016 ~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

'Mae g'ovannen! Gi nathlam hí.'

You are well met! We welcome you here.

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Welcome all!

~Sarah~ Idríel The Fair

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