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My Albatross

My Albatross

A Poem by Faith Almazan

I'll never be the way you want me to be. I don't care, you love leaving bruises on me. H..
Haiku Horse Haiku Horse

A Poem by Jane Taylor Hardy

Running by your sideDivinity collidingSparks my soul anew ..
해­외­배­팅≫≫♥MMX79.Com까똑: XaZa♥≪≪ 해­외­배­당 해­외­배­당 해­외­배­팅≫≫..

A Story by xcgcxcx

인­터­넷­배­팅≫≫♥MMX79.Com까똑: XaZa♥≪≪ 사­설­스­포­츠­배­팅 사­설­스­포­츠­배­팅 인­터­넷­배­팅..

A Story by xcgcxcx

Mist Mist

A Poem by Jane Taylor Hardy

Dissipating into the morning mistThrough a kaleidoscope-like vie..

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Swifts, Carry Me in Your Heart

Swifts, Carry Me in Your Heart

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

Let all disappointment be slayedloss can be laid to restin rivers of sun kissed goldit is time I ret..
A Love Such as This A Love Such as This

A Poem by Kelly Scheppers

As breathless as a falling star,of monarchs in a mason jarof rainbows in their fullest hue,of day..
Twice Twice

A Poem by Kassie

You’ve only been gone one day; one morning, really. But you know what it feels like? ..
Wishful Truth Wishful Truth

A Poem by Sin in Sincerity

She's the sweet sticky honeyThat resides in the confines of my bee hive mind.Oh my my my...The resid..
Daring Dessert Daring Dessert

A Poem by TheOne&Only

A Succulent DesireFilled with wildness fire.Tame it down, with devotionDevour my peddle like flower...

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Ace of Arenas Cheats Ace of Arenas Cheats
Reviewed by guerincloutier

5 Hours Ago

On this site there is no need to download any data to your HDD, without riscs of downloading any viruses. Everrything is happening online diretly from your browser. Our hacks are undetected and workin.. more..
A Tribute to Gothic Fiction A Tribute to Gothic Fiction
Reviewed by Wintershade

2 Hours Ago

A deeply passionate & deliciously dark expression of the contrast and 'the love of grey'. The world is not black and white, no matter how much others would wish it so, and dabbling in those areas tha.. more..
Freak out Freak out
Reviewed by Eliot Knight

53 Minutes Ago

Well, one thing I don't understand is if you are a guy in love with a girl, a girl in love with a guy (with pronoun errors) or Lgbta+ ?
Now since I myself am more of a advice giver/helper/does.. more..
Based On True Events Based On True Events
Reviewed by Creator

3 Hours Ago

Now, this is awesome! The begining reminds me of a Columbo episode, lol. For those who don't know... That was a detective series, started in the seventies. I really have no advise on how to make this .. more..
crossed out crossed out
Reviewed by John

3 Hours Ago

Jesus indeed. A subject, an invocation, and an epithet. Turn the other cheek, perhaps. Or dance cheek to cheek. Google shrugs his shoulders. Hey Mr Ed, ain't no heard of that AMMUNISHNESS. You sure yo.. more..

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