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Chapter Seven: Good Words

Chapter Seven: Good Words

A Chapter by T.G. Pluto

I had been among the company of Dogma for a couple weeks now. Every day was the same as the last. Wa..
Two Working dudes .. (WT) - working title Two Working dudes .. (WT)..

A Story by Will T. Massey

Movie, Mony's.
Mist fan are eco-friendly way of cooling the surrounding Mist fan are eco-friendly..

A Story by Karam AboulHoda

Mist fans square measure the most effective thanks to cool the encompassing areas instantly. These f..
Raise My Hand Raise My Hand

A Poem by Anonymous

You didn’t call on me todaywhen I was raising my hand.Your eyes gliding away,my gaze at yo..
Soul Formation Soul Formation

A Poem by Earl Schumacker

Soul Searching

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A Story by Quinn W

I'm "weird."
this writer is talking out of both sides of her mouth this writer is talking ou..

A Story by genocide

I'm not the same man I was before my dad died.Now im feeled with rage.One this writer says my writin..

A Story by genocide

In the year 2007.I did a whole book about Genocide killing the gods the first version of genocide wa..
My first writing partner was a stripper My first writing partner ..

A Story by genocide

She was different than dark raven in so many ways.She and I were the same we have both seen the insi..
False Human Being False Human Being

A Story by Sikandar Khan

As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatu..

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Head Chasing Tail Head Chasing Tail
Reviewed by Tony Jordan

2 Hours Ago

I often walk into a room only to forget why I'm there at all then when I walk back into the oriiginal room I remember!! It's as if the memories leaked out but can be salvaged by the dump-trunk that is.. more..
My Gold Parakeet My Gold Parakeet
Reviewed by Nemo...

4 Hours Ago

I like how you describe both your feelings as well as the caged bird's feelings too. We grasp at beauty like it can be possessed, yet it is only when it is lost that we can see it for what it truly wa.. more..
>> out-of-place idiots >> out-of-place idiots
Reviewed by Alisa Js

4 Hours Ago

I have noticed during my journey on this planet, that those who walk in love towards others without judgement are generally seen as weak, when the truth is, we are anything but that.

Ot.. more..
Comfort found Comfort found
Reviewed by Gee

14 Minutes Ago

Ah, now let's talk whiskey, how about Makers Mark or Monkey Shoulder, splendid when sipped over ice, mmmmmm. Jeepers we're back between the sheets Starz,will have to stop meeting like this, folk will .. more..
Off the Rails Off the Rails
Reviewed by mattavelli

6 Hours Ago

Hello, Barleygirl! :)
I get a kick out of trump's personality, so bizarrely obnoxious. It seems he must be character acting. But who would vote for that? I think our objectivity failed us. We s.. more..

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Two lives?!?! Two lives?!?!

A Book by yesi

Granddad Granddad

A Poem by Annabelle

Paths Paths

A Poem by JG Collins

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