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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 6 Linda was not an early riser like Martha that's for sure as girls were already fighting..
Chapter 9 Miria: A Questionable Decision Chapter 9 Miria: A Questi..

A Chapter by A.L.Exley

Sköll heitir ulfr,er fylgir inu skírleita goðitil varna viðar,en annarr Hati,han..

A Poem by erums

You say you want to be with me Yet you don’t act like itYou said you wanted something real Yet..
Incarcerate Incarcerate

A Poem by sh va

Dedicated to herI used to think that Love is the cure But it seems to work like a curse for me Don..

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Harsh reality

Harsh reality

A Story by Dawn

I give thanks for still being hereand alive.I give thanks for walking, talkingmoving and doing as I ..
Looking Looking

A Story by MajesticGust

Is he watching her? If so, then why?
when Ferraris become Ramblers when Ferraris become Ramb..

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

when Ferraris become Ramblers i once thought i had posit-traction kisses could l..
Salt On Open Wounds Salt On Open Wounds

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

Those nine carat gold hoopstwisted with betrayalhave remained unused and pushedin their satin lined,..
Oblivious Oblivious

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

If you slow down sufficientlyyou may see droplets of rainfallon leaves of red orachas you pass by.If..

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A catastrophe of cars.. A catastrophe of cars..
Reviewed by Phill Oz O'fee

7 Hours Ago

Love to read and digest the creativity of you words; this piece is full of imagery, wordplay and imagination – just right for my obtuse thinking mind! Ah yes – the manic menagerie of marke.. more..
A Letter I'll Never Send A Letter I'll Never Send
Reviewed by Richard M

2 Hours Ago

Thank you Lexi for sharing with me in your Reading Request. I feel the emotion and depth of feeling and thank you for your strength and courage in sharing here. Life is too short Lexi and it will on.. more..
Bliss Bliss
Reviewed by An owl on the moon

3 Hours Ago

Reading your richly woven poem and your author's note, and realizing that so few in this life ever seem to find this... contentment. The world seems to exist with the premise that we can never have en.. more..
Like me Like me
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

4 Hours Ago

needs a bit of editing, but a pretty powerful write...indicating to me a speaker who has so little self-confidence that she doesn't want to be set up to fail...if people ignore her, she needs be no on.. more..
Truth and Lies Truth and Lies
Reviewed by Christine Anne Shaw

9 Hours Ago

I like where your lines take me Ted. Complacency sets in with age, there is still love, but all that soul mate malarkey is well and truly out of the window. Life has knocked that out of you. Relations.. more..

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Boyhood hero

Boyhood hero

A Story by Beavo

A stranger boy A stranger boy

A Poem by Anyaa

Falling out Falling out

A Story by Beavo

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