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Revitalized functions of metabolism and digestion

Revitalized functions of metabolism and digestion

A Story by virsha valty

If you're a butterball grub plenty any reasonably food Revita Cleanse Advanced can increase the exte..
Chitose Hibana Chitose Hibana

A Chapter by ❀Subaru_Nyaa!d..

With My first Illustration on this site
Marigold Marigold

A Poem by modtoddink

This is a poem using the Marigold flower as an example of quiet self confidence and resolve. Love of..
안전토토 【˚⌒˚】WWp9,cOm【°⌒°】안전토토 안전토토 안전토토 【˚⌒˚..

A Story by dhfgf

안전토토 【˚'˚'WWp9,cOm【&..
I F***in Hate This Song I F***in Hate This Song

A Poem by Yoga Pramartha

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A Poem by Sami Khalil

A sociological write on Anomie...
Sapphire Seas Sapphire Seas

A Poem by MsJewel

~ a sensual love poem ~
Marty (Then and Gone) Marty (Then and Gone)

A Poem by dan

a tribute to my best friend marty, taken way too soon. i am reposting this because it got very littl..
No Sunbeams Enter Here No Sunbeams Enter Here

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

Triggered to totalityrancid reversal rupturesignorance immerses intolerancegagged growth groansgypsy..
Silence Silence

A Poem by Ana B.

Between the whispers of the rain drops And the howling of the wind Between the echoes of the r..

Recent Reviews

Let Me Count the Ways Let Me Count the Ways
Reviewed by Carrie.

1 Hour Ago

Well, I'm the "s" in D/s. So, I don't know how any of that goes, LOL.

I also don't know much about songs, but I can offer my insights as a poet. The chorus is fantastic, I like the way.. more..
Tribute to Eden lips Tribute to Eden lips
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

1 Hour Ago

I enjoyed the poem. The rhyme was very good and I like the use of the flowers to make the poem come alive.
"But when I nearly died, he left me Bobolink
And I, wetted like a tendril, tas.. more..
Haunted Haunted
Reviewed by Brian

1 Hour Ago

It's got so much going on. Especially the battle it feels like. There's something there, a searching and a clashing, and in the end the result is that the battle was never won. Over what exactly, hard.. more..
"A Connecticut Yankee..." "A Connecticut Yankee..."
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

1 Hour Ago

reaching beyond the present is something many of us would like to do, because what is now is too scary...we want to avoid what is now...and yet what about the future?

is there something.. more..
Explicit Prescription Explicit Prescription
Reviewed by Literary Artist Dream

1 Hour Ago

this was very emotive
it's clear you have alot of pent up emotions involving your parents...

perhaps emotions they don't have the chance to really see

this.. more..

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