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A Poem by Rene Salinas

Joseph's Rise to Power in Egypt Joseph's Rise to Power in..

A Chapter by John F Carver

747. While Joseph was in jail for things he hadn't done the butler and baker of the king of Egypt..
Cogniflex- Improve your cognitive power and intelligence in just few weeks! Cogniflex- Improve your c..

A Stage Play by Veronica Dewi

Cogniflex has ended up being well-known many thanks to old clinical system Ayurveda and also has num..
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A Story by itsgonnabeme

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A Story by itsgonnabeme

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For Christ's sake don't tell the Romans....

For Christ's sake don't tell the Romans....

A Poem by Gee

Betrayal for monetary gain
The Icing on the Cake The Icing on the Cake

A Poem by David Lewis Paget

When Kelvin threatened to cut my throatI thought him a little stressed,We’d known each other f..
Stable Horse Stable Horse

A Poem by Coffeeforthecafe

Stable horse ran away to be with the birdsthe birds didn't want this stable horsethey knew he didn't..
Autumn haunts the air Autumn haunts the air

A Poem by C Froman

Over fields of lace I hear her lullabies…
25 of 81, Poems from the Tao 25 of 81, Poems from the ..

A Poem by Pryde Foltz

The Tao embodies all The master embodies the Tao

Recent Reviews

The Mayor of Danvers The Mayor of Danvers
Reviewed by Sebastian Falzarano

3 Hours Ago

Before I begin, the twist is what caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it! And I have to admit that some of the patients are creepy, and you did a great job in portraying that!
I do hav.. more..
What it Felt Like to Die What it Felt Like to Die
Reviewed by Leon C

3 Hours Ago

As usual another good piece of work. I know you are an excellent writer so I am going to try and be hyper critical. So stand by for some nit-picking

1. The wound is below the navel b.. more..
the Wedding Band the Wedding Band
Reviewed by Gee

47 Minutes Ago

Hi Jacob,at least when you see my name appear nonsense is on the goes nothing.Got married,2witnesses,no family,no ring(for me),no reception,best wedding I've ever been to and have just c.. more..
In Memoriam In Memoriam
Reviewed by dan

55 Minutes Ago

This piece is absolutely riveting. I like the way you employ internal rhymes and a conversational tone to the piece. Some outstanding individual lines here that make a whole that is greater (put toget.. more..
New beginnings. New beginnings.
Reviewed by dan

1 Hour Ago

Going back to square one and attempting to start anew does not always work as it's drawn up. Once a background of hurt has been established it's hard to start up again without the residual hurt taggin.. more..

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