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At night

At night

A Poem by Amy

a nursery rhyme
Byproduct of Love Byproduct of Love

A Poem by B.L.North

Silence fills the void with everything but sound Nothing present to mask the memori..
Glycolysis Glycolysis

A Poem by j.t. Nawn

underneath my silhouetteit's always "liek" dusk.i hear a marching band in the fog,a damp echo, some ..
The 84th Hangar: part 2 The 84th Hangar: part 2

A Story by Kayja Symphious

An alcoholic reporter is sent on a new lead regarding the mystery about area 51: Part 2 Warning: Lan..
What did I do? What did I do?

A Poem by Logan Freebourn

Prompt: Current Relationship Word Count: 344 I wrote this when I was having a depressing day after..

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A Poem by Tate Morgan

But what to me was east and west and lure of many lands could never replace the green grass with ..
Mine enemy Mine enemy

A Poem by Frieda P

Remain unsaid... Remain unsaid...

A Poem by Frieda P

drunken reality
Just be yourself, until Just be yourself, until

A Poem by Baby Ricochet

A word to the wise

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Final Viewing Final Viewing
Reviewed by TL Boehm

1 Hour Ago

Oh wow this is good. I too so enjoyed the setting of this in the mill, the descriptions and the way Ellis moved through his past - sometimes skipping a gear or two and sometimes smoothly giving the fe.. more..
The rumination of my ruin~COLLABORATION w/Kublakhan The rumination of my ruin~COLLABORATION w/Kublakha..
Reviewed by willweb

1 Hour Ago

Now that is what I would call a poetic puzzle. I am just happy the two pieces fit so well together in the end. For a while reading this I sat with a blank stare and then out of nowhere, oh yeah, I ge.. more..
Chapter Twenty-Three: I Love You Chapter Twenty-Three: I Love You
Reviewed by {SuMmEr}

1 Hour Ago

Well.... I read it Danny, and you are definitely a writer.
This book contains many emotions... from happy to sad, and I guess that's just the way life goes really.
I loved reading this, as.. more..
"Mushroom Clouds in Magic Land"   IN COLLABORATION WITH FRIEDA "Mushroom Clouds in Magic Land" IN COLLABORATION..
Reviewed by willweb

41 Minutes Ago

"Off with the mushroom head". I feel like I just took a stroll with Alice, took a couple of hits with the caterpillar and chased a white rabbit on to Grace Slick's front lawn. This was so very good. I.. more..
~Poetry Pimp~ ~Poetry Pimp~
Reviewed by Frieda P

1 Hour Ago

Holy sister of rants, you've got big ones, went as far as using his deceitful're my hero! I thought I was pushing the envelope by posting the link with my poem, you're the champ!! Maybe some.. more..

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Bored Bored

A Poem by Terpsichore

the beat the beat

A Poem by Brittany

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