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I'm a Hurricane

I'm a Hurricane

A Poem by Caitlyn Lacovara

How do you sleep so peacefully Next to the hurricane in y..
sherbet thoughts sherbet thoughts

A Poem by A Glow in the Pit of My S..

There I stoodin a graveyard tinged with nectarinebreathing carnation hued cloudsas the sky lit up li..
late night thoughts late night thoughts

A Story by adakaia

I feel the night's embrace. The stars hang distant in the sky..
there is no vaccine for a sad heart there is no vaccine for a..

A Poem by marilyn 1225

i like you i doi want you i doyet the next dayhis heart flew awayto a younger ladymore beautifullivl..
Jezebel? Jezebel?

A Poem by Schizophrenic Poet

She fell from the window; her head split apart As she lay broken in the street as prophesied W..

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Moonshine Drinkers

Moonshine Drinkers

A Story by Samuel Dickens

Sammy didn't want to meet them

A Story by KCthelastboyscout

first I was blind, now I can see
Pieces Pieces

A Story by Kathryn Smith

Scratches down your backYou did a number on meBut honestly baby who's counting?I did a number on you..
To The Lady I Shall Never Know To The Lady I Shall Never..

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

Remembrance Sunday Wanderings...
Knight To D3 Knight To D3

A Story by Laguna Loire

A short story about a game of chess.

Recent Reviews

Prologue Prologue
Reviewed by matrixmark

3 Hours Ago

I really feel that you have worked hard on this piece, as from the descriptions from the beginning I feel have been well thought out and the reaer can clearly view the casino from the eyes of the pers.. more..
Jezebel? Jezebel?
Reviewed by Schizophrenic Poet

14 Minutes Ago

Jesebel was a horrible person more evil than any other sinner in the Bible. Elijah, the great prophet, prophesied that when she died she would fall from the tower window of the palace and the dogs wo.. more..
 The Midnight-Freak: or, twice twisted rage and a representative of death The Midnight-Freak: or, twice twisted rage and a ..
Reviewed by JPDonelan

1 Hour Ago

An interesting piece with a number of grammatical problems (which made the piece somewhat difficult to read), already acknowledged. I'll likely be focusing mostly on the grammatical side of things, si.. more..
The Tribulations The Tribulations
Reviewed by Alistair (Ali)

7 Hours Ago

writing is the very end product of experience, it really is the last-day flag.
Your moment is taken on- it forms a truth in it's own time, that could take years to percolate through the strata .. more..
Night of the Elvis Night of the Elvis
Reviewed by Dave

22 Minutes Ago

I'm afraid that my first real girl friend had a serious crush on Elvis so of course I hated him. It wasn't until a few years later that I came to appreciate just how good he was. Now that he's been .. more..

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