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I am on your side

I am on your side

A Poem by Selena D. Harper

Caressing my love in your heart I kiss your forehead with assurance Telling you nothing gonna sep..
“A Guy Like Me” “A Guy Like Me”

A Poem by PoeticSorcery

Hi, my name is Travis I’m really f*****g lame I rhyme in all my poems Isn&..
Chapter 1 - Takanova Chapter 1 - Takanova

A Chapter by alextheriot

Waking with a start, Cedric slowly realized he was dreaming. It was the same dream he’d had si..
time will heal everything time will heal everything..

A Poem by harry gharial

Time will heal everything Can it really heal the sufferings of so many years? Time will heal ..

A Poem by sonnie ibadah

The battles that raged on through the years agaisnt humanity, So we fought them. But fear and gree..

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About a Knight...

About a Knight...

A Chapter by ~ Papaya ~

Brave and handsome
One Step Back One Step Back

A Chapter by ~ Papaya ~

Missing Things Missing Things

A Chapter by ~ Papaya ~

Tumbleweed Tumbleweed

A Chapter by ~ Papaya ~

Just a poem that was inspired by tumbleweed.

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Reviewed by barleygirl

3 Hours Ago

Your imagination is off the charts, your word crafting is fun & playful, your storytelling in verse is strong & straightforward . . . all things I really enjoy. It's just that I'm not sure I would enj.. more..
Twelve Thousand Too Many Twelve Thousand Too Many
Reviewed by Ashan Shanker

32 Minutes Ago

This town is a haven
for lost souls

Reminds me of Mumbai, where I live. There are several parts in your poem which remind me of my city.

They say you can't runmore..
Time, Life & The After Life Time, Life & The After Life
Reviewed by Beautiful Intentions

1 Hour Ago

What gets me the most in this piece is the underline loneliness... So philosophical, brilliantly written, asking questions that I have asked myself, views I share and do not share, carrying me along t.. more..
A Heart Tore into Angel Wings, Spoken Word to Mesmerize A Heart Tore into Angel Wings, Spoken Word to Mesm..
Reviewed by Mark

1 Hour Ago

Speaks to me about our longing for love; sex and companionship. That longing can be so very real and overpowering and this poem speaks to the risk, the reward, and dealing. Very nice. Your face is ver.. more..
A cantankerous writer A cantankerous writer
Reviewed by Kossuth Katonája

4 Hours Ago

A great writer you say? Heh... I think it's only a matter of perspective. To some I'm a great writer (never asked why tho. lol) while others just don't understand a damn word I write. Lol.
So.. more..

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