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A Story by sanyazj

购买假驾驶证 购买假驾驶证

A Story by sanyazj

Awakened Awakened

A Story by William Propsner

Young Man dreams of a future and awakens in his past.
假大学学历多少钱 假大学学历多少钱

A Story by sanyazj

假大学学历多�'�'�【 ..
Last Telepaths Last Telepaths

A Poem by Bitchy


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He will be.......

He will be.......

A Poem by Gee

Rough Justice Rough Justice

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

There are whispers in the valleys,there are rumours in the streetsand it's spreading like a virusas ..
snowman snowman

A Poem by john l smith

new currency of old love new currency of old love

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

new currency of old love in the substantial woods of my inner sanctum the fol..
Wintery Wintery

A Poem by MCS

The light of winter is the poetry of patience...

Recent Reviews

Her Blue Suede Soul Her Blue Suede Soul
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

2 Hours Ago

I loved the complete poem.
"Let us share grins and sin without missing innocence..
Let us cradle each others souls as if the nerves in our limbs remembered nothing more than how to hold .. more..
Egocentrism Egocentrism
Reviewed by CyranoDBergeron

8 Hours Ago

Nope the ego is a miniscule powerless thing that slimes its way over to you and begs for validation.

Unfortunately it is quiet and persistent. And yes a lot of people wear there slimy .. more..
Curiosity....about God? Curiosity....about God?
Reviewed by Earl Schumacker

8 Hours Ago

Hi Dawn,
Nicely done. It is good to contemplate God. Life is a struggle with or without God. It is much easier with Him. Atheism does not sound like much fun. Their headstones should read,.. more..
Child-Like Wonder Child-Like Wonder
Reviewed by emipoemi

7 Hours Ago

Beautiful!! Very nostalgic. This is one however that needs punctuation in order to follow the flow. Otherwise readers wouldn't understand how to read certain lines. Had to go back once I reached the e.. more..
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Reviewed by Riddhi

8 Hours Ago

Great work..I loved the way you expressed your emotions..You know you are like a painter who uses her words as colours and you make the picture of your emotions so clear..You are indeed great as a wri.. more..

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