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When love comes around

When love comes around

A Poem by Russia

Poem about how love completes a life
Diabetes Topic Proposal Diabetes Topic Proposal

A Story by Kit Cat

Diabetes Topic ProposalDiabetes is a metabolic disease that affects the lives of many throughout the..
Who are we really ? Who are we really ?

A Poem by haywenzo

can we define who we are ?
Wilhelm Milcobb and the Nazis that Could Fly Wilhelm Milcobb and the N..

A Book by Display Name

I started this book as a joke, I was just making up the dumbest most cliche story I could write, sen..
The color of dreams The color of dreams

A Poem by Craig Froman

I fell with you this night...

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“Love Thy Neighbor?” Hmm...

“Love Thy Neighbor?” Hmm...

A Story by Joe Malgeri

What a spiritual student experiences, and is taught by his medium mentor back in the mid eighties. H..
Finding Fragrance Finding Fragrance

A Poem by willweb

It sits upon my window sill, after all of this time, the Magnolia bloom you sent Wil..
It Is What It Is It Is What It Is

A Poem by Chris G. Vaillancourt

Into the mouth of the morning I dive each day.Make another attempt to bring forwar..
Dreaming of the Sea Dreaming of the Sea

A Poem by MsJewel

~ a love scribble ~
Prophetic Groans From Sleeping Roots Prophetic Groans From Sle..

A Poem by Chris G. Vaillancourt

The urge beneath the solid wrestles damp tendrils in massive sleep.Pulsating bund..

Recent Reviews

Solid Red Solid Red
Reviewed by Green

27 Minutes Ago

I've always admired people who could write things like this (senryus that is); the ability to say such powerful things in such few words is truly a talent. I especially like the play on words (well, I.. more..
Betrayal Betrayal
Reviewed by Penny T

32 Minutes Ago

I think betrayal is worse than everything else and I know I struggle to cope with and get over it far more than anything else. it leaves a legacy of mistrust, trauma and grief on an unprecedented scal.. more..
The things I wish You and Mom Knew The things I wish You and Mom Knew
Reviewed by Aiden

56 Minutes Ago

Hey now, there is nothing wrong with being Bi or pagan. Your parents should love you regardless of who you are deep down inside. I'm proud of you for writing this because some people don't even get th.. more..
 In A Windy Place Without Trees In A Windy Place Without Trees

1 Hour Ago

Marvelous how your surface text bewilders normal reckoning. --- I go back, and leave imagination to play alone in the recesses of tomorrow.--- A feeling of quiet comfort, bred of familiarity, it's yea.. more..
Rain Patters Rain Patters
Reviewed by Penny T

22 Minutes Ago

I think our education system causes incredible emotional damage to young people. the hostility, the tension, the characters all come across larger than life. It's a sad tale that most could relate to .. more..

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