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My sweet

My sweet

A Poem by Anonymous; NONY.

She used to look up to meTo see how she should beBut I taught her to be herselfSpread love and hope ..
Resist The Temptation Resist The Temptation

A Poem by Randy Johnson

The world gets worse as each day passes and that's no exaggeration.When you are tempted to commit a ..
Chapter 2 Chapter 2

A Chapter by Splatman73

As you can see, my chapters were much shorter back in 7th grade. Maybe it was a good thing. Also goo..
On Buried Artifacts On Buried Artifacts

A Poem by M. Hassen

A poem
Snow Days Snow Days

A Story by Original Stories

A guy living in the Alaskan cold with the girl of his dreams.

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Sage And Saga

Sage And Saga

A Poem by Sami Khalil

Romance at any mature age and level of wisdom...
Fearlessly Fearlessly

A Poem by mattavelli

Once^ Once^

A Poem by Anonymous; NONY.

OnceI ached for your loveI yearned for your attentionOnceI kissed you good morningI hugged you good ..
Family Family

A Poem by Neal S

I was born in MississippiThis very small placeMud on those jeansDirt covered my faceMy father was a ..

Recent Reviews

Wendy Chapter 7: HR and HQ Wendy Chapter 7: HR and HQ
Reviewed by AUU

28 Minutes Ago

I thought I'd just number my comments in order of what I read. Not all of them are criticisms.

1. I like the first paragraph because Wendy is very determined to see this Dave problem th.. more..
Awareness Awareness
Reviewed by The Archangel Gabriel

6 Minutes Ago

You totally rock. I tell people to "Trust in God" or also to "Trust in Jesus." You go girl! We have to believe love and tolerance are there and in the life eternal. You got some of them on your si.. more..
The last words of professor Charles Sarlem The last words of professor Charles Sarlem
Reviewed by matrixmark

1 Hour Ago

I woke up in the night and saw a form standing in the doorway. - WHAT A LINE.
This gave me the creeps when you went on to describe the ghoul in the room ran the fingers over his neck and then .. more..
Ante Meridiem Ante Meridiem
Reviewed by Quinn W

3 Hours Ago

Wow. That's all I can muster up to say. This is so amazing. The tone in it reminds of The Tell Tale Heart in some ways. It has such a yearning feeling to it. I loved this so much. It brings such a mys.. more..
Black Black
Reviewed by Coyote Poetry

1 Hour Ago

A black heart is very hard to repair.
"Slipping from the edge.
The hearts gone rotten I'm afraid.
Solidified and not even to stone.
There's no saving it. "
The above.. more..

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