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The Agony Refinery

The Agony Refinery

A Poem by The Surreal Art Psychonau..

As the searing breeze and the breath of the storm collide, writhing branches snap and float to ea..
The Seven Major Points That You Need To Abide By For The Help With Essays. The Seven Major Points Th..

A Story by Ava Lee

Need to write an admission essay for a UK university? Worried about how to write the paper? MyAssign..
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A Story by Ryan

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How to get the full experience of contact with nature: Amazon Travel Peru How to get the full exper..

A Story by Wildwatchperu

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A Man Will Be A Man A Man Will Be A Man

A Poem by Tony

Have you ever started a new relationship and the other person brings in baggage from their past rela..

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I Need Help

I Need Help

A Story by Emo_Cat_1999

Quote1 Quote1

A Poem by babygirl_33

... technically just a quote
Dear Monterey Dear Monterey

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Just words
Colors Colors

A Poem by Justin

Colors can define something as small as the sky and even grass
Red Ink Red Ink

A Poem by Robert Ray

Midnight to dawn, our instruments work;Exploratory surgery on heart and mind;Sharpened words s..

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Visitation Visitation
Reviewed by emmajoy

32 Minutes Ago

.. just supposing ~ there exists a key ~ to unlock your acceptance ~ and i found it ~ would you opt for parole ~ or .. .. .. '

You really are the master of metaphor, jacob! I swear yo.. more..
Younger Than Old Younger Than Old
Reviewed by Kathy Van Kurin

10 Hours Ago

"Younger Than Old"
Annette Pisano Higley,
The entrance into this poem is helpful as to the context of the subject-center- person within:
"sister sleeping in the sun,
far aw.. more..
Reviewed by Robert Ray

9 Hours Ago

It's actually hilarious. I've heard good humor is rooted in truth, even if despicable. And, though your specific example is beyond reality (at least today), it's not too far from what internet datin.. more..
This Soul This Soul
Reviewed by BlakPrince

19 Minutes Ago


This is a good poem.
I'm glad you brushed upon such an important aspect of life which is the soul, which is God's divine spark in us. The omnipres.. more..
Soothing The Snowflake Soothing The Snowflake
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

8 Hours Ago

i don't think Frank O'Hara had much of an ego, but what a great Beat poet...and he wrote in bunches, the words just tumbled out---he didn't try to control a blizzard of words he couldn't m.. more..

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