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His Light

His Light

A Poem by Stef K

She is his moon,The constant light that never fades,Sometimes he can't see her through the presence .. http://www.supplementrai..

A Story by anthoy warlick

You might sense that I am trying to confuse you here. Positively, there are several directions to go..
This in actuality replicates that attending This in actuality replica..

A Story by sink heat

“This in actuality replicates that attending that association are acclimated to seeing,&rdqu..
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A Story by yzszhi8

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A Poem by Auiuiuiui01

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An Open Letter to Manchester

An Open Letter to Manchester

A Story by Kathryn Smith

Dear Manchester;the strong and proud Manchester,I've been constantlydrinking water trying to get rid..
Horizon Horizon

A Poem by Anastasia Purvis

There Is Hope In LoveThere Is Peace In CompassionThere Is Love In You
My sadness comes out only in the night! My sadness comes out only..

A Poem by Wajiha Nayeem

The tears roll down my cheeks,and my pillow gets wet...i have a thick blanket over me,so that no one..
Dark Side of a Circus Dark Side of a Circus

A Poem by Raj Sahu

This poem give message that animals and birds should not be harassed.
Who are you? Who are you?

A Story by Rassoul

A message to a strange person who meant everything for me.

Recent Reviews

The Hummingbird The Hummingbird
Reviewed by h d e rushin

4 Hours Ago

I moved the ornamental fig tree from one spot to another...Just the simplest of actions caused it such trama, that all of the leaves fell off of it. I imagined that somewhere in this cataclysm there w.. more..
cuts, bruises, and the thesaurus blade cuts, bruises, and the thesaurus blade
Reviewed by h d e rushin

4 Hours Ago

I am currently reading Sexton's autobiography
(again) is this poem is exactly the example of her
poetic equasions. Plath seemed to use her thesaurus to conquer the challenges of meaning .. more..
No longer No longer
Reviewed by mattavelli

4 Hours Ago

Hello, Alexander! :)
I really enjoyed this poem for its message and I think you could rework it a bit and make this a real treasure. My suggestion is to give it a constant rhythm throughout. Yo.. more..
An Open Letter to Manchester An Open Letter to Manchester
Reviewed by Meshalini

6 Hours Ago

Amazingly written. I still remember I was watching news and suddenly they showed this tragedy, I was shocked. And the thing that made me cried is when I heard about a 8 year old girl who died in this .. more..
A New Sense of Direction A New Sense of Direction
Reviewed by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn's Stories

2 Hours Ago

Wonderfully done as a poetic stress reliever that brings freedom in the true sense of, "To thine own self, be true." ... Love it Pete, simply love, and may rise in the morning to put your highly intel.. more..

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