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Pushing Conditioning

Pushing Conditioning

A Poem by Jimmy Yetts

The so-called "mainstream media" has nothing, whatever, to do with a free press.These globalist acti..
Creeping back in Creeping back in

A Poem by Katie The Neko

Searching.. . .
The look The look

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short romantic episode with an unexpected end.
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A Story by contacthp2

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A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

stowaway we shared so many rhymes a poem of us unfolded into stanzas of int..
Truism Truism

A Poem by Neville Pettitt

Truism What we seem to have here In abundance Is much of the sameness That eventua..
Imagination's Tryst Imagination's Tryst

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Imagination's Tryst you were my middle-of-the-night write i poemed you out of my d..
Moth Moth

A Poem by Seriana

Not meant to be form perfect, or perfectly written. Thoughts that came after a dream the next day.
Boreality Boreality

A Poem by Bad bunny

__ Boreality__ Spoken words Yoke hearts stirred Nurse the broken parts in verse Trav..

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In love In love
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

9 Hours Ago

oh my goodness young I was when thinking led to feelings such as these! God bless you LauraKate .. an innocence in your lines says i! nice intellectually stimulating bit of word play in o.. more..
Coming-going to-from somewhere.. Coming-going to-from somewhere..
Reviewed by Bad bunny

6 Hours Ago

This voice resonates as a silent witness in motions of restraint in anticipation of something. I feel like a crave for the taste of something sweet but I’m chewing on bitter leaves watching the .. more..
blue thoughts blue thoughts
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

9 Hours Ago

deeply romantic .. nice to see you posting anew Lyn! ;) sharp contrast in the blackness and
"The ones nailed shut;
The hidden ones" ... ripples of fear threaten otherwise deep ...almost.. more..
Knowing and believing Knowing and believing
Reviewed by Bad bunny

6 Hours Ago

I have a tendency to follow interesting reviews and I enjoyed your review of Emma (one of my favorites in this forum) so the bunny hopped over to read you:) the sentiment in this writing is a wonderfu.. more..
How different are we? How different are we?
Reviewed by Dara

9 Hours Ago

I agree with you one hundred percent! I will never understand how so many of the people designated to help run our country continue to ignore the corruption and untruths. I never thought I would live .. more..

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