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Simple Yet Brilliant

Simple Yet Brilliant

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

Some joys are the most simple :)
There's more to life. There's more to life.

A Poem by andrew mitchell

There's more to life than pass the salt, it needs a dash of sugar.
We are all but sores that never heal. We are all but sores that..

A Poem by andrew mitchell

We are all but sores that never heal, our skins are just the bandage. When we pick the sore, ..
All I Have Left All I Have Left

A Poem by I Am Svetlana

An alcoholic longing for his lover who left him
Only An Artist Only An Artist

A Poem by I Am Svetlana

I am only an artist...nothing more, nothing less.

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Guilty All Along...

Guilty All Along...

A Chapter by Neetha

If you are guilty, accept it!
I need you.... I need you....

A Poem by Wajiha Nayeem

i don't know why but i miss you hard...i need you dear...i need you!
I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

A Story by xoxo

I’m sorry for blowing up on you. I’m so sorry, I just. I couldn’t control it,..
Moving on (Collab with Kesha) Moving on (Collab with Ke..

A Poem by Mr.Writer

A collab with Kesha :)
When Tragedy Happens When Tragedy Happens

A Poem by adetailedflameofpurestjoy

When tragedy happens, We want the world to stop But it keeps on spinning And life goes on- Even ..

Recent Reviews

Hunting Doves - Collab with SoloSolace Hunting Doves - Collab with SoloSolace
Reviewed by Ken Simm.

1 Hour Ago

I'm impressed with a number of things here. elements in the work. Firstly and not in any order of importance; the ornithological correct detail. not many know about pigeon or dove milk.
Secondl.. more..
Yes, I am that stranger. Yes, I am that stranger.
Reviewed by angelina neves

14 Minutes Ago

Very sad story, well expressed...
"Stranger"... made me think that we are all, in away, unique and so, "strange" to all the other people that surround us (even the ones that love us)!
.. more..
First Taste First Taste
Reviewed by Paul Bell

2 Hours Ago

So you were eating all the pies, Margie.
Now you're collecting all this healthy fruit in the pursuit of eternal life. Now tell me. Do the little animals turn up at your door for the juicy morse.. more..
Shaped By Time Shaped By Time
Reviewed by emmajoy

1 Hour Ago

'children seem more lost than ever
adults function on auto pilot
simply to survive another day
we have dissolved into nothingness
yet we are everything in-between.. ';
The Garden of Sky..  The Garden of Sky..
Reviewed by Arthur Henn

1 Hour Ago

Yes! This made me think of "The Garden of Eden" special that garden is. I always think how God gave man first the garden before the gift of a companion. That's when the trouble started, woman pulled .. more..

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