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인터넷배팅¤※¤ zA 69쩜 cOM(카톡: XAZA¤※¤인터넷배팅사이트 모바일토토

인터넷배팅¤※¤ zA 69쩜 cOM(카..

A Story by dsgdfhfdh

인터넷배팅¤※¤ zA 69쩜 c..

A Poem by Terry Collett

여자배구배팅사이트≤※≤WC799 땄Com(카톡: XAZA)≥※≥남자배구순위 WKBL축구배당 여자배구배팅사이..

A Story by efadsewed

스포츠배당¤※¤ zA 69쩜 cOM(카톡: XAZA¤※¤스포츠분석 스포츠배팅 스포츠배당¤※¤ ..

A Story by dsgdfhfdh

스포츠배당¤※¤ zA 69쩜 c..
사설배트맨¤※¤ zA 69쩜 cOM(카톡: XAZA¤※¤프로축구분석 축구배팅사이트 사설배트맨¤※¤ ..

A Story by dsgdfhfdh

사설배트맨¤※¤ zA 69쩜 c..

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Letter to my love *part one*

Letter to my love *part one*

A Story by Infernal machine

A fraction of an email I've sent to my love

A Story by Marie

Sad story of a man and his appetite...
Sea Dreams Sea Dreams

A Poem by MsJewel

~ a beautiful afternoon at the beach ~ just scribbling ~
Land Of The Free Land Of The Free

A Story by Kathryn Smith

I might not show it sometimes, but I am very proud to be an American girl. We're so lucky to have wh..
Watermelon Watermelon

A Story by roarke

Subject of conversation at the morning table.

Recent Reviews

Get Him Out of Your House Get Him Out of Your House
Reviewed by Border

1 Hour Ago

great last line. what a beautiful ending that is a lesson for all the confused lasses who still carry their ex in their minds even after the relationship is dead. there is a necessity to completely pu.. more..
Butterfly Tears... Butterfly Tears...
Reviewed by Otsana

1 Hour Ago

I liked the rhyming, it was flawless and continued throughout the poem. You also ended it on a good note which I think is great because sometimes the people we love arent always the best for us and in.. more..
The War Within The War Within
Reviewed by mattavelli

2 Hours Ago

This was a fun read.
Maybe there's a demon in you.
I get bored easily, so I play games in my head. While walking, I enjoy counting things. Sometimes i'll breath in sync with my counts o.. more..
New World Coming New World Coming
Reviewed by ANTO

1 Hour Ago

Its sad that the world has not waited for you to catch up Raj. But thats the reality of life. Minorities must be protected and made to feel that they are not only protected but treasured. Look up the .. more..
The End of the Grange The End of the Grange
Reviewed by Barbz

1 Hour Ago

I love that this well written poem contains a little bit of everything.... .that you would find in a could not put down. So many characters, but you don't get lost....drama, Love, suspense,.. more..

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