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A Poem by Meerie_EJ

Reaching, fading, falling I feel a strange sort of calling As if we all with one voice sing And i..
Those that have fallen. Those that have fallen.

A Poem by Declan

Word on the wise.
Stick to The Plan: 100K Stick to The Plan: 100K

A Book by DrakeBreshears

“STTP: 100K is a publication intended to drastically change the way people consider the requir..
Okay you got me Okay you got me

A Poem by SammySummer

No I’m not okay I’ve never been Drugs is a cheap getaway Love is not found It&rs..

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Beauty is a Pain

Beauty is a Pain

A Story by barleygirl

true story . . .
The Ring The Ring

A Story by Donna

This is about my wonderful Grandma
Bravo, Alpha, Lima, Lima, Sierra...... Bravo, Alpha, Lima, Lima,..

A Story by Gee

A man must check, can never be to careful
Jack Jack

A Story by ardor

Another story based on lifestyle and diversity. Sort of similar to my story ‘Katherine’,..
Death by Desert Death by Desert

A Story by HappySad

Short Story

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Looking back at me Looking back at me
Reviewed by Annette Pisano-Higley

2 Hours Ago

“The heart is a lonely hunter” ..your Hunter, so surreal, a phantom, a mirror reflection...beautifully written and illusory poem sharing a bit of your childhood imagination..the imagery so.. more..
Jack Jack
Reviewed by Samuel Dickens

3 Hours Ago

I'm glad he opened that door, and it's hopefully the first in a string of positive behavioral changes. Three hours of sleep, a diet of Lucky Charms and the rest of his time spent on a computer is goin.. more..
Bridges At Breakfast Bridges At Breakfast
Reviewed by JohnsDavidburg

48 Minutes Ago

The last two lines are wise. Unfortunately one of the features of the generation gap is a drastic shift in meaning and a revaluation of values -- and not always for the better. Todays youth speaks .. more..
The naughty step The naughty step
Reviewed by Robert Ray

5 Hours Ago

Emma, you've now altered my images of those long walks in the spring woods. I see, too, nature's path, fallen trees on steep hills and random stepping stones in the draws, and two names carved in a b.. more..
The genocide of fish. The genocide of fish.
Reviewed by Robert Ray

1 Hour Ago

A unique and needed perspective, Lorry. Because I'm a human, making me a superior rationalizer (is that a word?), I don't keep/kill fish I don't eat. I usually "catch and release." The best part fo.. more..

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