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A Chapter by Kamari's

The king only gave scarfs to deaths it was a way for remorse for families who fought. I knew we wo..
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A Chapter by Kamari's

I finished packing, the kids had already got the wagon packed. I decided to look for Isaacs and An..
Finis Terrae Finis Terrae

A Poem by Gerald Parker

They have brought us here at the end of our livesto say our farewells and find peace of mindas we qu..
Lying Eyes... Lying Eyes...

A Poem by Jamestown

Can't always believe what you see...

A Poem by Terry Collett


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A Poem by Sami Khalil

To those who overcome...
You are Loved You are Loved

A Story by C. Lee Battaglia

Talk to me if you ever feel this way and I'll help you...
Goodbye! Goodbye!

A Poem by David Lewis Paget

There comes a day when a love that’s frail Will shatter at a touch, No matter how..
~Hallow of Skeleton ~Hallow of Skeleton

A Story by Sophy Freebirds

Wind howls in this funeral of blood
passion passion

A Story by wordman

I have lost my passionmy zeal to writeas I try to createit`s a losingfightmy words, fade to blackas ..

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DeWarriored DeWarriored
Reviewed by Warren Daniel II

1 Hour Ago

Oh my God! I am still shocked after reading this every line had me in awe! Every line was just better than the next " lost in surrendered dreams" this line paints only the imagery a real poet can pain.. more..
All In Do Time... All In Do Time...
Reviewed by Richard Allen Beevor

1 Hour Ago

brilliant writing James, your confidence in a positive future does you credit, i read recently that what we believe ourselves to be is what we become, basically think negative and negativity will haun.. more..
Death and Dying Death and Dying
Reviewed by Sophy Freebirds

12 Minutes Ago

What a write!! i am so very ompressed by this.In a certain point of my kife ,3 years back to be precise-the fear of death had wormed my mind.It took a lot of effort to overcome that worthless piece of.. more..
The rains The rains
Reviewed by Warren Daniel II

1 Hour Ago

I really enjoyed this poem so much, just reading the impact that the drops of rain have which we take for granted. I liked the rhyme scheme these were my favorite lines " Am moved, like I’ve nev.. more..
Face of Terror Face of Terror
Reviewed by Sophy Freebirds

4 Minutes Ago

You know what-this poem just reminded me of the 26/11terror attack in Mumbai(India). We saw the footage of six youths who were led inside that bulidings to kill innocent.Even the one who was hanged la.. more..

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A Poem by gertlush


A Poem by gertlush

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