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A Poem by obsessedwriter

After being torn down time and time again, you finally stop getting.. http://www.supplements4ti..

A Poem by MaryP Crane

Hold a stretch for about thirty seconds if you are under forty years old. For those over 40, stretc..
Final Straw Final Straw

A Poem by Phill Oz O'fee

The last of a succession of irritations, incidents, remarks, etc., that leads to a loss of patience,..
Just Like Them Just Like Them

A Story by Loretta Edwards

Just Like Them Everyone hates Judas. With reason. He betrayed Jesus’ trust for thirty..
Her Flaws Her Flaws

A Poem by obsessedwriter

She bends herself backwards doing everything possible to help others; she’s too nice. She sacr..

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A Story by Kathryn Smith

Tiredbut I don't want to sleep I wish you were hereFor I am A new womanWho escapedFrom her ghostWho ..

A Story by DIVYA

The lesson I shared with my son today
Hopes, dreams, love, expectations ... Hopes, dreams, love, expe..

A Story by Closed

Ramblings. My reflections on life.
To Make Art To Make Art

A Story by HandsomeKenn

An artist named Dale has found an amazing find but it is a two person job. He had sent info of its l..

Recent Reviews

Reviewed by Doodley

2 Hours Ago

A fine effort for a jointly written piece.

I find for the most part co-written poems do not work unless the co-writers share a very similar style and standard. And it works for the most.. more..
The Falcon. The Falcon.
Reviewed by Tony Jordan

4 Hours Ago

I'm pretty sure the skies welcome one of it's princes too Ken - what splendour you've conveyed - so very apt. What happens to such majestic animals when they get old - I often wonder that about all bi.. more..
If I Told You the Truth If I Told You the Truth
Reviewed by HandsomeKenn

6 Hours Ago

Wow. I love this poem. I don't usually write reviews without doing constructive criticism but I fail to see anything I'd change. The rhythm of the lines, the conceit, the arbitrary language, are great.. more..
The Unchained Mind The Unchained Mind
Reviewed by NerdyBeauty

5 Hours Ago

Yes. The realization of your inner self is actually the realization of everything. And it connects you to God. The beginning of spirituality.
I loved the way you defined Nothingness.
'S.. more..
Broken Mirror Broken Mirror
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

2 Hours Ago

nicely told pia ...transgender people are coming to the forefront these days, in the US ...i can't help but think how tough life is anyway for most people ...finding our paths ..earning enough to pay .. more..

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