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A Story by Kari Kush

Days can go by and years might pass but your name is all I will ever have It's deep in my skin pi..
we had such a thing we had such a thing

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

we had such a thing selective hearing, i said "i love you" and i am sure i ..
Two Scientists and a Manticore Two Scientists and a Mant..

A Story by Reyna

Lilian patted the animals head gently. She had grown up with animals more than her sister had, she h..
The Monsters Of D.C. The Monsters Of D.C.

A Chapter by Not enough words on the p..

An insightful teenager, a testy boss, and never ending days...
A Confusing Encounter A Confusing Encounter

A Poem by James A.

I was sitting at the bar when she came on to meHer eyes turned me instantly to mush.She had long dar..

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For Her Innocence

For Her Innocence

A Poem by Poppy Ruth Silver

A collaboration with myself and Avinash...thinking on the innocence of youth...
Locate Property Conveniently To Save Time and Effort Locate Property Convenien..

A Book by wrenmartin

Owing to the great convenience and facilities it offers, there is huge demand for apartments for ren..
When She Lived When She Lived

A Poem by William Liston

When beauty took the form of oceans,pleasing eyes with tidal motions,she would stand beside the shor..
The River, the Clouds, and Us.... (longing) The River, the Clouds, an..

A Poem by Richard

Free Verse
62 of 81, Poems from the Tao 62 of 81, Poems from the ..

A Poem by Pryde Foltz

The Tao is a river Immerse yourself in her depths All comes clean

Recent Reviews

The Ugly Truth The Ugly Truth
Reviewed by Bryan Webb

4 Hours Ago

A deep and sorrowful story is hidden within your piece. One that makes us feel empathy towards the subject of restless torment. A subject who wishes just to not feel, because not feeling is better tha.. more..
With you With you
Reviewed by LM

2 Hours Ago

Awwww! Your beautiful words and gentle flow knows no bounds. It reaches far. Connecting with the hearts of anyone that is in love with the idea of love and would go to the ends of the earth to realize.. more..
the fake campers the fake campers
Reviewed by Dark_Wolf

12 Minutes Ago

Yes indeedy... I used to be one... When I was younger, in Albuquerque, there was access to a lot of places there is not now... Like Tridents Hole... and Beaver Town... These were places in the foothil.. more..
Head in the Sand Head in the Sand
Reviewed by Vatsal Rohilla

6 Hours Ago

That is a sturdy take on our society and the world. I am quite inexperienced to exactly perceive the emotion of the poem, however, I review this wok on the basis of the little bits I did perceive. more..
No such thing as love, No such thing as magic. No such thing as love, No such thing as magic.
Reviewed by Echoes of Eros

5 Hours Ago

Benita, your words, the soul of your pain and longing just made me ache. I can relate too well to those suffering places, but how I desire to find my way to that dream, that magic place so often hidde.. more..

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