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day makers

day makers

A Poem by barton smock

I read some poems here:

A Poem by Marie

Have mercy...
Life goes on Life goes on

A Poem by Linda alexander

Life went on irrespective of my permission or well wish, it will continue for sure, what is my take ..
The lonely hours The lonely hours

A Poem by Fictionalmind

Farewell, my End Farewell, my End

A Poem by TTBoy28

I see You there All skin and bone Blowing ash as You sit on nothing Your squealing makes me weak..

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In Defense of the Innocent Scientist

In Defense of the Innocent Scientist

A Story by Rachelle

In Defense of the Innocent Scientist: Why must we endure The stings of disapprobation And type..
Pseudopodia Pseudopodia

A Story by New Theory

Why is time always in a hurry???
Edgar and I Edgar and I

A Poem by Stevo

I awoke this morningGently tappingFaintly rappingAnother one of my nameless in naturePoetic raptures..
~ I want to skydive in red stilettos ~ I want to skydive in re..

A Poem by Frieda P

I want to skydive in red stilettos take a leap off the wild side, sip Chateau Lafite & Marg..
Slow Melt Slow Melt

A Poem by Pryde Foltz

a seasonal tanka

Recent Reviews

Fly Raven Fly Fly Raven Fly
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

40 Minutes Ago

serial killer of hearts...odd timing to read this today...i just showed one of my classes "Murder by Decree" last night...the 1979 film with Christopher Plummer where he is sherlock holmes on the trai.. more..
Eclipse Eclipse
Reviewed by Sami Khalil

2 Hours Ago

The title evokes being in the shadow of another and in this case the abuser. That was brilliant. The poem is very touching yet with empowering connotations to stand up strong but safe to make it throu.. more..
My Fairest Muse My Fairest Muse
Reviewed by Queenie

1 Hour Ago

I would indeed say that obsession may be the root of all evil. So tight it binds. Pecking at your eyes, riddling your mind, chipping away at your heart...slower and slower it beats...until your breath.. more..
Melancholia./ Side Note. Melancholia./ Side Note.
Reviewed by songstress

1 Hour Ago

This is, as Lawrence has said a good piece. It kept me reading right until the end, falling deeply into the void that you have so sincerely spoke of...sincere that is your writing, it's pure even tho.. more..
Regrets Regrets
Reviewed by Fede

1 Hour Ago

It seems it is the portrayal of coming of age from a different point of view. This one isn't as cheerful as one wants, it's like "The Road Not Taken", you can regret not doing that but you don't know .. more..

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Club 23

Club 23

A Book by JasminWesley

Burned Burned

A Poem by Krosis

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