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Quick Guide to Valentines

Quick Guide to Valentines

A Story by JANAK

So the Valentine’s Day is approaching and most of the guys in town would be in a mess to impr..
Global CCTV Lens Industry 2015 - Markets Size, Analysis, Share, Growth Trends and Forecasts Global CCTV Lens Industry..

A Story by Acute Market Reports

Acute Market Reports has Added latest Report on "Global CCTV Lens Market Size, share,Strategies And..
U All Gungy C***s and stupid s***s U All Gungy C***s and stu..

A Poem by RigRogs

I run dis b***h --- I AM GOD u are my toys
The Prince on the Cliff The Prince on the Cliff

A Story by Jessica

This is a story I wrote for a contest... that unfortunately closed before I had a chance to enter. I..
A Louisiana Vein Doctor Asks, "Which Is More Dangerous – Vein Disease or Arterial Disease?" A Louisiana Vein Doctor A..

A Story by Oliver Striky

Looking for Vein Specialist Clinic in Covington? Find the best Vein Doctor in Louisiana, Dr. Randall..

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Crossfire ~Reloaded; PREVIEW

Crossfire ~Reloaded; PREVIEW

A Story by Danny The Outcast

Zombies, swearing, violence, blood.
Pretty Face Pretty Face

A Story by Kathryn Smith

I see my pretty face in his old eyes I listen to our blood run side by side I throw my hands to you ..
The Everlasting Tale of Life and Death The Everlasting Tale of L..

A Story by K. J. Baur

A story of both life and death, and how they came to be.
What is living? What is living?

A Story by Abby Lyn Q.

The fictional story that describes my thoughts on life
A Tear of An Angel A Tear of An Angel

A Story by Heli Rajamäki

I'm watching out of thebus' window. I can actually rarely see trees and houses. Darkness is everywhe..

Recent Reviews

just a little bit longer just a little bit longer
Reviewed by Gee

3 Hours Ago

Ah Andrew, my favourite Aussie wordsmith.Hopefully your dearly beloved sheep is ageing better than the women up north.I have got an idea for a business venture that I think ,if developed and marketed .. more..
Rantings of the Mind Rantings of the Mind
Reviewed by Inject Positivity

3 Hours Ago

Okay! I understand that it is still work in progress....I think there is a saying "our mind works better when it is under pressure of tired"....when our mind is tired i have witnessed the mind works o.. more..
You Opened My Eyes You Opened My Eyes
Reviewed by gabrielle

5 Hours Ago

I see again your signature in this piece: impeccable consistent rhyme pattern. Sometimes our sorrows and pain could bring out the worst in us but most of the time such pain open the door of deeper und.. more..
He Will Never Know He Will Never Know
Reviewed by Willard Wells

4 Hours Ago

I am in odd moods of when I can enjoy reading and sometimes I am just seeing if I can drag myself through a work and find some positive words to express. From the first stanza, you had me. I hesitated.. more..
Love scene (first draft) Love scene (first draft)
Reviewed by Jibey

38 Minutes Ago

The love making moves on with that hesitancy that often characterises the first time... but as Casey's insistence wins over Emily's uncertainty, the flow comes and the urgent desire to continue the ex.. more..

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