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新西兰国际太平洋学Q微8592229院毕业证成绩单】q/Q微8592229澳�™大学留学认证/文凭International Pacific College


A Story by nifijifun

美国《SMU假毕业证》QQ/微信199959876办理南卫理公会大学毕业证成绩单文凭教�™部学历认证Southern Methodist University (SMU) degree 美国《SMU假毕业证..

A Story by 199959876

美国《霍华德大学假毕业证》QQ/微信199959876办理霍华德大学毕业证成绩单文凭教�™部学历认证Howard University (HU) degree 美国《霍华德大学..

A Story by 199959876

【AC毕业证】询+Q微信8592229亚�™�昆学院毕业证|亚�™�昆学院文凭|亚�™�昆学院学位证和亚�™�昆学院成绩单Algon询Quin College 【AC毕业证】询+Q微..

A Story by nifijifun

美国《MSU假毕业证》QQ/微信199959876办理密歇根州立大学毕业证成绩单文凭教�™部学历认证Michigan State University(MSU)degree 美国《MSU假毕业证..

A Story by 199959876


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While the world ponders

While the world ponders

A Poem by Lyn Anderson

All creatures great and small
‘Love Denied’ ‘Love Denied’

A Poem by Rose Petal🌹

Sadness of love not shown- lost and lonesome it’s grown🌹
The Plagiarist The Plagiarist

A Poem by Neville Pettitt

yep.. that old chestnut
Freefall Freefall

A Poem by Christine Anne Shaw

merciful raindrops meadows scorched by summer heat . embrace their Saviour . grasse..
Birth Birth

A Poem by Melissa

When the girl died,no one was watching her.No one memorialized her.Only the baby cried.No one mourne..

Recent Reviews

Little One Little One
Reviewed by Tahsin.Z🍁

9 Hours Ago

The moment I understood this poem...was heavily happy for you and am happy for you!
I can also relate this with my life....at the very first of childhood, outer world wasn't easy for me to fit .. more..
How I've Loved My Garden How I've Loved My Garden
Reviewed by peter Duggan

13 Hours Ago

Hi Rod. When I was young in Peckham, London. we had a few paves, no room for a garden. I knew hen that I would have a garden for the rest of my life. I emigrated to West Australia and I have made sure.. more..
happy family dreams happy family dreams
Reviewed by Wild Rose

2 Hours Ago

Given up chasing rainbows - they melted before I reached them

Family sent pics of smiling faces > Mum in wheelchair BIL standing whit great big smile holding the chair to push
W.. more..
The Plagiarist The Plagiarist
Reviewed by angel

5 Hours Ago

I don't worry about it. It's not like anyone would be copying my amateur scribbling, lol. .. more..
If I Were Looking If I Were Looking
Reviewed by Jimmy Yetts

27 Minutes Ago

Your requirements--were you looking--seem rather stringent.
After all, what man does not yearn to be glued to the TV screen while occasionally ordering his doormat wife around?
These ar.. more..

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