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Maker, my Maker

Maker, my Maker

A Poem by Asmus Green

A little religious, poetic pondering. Religion has always fascinated me in many ways. The core of it..
실시간토토 와이즈토토/ /{code : JUJU}?⇔ (X X - 2 4 H . c o M)/ /실시간토토 와이즈토토    실시간토토 와이즈..

A Stage Play by gelred

실시간토토 와이즈토토/ /{code : JUJU}?&h..
프로야구문자중계¤일야문자중계/ /{code : JUJU}?⇔ (X X - 2 4 H . c o M)/ /프로야구문자중계¤일야문자중계   프로야구문자중계..

A Chapter by gelgellove

The word 'pain.' The word 'pain.'

A Story by Raven

Just a thought.
토토사이트 ^___^CODE : JUJU◐XX-24H . COM^___^새축¤사다리배팅 토토사이트 ^___^CODE..

A Story by samsmith42097

토토사이트 ^___^CODE : JUJU◐XX-24H . COM^___^새축&cu..

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Dawn till Dusk

Dawn till Dusk

A Chapter by Mia Kane

Blood. I will never forget that site, that smell.I felt a scream die in my throat, my eyes gazed aro..
The beginning The beginning

A Chapter by Mia Kane

My name is Mia Kane. I am a Guardian of Eden and this is my story.I should probably start from the b..
Awakening Awakening

A Chapter by Mia Kane

Mia awakens into a new world. A world full of mystery and destruction. (This is only the beginning o..
 Chapter 1 - That’s who Im keeping safe Chapter 1 - That’s..

A Chapter by Kimberley Ryan

Chapter 1That’s who Im keeping safeAs I lay in bed drifting in and out of sleep I could feel e..
those stones those stones

A Poem by Latifa

The waves have made a pact with the stones, You stand still. While I’ll caress you wi..

Recent Reviews

Dolores Dolores
Reviewed by MelissaAndres

2 Hours Ago

Hey, TIto! Nice story. I don't want you to think I am being overly critical but maybe a little more "telling" than "showing" would be good here. A little more description possibly. When Delores is.. more..
Reform Reform
Reviewed by Satan

1 Minute Ago

He is in love with a guy on here called Danny. I upset him one day because I was fed up with Danny's lack of self belief. If this guy cared to read more of my poems he would see I actually wrote a poe.. more..
The Lemonade is 5 cents The Lemonade is 5 cents
Reviewed by Tito M.

1 Hour Ago

This is a great feeling poem! I had so much fun reading the poem out loud and following the AABB scheme. I really enjoyed how I was able to connect with the poem immediately. I mean we've been found o.. more..
Them DAMN Disciples (Mark 5:1-10, Rant from a “Demon Possessed” Man) Them DAMN Disciples (Mark 5:1-10, Rant from a “D..
Reviewed by MelissaAndres

2 Hours Ago

Okay, I can't say that I am really a fan of this one but that doesn't mean it isn't well written. It is very well written and I understand exactly what you are doing here. I guess it's just the subj.. more..
For my generation For my generation
Reviewed by Nightfeather

56 Minutes Ago

This poem carries a powerful message that this world must know. For many people are choosing to be ignorant of kids who have seen hell. They did not even have the chance to grow up as a normal kid, to.. more..

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