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Gone Shopping

Gone Shopping

A Poem by David Lewis Paget

I’m sitting here in the morning glowOf the early winter sun,Staring at the picture of youAnd w..
Because Unicorns I guess? Because Unicorns I guess?

A Chapter by Shy Joe

Sitting in class today and a girl walks in with her hair dyed white, pink and blue. And then anot..
Life of The New Girl Life of The New Girl

A Story by Cassie Travis

This is the first short story I have written and finished. It is about Isadora Miller who moves away..
4 4

A Chapter by titofantastic

It was the middle of the winter season. There had been at least four snowfalls. Enough to cover the ..
The Archives! The Archives!

A Book by Jcarson237

I just found a bunch of writing from my old site, will be posting here for the sake of completeness ..

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Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 2*

Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 2*

A Chapter by matrixmark

Chapter Twenty-Three (End) Chapter Twenty-Three (End..

A Chapter by Sinbulvinter

The Ending of Volume One.
Intro| Nightmares Upon Nightmares Intro| Nightmares Upon Ni..

A Chapter by Natasha

Have you ever had a nightmare that as so vivid that you wake up drenched in sweat, shaking, believin..
Chapter Twenty-One Chapter Twenty-One

A Chapter by Sinbulvinter

A glitter of hope (that'll probably just be taken away, 'cause I'm a horrible God.)
White Ink . White Ink .

A Chapter by Amira

It's my life and everything that is posted is a part of me . Depression is something I felt at a you..

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Frumpy Phantom.. Frumpy Phantom..
Reviewed by barleygirl

6 Hours Ago

This is one of your very best "10-word" poems that I've read so far! This is quite playful & brilliant, especially using all these unusual words in a shorter poem. Many images were spawned in my mind .. more..
Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 3* Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 3*
Reviewed by Tabby Mac

5 Hours Ago

This chapter is tense! I think I held my breath the entire time! The exchange builds as it goes, you can sense Zara's desperation and frantic thoughts through the entire piece!
The peek into R.. more..
Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 2* Unmasking the Insanity *HOW IT ALL BEGAN PART 2*
Reviewed by Tabby Mac

5 Hours Ago

WOW! This is AWESOME SAUCE! The imagery in this piece is priceless! From the beginning to the end. I even felt like I was in the rain storm myself! The flow you have created makes the reader hang on e.. more..
I'm A Hugger I'm A Hugger
Reviewed by The Iron Horseman

1 Hour Ago

This is a lovely, heart-warmin piece, PL. I admire your strength; I could not do your job; it would tear my heart apart! But it needs to be done, so kudos to you for having the fortitude to do it.
She Wanders Alone She Wanders Alone
Reviewed by barleygirl

7 Hours Ago

This is very well done! I love your rhyming & strong imagery. You've painted a vivid picture of this lonely wandering woman. I prefer for a writer to make slight variations when using a repeating line.. more..

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A Chapter by blightning

Note Note

A Chapter by blightning

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