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Top Segway Rentals Florence – A Unique Trip To Italy

Top Segway Rentals Florence – A Unique Trip To I..

A Story by Mac Parker

Take a segway tour with Dynamo Wheels! We offer the top private segway rentals in Florence, Italy. B..
Acquire reliable furnace repair services! Acquire reliable furnace ..

A Story by liyo89

Residing in cold atmosphere can affect your family's health and so, you need to obtain numerous safe..
A Single Doctor For A Completely Energy Efficient Home A Single Doctor For A Com..

A Story by liyo89

Fireplaces are one of the most essential part of a comfortable and beautiful home. These businesses ..
The snake in the pot The snake in the pot

A Story by usman

It took me two years, four months, and a day-off to realize you were a cheat! Most people might th..
Happier days Happier days

A Poem by Duckey

There use to be happier daysfilled with sunlight and love and laughterWhen i would dread the moments..

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The Price of Knowing

The Price of Knowing

A Story by icelandicblue

Ok it was a poem that couldn't stay a poem so here it is...a short short story.
Ricochets at the Water Park and what NOT to teach a kid Ricochets at the Water Pa..

A Story by Baby Ricochet

There's nothing like alcohol to make a stupid idea seem brilliant.
 i seen baby  Gabriol and then he turned into Jesus  ! i seen baby Gabriol and..

A Story by "jens books".

dream I had on 11-9-14 this is a dream I had .. I havn't posted any dreams lately but this one ..
Elf Stories: 184 Elf Stories: 184

A Story by Lucien Maier

Went for a long ride at the end of the season to review all the rides I have taken. come along with..
The Wisp Audio Chapter XII The Wisp Audio Chapter XI..

A Story by Pryde Foltz

My aching feet ...

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I Found my Courage in the Bottle I Found my Courage in the Bottle
Reviewed by armin

3 Minutes Ago

Oh my, only 12 lines and I completely had an amazing feeling reading it. Liked it , you found your courage locked in a bottle and you just ran away to experience freedom. And a good realisation at the.. more..
Handcuffed Handcuffed
Reviewed by Rene Salinas

5 Hours Ago

So many different feelings , so many different stages, great to see the passion, the searching the what may come ... I of course related to the first one without any hesitation and combined with the s.. more..
Focus Focus
Reviewed by Bee C.

1 Hour Ago

Superbly written. The pace of this gives the reader a fleeting glimpse into the workings of a frantic mind. Such an interesting topic, and I think you pulled it off really well. I especially love the .. more..
All Of You All Of You
Reviewed by Rana

3 Hours Ago

This is so different, so lovely and sweet. Few changes u could make: stanza 2 line 3 "look at my eyes" should be "look 'into' my eyes"; stanza 4 line 2 "the way i killed my soul with the way that can'.. more..
Aphrodite Aphrodite
Reviewed by Moon's fairest daughter

1 Hour Ago

When I set foot on this train, I knew just how level-headed, serious, sensible, trustworthy and wonderful the driver was. And sure enough, the comely assemblage of these qualities led to.. more..

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A Chapter by Rani

N day 33 N day 33

A Story by Johnmac08

N day 34 N day 34

A Story by Johnmac08

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A Chapter by H. L.