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A Book by elma zoz zoz

Andro NO2 :- Low physical ability can back off the efficiency of your muscle-building sessions. What..
How I Want To Be How I Want To Be

A Poem by Healing Star

Ah, I don't know, it just showed up, so here ya go. http://www.crazybulkstack..

A Story by altercationx

Andro Beast - Most of the man are winding up plainly exceptionally worried about their looks a..
Fig Ingredient Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2017-2027 Fig Ingredient Market Dyn..

A Story by ankush321

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Fig Ingredient Market: Global Indust..
Best Drivers for Personal As Well As Business Success Best Drivers for Personal..

A Story by Robert Anhouse

Professional Drivers NYC provides the best services at very reasonable rates and helps you to make y..

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Mommy and Daddy

Mommy and Daddy

A Poem by Gwenn the little girl

I wrote this in the voice of my eight-year-old self, and on what I've experienced with my parents du..
The Muse The Muse

A Poem by David Lewis Paget

That wild energy that’s the muse of the seaWhen I loiter the beach in a storm,Will always refl..
A Touch of Silk A Touch of Silk

A Story by Tina H.W.

Early this morning I was rudely awakened by a large finger, prodding my body. It was the man I'd sha..
Essence of Your Scent Essence of Your Scent

A Poem by YumnaKay

Quatrain Verses
Coffee, Sunshine, And You Coffee, Sunshine, And You

A Poem by Anastasia Purvis

Good morning, Sunshine Sharing a coffee or two Every day with you

Recent Reviews

Not Allowed Not Allowed
Reviewed by Razor Clawson

5 Hours Ago

So true and sad. Nowadays, the only thing we are allowed is to spew empty praise on those who don't deserve it.

As much as I liked your writing here; I would suggest including/looking .. more..
The way of the warrior The way of the warrior
Reviewed by Phill Oz O'fee

6 Minutes Ago

A quote from Samurai teachings says;"For existence is impermanent as the dew of evening, and the hoarfrost of morning, and particularly uncertain is the life of the warrior…"! Your poetically d.. more..
Window to happiness Window to happiness
Reviewed by Najam Us Saher

5 Hours Ago

This poem shows your longing for a better place to go where is no misery and peace everywhere. I liked the concept of looking through a window it says a lot like you are trapped and long for freedom o.. more..
The Fish That Flew and The Bird That Swam ~Feat. Papaya~ The Fish That Flew and The Bird That Swam ~Feat. P..
Reviewed by aLittlePain

9 Hours Ago

Any writing that can make my sons eyes light up and fill the room with giggles is sublime! He seems obsessed with the word flop and any variation of it :)

Really gorgeous imagery in th.. more..
loneliness loneliness
Reviewed by Razor Clawson

5 Hours Ago

A good piece that most loners (myself included) can relate. Raw feelings and emotions are well done here. Keep writing.

However, as a recommendation I would like to suggest looking up m.. more..

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