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11. Won't ever leave you

11. Won't ever leave you

A Chapter by WriterGirl101

I wake up to a lot of shouting coming from what sounds like outside. Also, Caine is not in b..
Let the romance begin! Let the romance begin!

A Poem by andrew mitchell

Let the romance begin!Was not the play on wordswhisperedjust a battle of tongueson the intro,kissed...
Fog Upon Brooklyn Fog Upon Brooklyn

A Poem by SignificantAcronym

a song I haven't quite worked out yet
Ode to Blue Ode to Blue

A Poem by SignificantAcronym

not to be confused with "Ode to Joy" or "Ode to Sleep"
Loving You Loving You

A Poem by Drama Child

Loving You I hold my heart for you my dear. For sunny skies, clouds, or clear...

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My Anxiety Story

My Anxiety Story

A Story by Quinn W

A description of my anxiety, how it's impacted me, and how I deal with it.
History of the World (part 1?) History of the World (par..

A Story by Woody

How God created the universe.
Remains Remains

A Story by Kathryn Smith

I came herefor sanctuary Away from the winds and the sounds of the cityCars pass usbyChurch bells ri..
The Island (Part One) The Island (Part One)

A Story by Stanley R.

A young man discovers love for the first time.
The Righteous Indgination of twelve year olds The Righteous Indgination..

A Story by KLGoode

something I thought about today -- a true story

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Meals Shared Meals Shared
Reviewed by ~ Papaya ~

3 Hours Ago

I really enjoyed the story. I can totally relate and you told it well "Red". :)
I think you rushed to post, you have some silly typos and such throughout.
I really like how the relation.. more..
A Failure A Failure
Reviewed by Sapientiam

29 Minutes Ago

I'm not one to trust myself, and I never will. When I place just the tiniest trust in my emotions, intellect, decisions, I seem to fail. As of now, I've never felt so... Malfunctioned. Plus, old memor.. more..
Meals Shared Meals Shared
Reviewed by Clifford

1 Hour Ago

This story certainly COULD work as an introduction, if you were so inclined. I enjoyed some of the back-and-forth with the characters, and you had a lot of good detail present throughout the whole thi.. more..
Poking the Bear Poking the Bear
Reviewed by LM

2 Hours Ago

Awesome!! I wish i was there to see that i totally would've been rooting for ya! That is great that you stood up to him he needed an a*s kicking lol but i know its aleays great to practise self contro.. more..
Abberration Abberration
Reviewed by Elendarin

7 Minutes Ago

I... struggle to find words. Not for that fact that it's bad, but for the fact that it's absolutely fantastic--for the fact that I remember seeing a therapist for the first time. I remember my time al.. more..

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Water Water

A Chapter by Some girl

Chapter Eight Chapter Eight

A Chapter by GinaRose

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