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Break Down

Break Down

A Poem by Sonakshi Arora

And sometimes, even the strongest ones break down
Heartkey Heartkey

A Poem by Deadaisycat

I had a request from a friend of mine to make a sad love poem, so here it is, plip.
Released Debut poetry book Released Debut poetry boo..

A Poem by Anahat

Hey friends! My e-book "Voice of the Soul" is now available for purchase at all Amazon marketplaces..
Be Alright Be Alright

A Poem by Aswin R Prasad

When everything feels wrong.
Untitled Untitled

A Poem by Rishi Dasgupta

Not trying to be too existential, just thinking aloud

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Aged Thin

Aged Thin

A Poem by Asante.

The poetry of younow evades the photographs,and I laughto defy myGrandfather's ticking hands;how qui..
The Artist The Artist

A Poem by MsJewel

~ a romantic octelle ~
the night undressed me the night undressed me

A Poem by Lydia

artwork by harry weisburdi remember being barefoot ‘neath the stars then the night undresse..
An Umbrella Kind of Faith An Umbrella Kind of Faith..

A Poem by Melinda McQueen

An Umbrella Kind of Faith It pours down As anxious thoughts crowd. Beating down..
Symbol Symbol

A Poem by YumnaKay

She was a symbol of courage,a symbol of wisdom,a symbol of strength,a symbol of calm,a symbol of hop..

Recent Reviews

Labels Labels
Reviewed by Phill Oz O'fee

2 Hours Ago

Yes – why can’t we see …?

You have poetical posed the universal question asked over and over again. But alas, we never seem to learn from our mistakes.
One obs.. more..
Transcendence Transcendence
Reviewed by YumnaKay

3 Hours Ago

"All I am left with is a vast canvas
And a million colors of thoughts"

This has an ethereal quality to it. And the last stanza, it's just superb! Poetry really flows in your word.. more..
Let's Eat Cake Let's Eat Cake
Reviewed by Rimmee

2 Hours Ago

Dear Hebe, I doubt whether your creation is a masterpiece or you yourself. Sometimes I just feel as though you are an epitome of creativity. Your writings are too priceless to be described by these me.. more..
The Pool The Pool
Reviewed by Manasa.L

2 Hours Ago

Awesome, you have written.
"So that when the drunken merchant fell
Into her startling depths,
Pride was vanquished, lusts were stilled;
He was enlightened of his debts .. more..
The Conversation The Conversation
Reviewed by jacob erin-cilberto

3 Hours Ago

wow, reminders of Robert are good at this type of poetry...somethings we potentially give up or pretend to give up...and yet...

too many parts of us hang on.
this r.. more..

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