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'Cause we danced

'Cause we danced

A Poem by Laura Lynn

Billy Jean Lover TO ABOMINATE Lunchtime awaits the Pre-school. Exclusion happens in circles, ..
Demon's Life Demon's Life

A Poem by Kim

Since its almost Halloween ;)
hayat ağacı 7.bölüm fragmanı hayat ağacı 7.bölüm f..

A Story by watchingvideo

hayat ağacı 7.bölüm fragmanı
Love All… Live Well ! Love All… Live Well !

A Poem by P. Suresh Babu

According to me this is a didactic poem.
Days Of The Evaporated Veil Days Of The Evaporated Ve..

A Story by Remy

The first installation to the short story series.

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A Poem by Tate Morgan

Aris and Andrew it is with all the love in my heart I grant you both my blessing and that of my ance..
I ain't asking for much I ain't asking for much

A Poem by KLGoode

no beauty or pearls here
Falling… Falling…

A Poem by The Rock And Roll Cowboy(..

Falling… So fast I catch my breath Falling&h..
Drag Queen Halloween. A Senryu Drag Queen Halloween. A S..

A Poem by Baby Ricochet

Short is good, sometimes
Madness Madness

A Poem by hardeep sabharwal

Do turn mad, When beatan up to unbearable depth, Of a conflicting cerebral chamber, Suffocating u..

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Captivate Me Captivate Me
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

3 Hours Ago

interesting .. take me and hold me captive to release me ... there is some dark psychological thrilling going on here .. kind of walking the edge but then no no no .. get me to the light .. in the sec.. more..
Lady of The Cursed Chateau (A COLLABORATION with Einstein Noodle) Lady of The Cursed Chateau (A COLLABORATION with E..
Reviewed by Quinn 89

1 Hour Ago

Very intriguing with vivid description. I admit I did not realize who you were writing about until I noticed the sentence underneath the title after I read this work the first time. However I did get .. more..
Unlucky Unlucky
Reviewed by gabrielle

1 Hour Ago

The style in the first few lines reminded me of the Eight Beatitudes :).Very apt observation with respect to "gift of face". While most of us would say that innate beauty is more important than physic.. more..
A Wasted Dream? A Wasted Dream?
Reviewed by Benita Staebell McCartney- KindredPoet

4 Hours Ago

They know no peace/ poem if you want to read it.

This was a interesting piece

but I will say this we ar.. more..
Water Water
Reviewed by Rene Salinas

3 Hours Ago

(What am I without water), (Not even fruit) (I am sand) Ok a few minor details there but the essence is water. The way it encompasses our life. In the many different aspects from purifying to quenchin.. more..

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Inadequate Inadequate

A Poem by H McG

Tower Tower

A Story by Karen O

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