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Actions Taught Me

Actions Taught Me

A Poem by "Fanatical Dreamer"

I never met one quite like thee.Just the thought of it,raises the color on my cheeks.It’s like..
사설토토 사설토토 》》k iD 8 5 .com (카톡: XAZA)《《 사설토토 사설토토 사설토토 사설토토..

A Story by doibung

사설토토 사설토토 》》k iD 8 5 .com (..
Chapter One Chapter One

A Chapter by Tiffany

Chapter OneKester, the popular boy in school. He has deep hazelnut brown eyes, light brown coloured ..
The Vampire Ghost The Vampire Ghost

A Book by Tiffany

Lizzy was just a normal high school girl when she starts to develop feelings for Kester, the popular..

A Poem by BelfastBhoy69

Most people have seen something in the sky of which they're not too sure, I've just put a few lines ..

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Beach Delights Beach Delights

A Story by Mitali Shah

Cool breeze, wet sand, singing waves, shinning sky.
Screaming Your Name Screaming Your Name

A Story by shelby ferrell

This is inspired by the very talented writer, Triston Taylor, I also lost two friends to suicide. It..
Jessica Jessica

A Poem by Tate Morgan

A pixie of a girl for sure who weighs but a hundred true Yet has a heart larger than mine or any ..
Hard to Swallow Hard to Swallow

A Poem by Kelly Scheppers

...a little wit and whimsy!

Recent Reviews

I think I am in love with him, but... I think I am in love with him, but...
Reviewed by Richard Allen Beevor

10 Minutes Ago

Its going to be a hard road for you to follow and i sympathize completely because i can remember young love when the object of my desire was near but unobtainable, maybe she had a boyfriend or just in.. more..
Let it ride... Let it ride...
Reviewed by AaronFreitas

33 Minutes Ago

We do sometimes have to just step back and say "let it ride." Sometimes we dwell on things we can't control... I know I do sometimes as well even though I try not to. I am doing a really good job on.. more..
A Glass of poetry A Glass of poetry
Reviewed by RiverRei

2 Hours Ago

Beautiful....I love the symbolism with tasting poetry and wine and food...absolutely refined and sophisticated. I don't drink wine but I do know how you feel about writing a little every day, or "a fe.. more..
Homeward found. Homeward found.
Reviewed by RiverRei

2 Hours Ago

I like the formatting with this one. The rhyme scheme you used here is new for me. I mean, I knew it was possible (lol), but I've never seen anyone use it before so it was very original. It's very sad.. more..
Drain Me Dry Drain Me Dry
Reviewed by RiverRei

2 Hours Ago

Very said piece, but something I can completely relate to. You described how dealing with this sort of situation very well. It's heartbreaking when something you love falls apart and there is absolute.. more..

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