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April 24th 2019

April 24th 2019

A Story by anandbose

It's a journal
Aide-mémoire Aide-mémoire

A Poem by MCS

The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi
Neverwinter feature with great combat mechanics and character evolution Neverwinter feature with ..

A Story by mmocs

Neverwinter's combat is more APRG than MMO, giving you a limited number of ability slots and asking ..

A Poem by ...........................

Dramatic weather Wet hair in cold wind Drops of dawn -shadows In tearing skies Living me..
A Summer Night A Summer Night

A Story by Thaw Zin Htun

In the middle of a hot summer night ...

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A Chapter by Lyanth

We pick up the prescription and then go to McDonald's and get fries.I haven't eaten anything in days..
dog-eared pages of the poet dog-eared pages of the po..

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

dog-eared pages of the poet I was published in the New Yorker magazine once. oh ..
Earth Day Blessings Earth Day Blessings

A Poem by Patricia Wedel

Blossoms sing in wind and rain
as night turned to day as night turned to day

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

as night turned to day your smile resurrected my heart the stone stoic eyes had gr..
Runaways and a Glazed Sky Runaways and a Glazed Sky

A Poem by jacob erin-cilberto

Runaways and a Glazed Sky we sat on the hill behind the A&P and mapped out our ..

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The Fission of Closure The Fission of Closure
Reviewed by John Alexander McFadyen

7 Hours Ago

Another write filled with slightly bitter tastes as the writer struggles to know how to make their words worthy of acceptance. It can leave one feeling hopless and dry up those creative juices. Thankf.. more..
removal removal
Reviewed by emmajoy

2 Hours Ago

the patchwork of this life - cannot be reassembled'.. for sure, but it can be remembered, can be learned from and smiled about.. if worthy of... anything resembling sanity or common sense. Perhaps? .. more..
Graffiti Graffiti
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

26 Minutes Ago

you aren't sneaking into me nog are you!?? ;O shock effect is used by artists of all ilk and manner ... with reactions as varied as all
your poem puts me into the mind of those painters .. more..
A Lifestyle A Lifestyle
Reviewed by Einstein Noodle

15 Minutes Ago

I think green tea is good to drink ;) tho i haven't climbed on board yet ... i do have an occasional sip ;) my mother in law drank tea alllllll the time and i will testify .. it (along with other heal.. more..
How to Create Your Unique Writing Style How to Create Your Unique Writing Style
Reviewed by adam hebrew

1 Hour Ago

Such a nice nice blog post on this topic. Who can write my assignment online in UK? Hire MyAssignmentHelp.Co.Uk will do your assignment online for you. They can directly place the order by using the o.. more..

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