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After the Winter

After the Winter

A Poem by Tsuki

Just testing this out, since I'm new to this. I wrote this when I was 9 or 10 for an assignment.
Admire Your Worth (Version 2) Admire Your Worth (Versio..

A Poem by Bpoet

Who's the most Valuable gemBeing appraisedAmongst estranged witnessesSelf trendsAntagonize Bandwag..
I Don't Mind I Don't Mind

A Story by joe

Blistering joy courses in me with an endless rising heart causing dissolution, yet still I remain co..
No time to rest No time to rest

A Poem by Jon Roggie

I know, more complaints, but really an observation.When someone may go wandering, you have to pay at..
Be Careful In That Jewelry Shop Be Careful In That Jewelr..

A Story by cherishrong

Online sales are also a good deal - the only drawback is you can not see the room before you buy. ..

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down the drain

down the drain

A Story by KLGoode

for the Scared Much challenge on MomzillaNC's poetry challenge posted by TL Boehm.
Beautiful and Wild Beautiful and Wild

A Poem by MsJewel

~ a romantic scribble ~
A interesting Halloween ! A interesting Halloween !..

A Story by "jens books".

Basically its two people who here a strange violin sound coming from their basement and they went to..
“Millennials” “Millennials”

A Story by Lucien Maier

What does the future hold..... whatever they want it to....
For a change... For a change...

A Story by Dipanjan Dutta

Change is needed, the sooner it comes the better...

Recent Reviews

skin and bones skin and bones
Reviewed by Mel Lisa

3 Hours Ago

very nice. I like the stanza option.
Each section flows and the breaks give readers a moment to think, to let each moment sink in.
It is more intimate and personal as if your speaking dir.. more..
Pygmalion Pygmalion
Reviewed by M.A.Rathore

1 Hour Ago

The pygmalion is embodiment of God's real attribute. As He loves His creation so also Pygmalian does. We as a creator love our own creation. We circle around our desires to fulfill it until and unless.. more..
Accident Prone Princess Accident Prone Princess
Reviewed by Rachelle

3 Hours Ago

Reminds me of how people reacted when they saw a pic of Renee Zellweger's new look and how people have judged her online. The dictates of Hollywood can really destroy how we perceive people such that .. more..
The Old Haunted House The Old Haunted House
Reviewed by Roland Petrov

2 Hours Ago

The poem tells an engaging story, and the way you presented it makes me realize that I'll have to delve a little deeper and find out how you post pictures and what fonts are available. I'm new to the .. more..
Thirst for Vengeance Thirst for Vengeance
Reviewed by jjwilbourne

1 Hour Ago

Ahh. So I finally understand what's going on in Hrothgar's head. Good to know.
I'm really curious to see how his advisors and friends have reacted to the events and if they agree with the king o.. more..

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