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Running for miles to meet you

Running for miles to meet you

A Poem by Suk

The world is changing, slowly But with a fast beat, The stars are fading And the moon ..
Katie do, Katie does Katie do, Katie does

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Good to be fearless and touch dreams.
The love is dead The love is dead

A Poem by mia2014

love and the loss of it poem
See me for what I am See me for what I am

A Poem by Lola_Bee

It’s that feeling that draws my knees to the ground The overwhelming storm of sound The..
Hire Florida injury and accident lawyers to fight for justice Hire Florida injury and a..

A Story by ricky26

One who meets the accident has to suffer physical and financial loss apart from immense pain and suf..

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Down by the River (An Affair)

Down by the River (An Affair)

A Story by Caradoc

"Though shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife..." - The Ten Commandments, Exodus
Xavier's Story Xavier's Story

A Story by Douglas Levi Gribbins

How my alter ego was created.
The Miseries of Living Together (UNFINISHED DRAFT) The Miseries of Living To..

A Story by Madame Murrell

A woman's boyfriend of 4 years moves in with her. As soon as he does, they learn new things about ea..
A Very Special Pumpkin A Very Special Pumpkin

A Story by Trace

The story of a boy and his Jack-O-Lantern
To Kelly, With Love To Kelly, With Love

A Poem by The Rock And Roll Cowboy(..

You worry bout our futureBecause of your past,I am here to proveTha..

Recent Reviews

I am Mine I am Mine
Reviewed by Remy

2 Hours Ago

Shawnee! I very much enjoyed this. You've got a nice style of writing here yourself. It is detailed, your verbs are powerful, all while at the same time you are concise and you are clear. I did not no.. more..
The Carpool of Fate The Carpool of Fate
Reviewed by Remy

1 Hour Ago

Wow. You drew me in. The inciting incident where the main character found the book he didn't remember picking up was where you sparked my interest. Then I became enthralled at the appearance of Samael.. more..
severed spine severed spine
Reviewed by Tim Relic

47 Minutes Ago

A love lost is a hard thing to swallow. Especially when the other appears comfortable and unaffected. The train of love has seen and will see disasters in the form of fire, collisions and derailments .. more..
Love as I See It Love as I See It
Reviewed by MomzillaNC

32 Minutes Ago

So very true. And, so many expect Love to be perfect forever, that they're unwilling or incapable of putting in the hard work it takes to make a relationship keep working. So many seem to think that w.. more..
The Girl That Was The Girl That Was
Reviewed by PaintedPheonix

I have one friend who could relate to every line of this except the very last. She'd say you are spot on that the story kills her, even though it wasn't this at all to blame. Anyway, sorry, I think th.. more..

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