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Secrets of the heart

Secrets of the heart

A Poem by Gerry Legister

Feelings lay dormant in secret places of the heart
My Maladies My Maladies

A Poem by Velour6

When my skin starts to marbleI'll sit in the shadeIf insects crawled overI'd lend them my homeSharin..
Life after Lola, Chapter One Life after Lola, Chapter ..

A Story by MiddleSchoolGirl

In June of 1823, Robert Wayne (a white man), meets the love of his life, Sasha Wilkins (a black woma..
The Strangling of Letting Go The Strangling of Letting..

A Poem by mayasheckard

Resisting letting go...
Another Wish From a kid Another Wish From a kid

A Poem by ExposedSiren

I wrote this in High school, right after I turned 16...

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A Chapter by CC Faye

I got a Book contract for my YA book, Scar(The Reaper Series#1)!By the way:This is a drawing of Ciar..
A New Direction A New Direction

A Story by DoormanDan

I am happy to say that I have found the direction I want my writing style to go in
Crossing the Lake (781 words) Crossing the Lake (781 wo..

A Story by davidkummer7

A group of fisherman were out one night in the middle of a humungous northern lake. It was the early..
Fact Fact

A Story by lynn

I have come to the conclusion that dreams are only real as long as you're asleep...
Serenity... Serenity...

A Poem by Jamestown

Water Flowing Love...

Recent Reviews

Gunshots Gunshots
Reviewed by ~*~Peace Keeper~*~

1 Hour Ago

The last two lines are very powerful and filled with emotion. I can relate to these feelings in this poem, and at times I wondered what it would be like if I was just gone, would anyone miss me? Somet.. more..
Tsunami Tsunami
Reviewed by Perkele.7885

1 Hour Ago

=KeelyJane= I do not want to be the person that gets me mad either. I do not have an off switch! Either, I have to be subdued by a superior force or my supply of fuel or energy has to be cut off. Th.. more..
When the chains give away... When the chains give away...
Reviewed by davidkummer7

20 Minutes Ago

Im sorry for everything thats happened to you, and I understand why you are angry. i guess im technically "religious" but i basically dont give it any thought and i go to church and stuff but im not r.. more..
A lost cause... A lost cause...
Reviewed by davidkummer7

9 Minutes Ago

right now there arent any other reviews on this story, and its not because it wasnt good. this was, on the contrary, a great piece of work and it really showed what you are feeling. im sorry for every.. more..
The Black Shack The Black Shack
Reviewed by ~*~Peace Keeper~*~

54 Minutes Ago

I like the message within this poem, sometimes our minds focus on unnecessary things which can create an "eyesore" feeling, like you explained in the poem. I especially like how you ended the poem, it.. more..

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