Last Encounter (Forever with You)

Last Encounter (Forever with You)

A Chapter by A.Tarek

  After finding his Secret, Yuriko raged out in the hospital un-controlling her actions, till she finally knows the whole Truth.. What are her feelings now.. can She feel Taki’s love for her yet or... ??

  Yuriko returned home thinking of His hints about his death. She entered her room around 7.00 pm to glimpse the letter.. she flared the letter to read it authentically 

 { Dear, Yuriko

I have no idea why I’m writing this letter for you.. I thought I can disappear quietly without your notice as e.g. I would travel for a foreign country after we peacefully break up. But a Part of me didn’t want to leave. The more I saw your smile, The more I grew attached to you.. But If you are reading this letter, It means I’m gone.. It also means I never had time to show you how much I did love you. You have shown me what love is and what it feels like to be loved. Every time I see your smile, I could feel the warmth from the Times I held your hand.. You have shown me what it feels to be alive, What it feels to be happy.. Every smile I showed when I was with you; It was because you put it there. You made me happy more any other time You took away my seven years of suffering in just Seven Days with you... Sorry that I didn’t keep our promises But please don’t lose hope in yourself, You have those round you who care for you. If life turned her face off you, All what you have to do is just.. walk around & face her again.. always face life head on & Don't let it keep you down even if it crushed you once. Keep getting up & have faith in yourself cuz you re not alone. If you missed me, Just close your eyes & think of my smile.. I’ll always be up looking over you. I don’t know if you’d hate me for not telling you but I didn’t want bother our time together thinking of my Future.. I’m the worst, I know.. I keep thinking of myself. I never thought of you after I die. But If you gonna hate me for something. Hate me for my selfishness for falling for you.  Yuriko my dear

   Your                                                                                      love,

                                               Taki   }

  Yuriko burst crying all her heart out.. wailing for hours till Ichihara visited her late at night (9.30) pm to see the girl storming her room upside down.. “calm down Yuriko, Calm down.. I’d be angry too.. He should tell you sooner, But he really loved you__”

“I’m Not angry about that. I am not angry about him. I am angry about my self for not noticing his illness, should have known it sooner. His pale smile everyday, His little grasp that weakened day after another.. Shouldn't I help him, Shouldn't I be considerate...”

“You did my dear, You gave him so more than he expected you loved him for true”

“ then why didn't he tell me?”

“That just shows how much he cared for you”

“I want to see him, He’s awake, Right?” Yuriko wiped her tears & get herself together. Ichihara nodded accompanying her to The hospital

  Kazama met them at the doors, Yuriko ignored them all & continued her walk to see Izumi coming of the room passing her whispering “Thank you”

 Yuriko entered the room to see Taki so pale so frail so weak, But still holding up his smile.. Taki smiled as always waiting for her to cry but Surprisingly Yuriko smiled back happily “You Okay?”

Taki kept his smile but Tears came running down heavily “Huh! Why Am I crying now.. So Uncool”

Yuriko ran to him cuddling him deep in her arms

“S.. Sorry, I did my best. But It wasn’t enough” He cried

“I get it. Its not your fault”

“Now, I think about it.. It was uncool to say.. Its okay to have 2 or 3 people round my death bed”

“Its okay; As I am not part of those people so it doesn’t matter; Cuz I am your special person who won’t cry with them so since you have time to talk about death or not, Just hang out with me instead”

Taki grabbed her weakly & kissed her long “lets go”


  In the Hallway, (At 11.00) the couple was having their date with Taki on a wheel chair & Yuriko pushing him laughing..

Kazama & Ichihara sitting on a bench outside the hospital. Kazama leant on the Woman next to him out of tiresome “I’m sorry. I should comforted you when you lost Your brother”

“No, you were right. That boy really has the power to change those round him.. just look at her” Ichihara smiled

“Is She Okay?” Asked the man

“She is ready, as when you truly love someone, you’d do anything to make them happy even it means to say Goodbye”


  At Mid Night, Taki guided the girl into a room away from the dorms where a piano was set into the centre. Taki watched from one corner: Yuriko playing magnificently all the night till the dawn broke down illuminating the room with the first ray of a new day. Lightening the dark room while Taki’s light went out. The girl kept her play as she closed her eyes crying silently..


   -7 Years later- Yuriko opened her eyes as she finished her masterpiece to hear Clapping from all over the Wide crowded Opera, She was playing in.. She bowed nicely in her sexy Black dress figuring her body nicely fitting with the colours of her hair & Eyes.. Watching all those who cares for her in the front row (Izumi who became one of the youngest professional chefs all over the countries.. Kazama & Ichihara who began seeing each other) She laughed happily while quietly feeling the necklace on her neck, thinking of the boy who loved her tenderly..  When He pushed her down gently & caressed her face slowly.. Her heart sweetly melted And As she felt the softness of his lips pressing on her deeply, she had already lost the awareness of everything else..


© 2018 A.Tarek

Author's Note

hope you liked it .. and sorry for mistakes, thanks for your support, I'll continue posting more in the future

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Added on February 15, 2018
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I pretty much write fictions from imagination. I can take a hint or a main concept from a movie, anime or even a novelette I read before. But, with my own style... I am bit eccentric.. my best frie.. more..

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A Chapter by A.Tarek