A Poem by CircusNerd

Sorry doesn't make dead men come alive

You've told me that many times before

But only now have you proved me

That's there something more to this line


I've listened to every lecture you gave

I've never slammed that door

But only now have you proved to me

That's there no reason to be fine


If I thought you were fazed, distracted so far

It's now clear to me what your goals really are

For now you have finally proved to me

That you take me lightly, like a child


I can't hold on to the wishes you pry

The tears that are kept locked up to hide

I don't want to stay a child inside

I outgrew that phase long ago


Can you tell me why you desire this so

To keep things the way they were before

And to pretend like nothing's going to change

When we both know that dream won't hold


I wish you'd open your eyes and see

That's I'm not the child I used to be

So  stop treating me like a damn baby

And don't think I'll answer anymore


I've given up hope but I refuse to endure it.

Sorry, dead men don't come alive.


© 2011 CircusNerd

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Interesting...Bit striking...Well-established atmosphere. Seems like it's the best way to describe the plight of the Asian Kid. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

This poem hit me with a battering ram of frustration and
desire to be seen and or heard. It explains how hard it can
be to let go for some people...or even loosen the reigns a bit.
This path seems to lead us to a fork in the road, but sometimes
our own way has to go in it's own direction. It can be hard for
others to see that our own path parallels the path we stepped
off of most of the time to others as they are afraid we will develop
restless leg syndrome and march until will step right off the face
of a cliff. These walls built to keep everything harmful out are meant
to protect the ones we love...

But, sometimes....
Perfect Walls divide....even the people standing on the same side.

Posted 7 Years Ago

this was an extravagant piece, in which dead men don't come alive brings to life a true but sad statement.. Great job

Posted 7 Years Ago

no they dont
but sometimes there is nothing else you can say
there will always be those who are right and wrong
and the world would turn better without some of us
but in all the world there will be many mistakes and blunders
some will forget and some will change their minds

Posted 7 Years Ago

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