Getting on in life

Getting on in life

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of my 24th book, a science fiction novel. THE PLANET OF PEACE.


The Planet of Peach

An excerpt

On the next morning H86 was accompanied by his patron IH75 to an audience with the planet’s committee of promotion and excellence encouragement.

The prominent committee members were seven high efficient robots, the chairman HER48 (built at 2148) sat in his colleagues midest.

Although the chairman and his six colleagues were much younger than IH75 and him, about one hundred fifty years old and even less; H86 understood very well that they were appointed to this most elated committee, due to their unwavering neutrality; being robots they were installed with hundred percent unbiased brains.

It was the first ever time in which he crossed the threshold of this paramount chamber.

The seven HE robots were sitting in a row behind a broad desk with the chairman in their midest, and when IH75 and H86 crossed the chamber threshold the committee members were in mid meditation under the broad electronic canopy.

The committee members raised their heads and watched the incoming visitors as they entered, and as soon the two visitors were close enough to the desk they stopped; or rather IH75 stopped and H86 followed suit, and without any preliminaries IH75 started to disclose in detail her request, to promote H86 to an improved human.

Does he merit to become an improved human?’ The chairman asked, while his colleagues seemed to have pricked their ears with inerest.

He’s wise, intelligent and he keeps contributing our society with his bright ideas.’

We were not too impressed with his recent idea, but your request is granted unless any of my colleagues thinks otherwise.’ The chairman declared and turned his head around to both his sides.

The six honorable members on both the chairman sides, just nodded their heads in acquiesance.

IH75 bowed her head slowly in the traditional mute salute, and with a furtuve glimpse at H86 she turned around and led the way out.

Well that’s it dearest H86, tomorrow morning you’ll have to report at the institute of human standards to achieve your new status.’

I haven’t made my mind yet, but I’m grateful to you dear IH75. Would you accompany me tomorrow too?’

Yes of course but let’s descend with the flying floor to the groups floor lobby, and entoer my chamber. You’re still an active member in my group, and till all the rest of our group memebers will join us we’ll talk things over.’ She said and putting gently her right hand on his shoulder she led him towards the lower lobby and her chamber.

Copyright © Haim Kadman 2017 - all rights reserved.

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© 2017 Haim Kadman

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Added on May 27, 2017
Last Updated on May 27, 2017
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Haim Kadman

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