A fantastic experience

A fantastic experience

A Story by Haim Kadman

A short story of love and imagination.


A fantastic experience

Several months after the end of world war II Liam Abdon returend to his home town, after having served abroad several long years. He returned to Southampton where he was born and bred, educated, and spent most of his life in that southern town before he joined that certain intelligence service; the service that sent him to France. a year before its conquest by the German army.

But that’s history from his point of view, which he wishes to forget.

On coming back home he had to hire a room in wait that the dwellers of his family apart will end their rental contract, and move into his late parents’ home.

Meanwhile even when he stayed at the hotel not far from his late parents’ home, he made his best to adjust himself to his old way of life. He visited the local pub and did his best to know his neiboughood pub’s clients, the females in particular. But it took him a couple of weeks before he met someone in the local pub, which drew his attention and could be the one he wished to love. She was sitting with two more females and four males next to a round table, which to his estimate was a first time meeting. He sat at the nearest table to that group, and watched the black haired female, which impressed him so much. After rather a short while she left her seat excusing herself with a charming smile, and walked towards the restrooms.

Liam did not lose time, he got up rather nimbly and followed her. As soon as she heared his footsteps she stopped and turned around, and watched his face with an angry stare. ‘Are you following me?’ She asked Liam with a slightly raised voice.

Oh yes Miss I admire your beauty and I’ve no intentions to bother you, I just wished to tell you how impressed I’m by your exceptional beauty.’ His romantic declaration made her laugh and she went, while Liam stayed there waiting for her return. Just several passed and she came back in haste, and as she turned the corner she almost bumped into him. She smiled and watched his face with interest. ‘Listen I’m with friends of mine but tomorrow I’ll be free...’

Will you have dinner with me tomorrow?’ He hastened to ask her, without letting her to end whatever she meant to add.

It depends where Mister, what’s your name by the way?’

Liam and what’s yours adorable Miss?’

My name is Nichole, but I’d rather have lunch with you Liam, you know what, come to pick me up at one pm tomorrow at the pub.’ With these few word she left him and went inside the bar to join her friends.

Well that’s a rather good start, Liam thought encouraged. I haven’t the slightest idea what kind of a person she, but so help she’s so pretty. Liam kept thinking driving his car on his way home.

The next day at twelve forty five pm Liam was already sitting at bar’s counter with a drink in hand, waiting for Nichole’s arrival. He had a good view of the bar’s entrance through the broad mirror on the wall behind the barman’s back. The time passed slowly, that’s what Liam was feeling and he sat impatiently waiting for her.

At about some twenty minutes late Nichole with a young man in her wake crossed the bar’s entrance, and in a few strides the young man stepped at her side and said in a rather clear voince: ‘That’s your date, are you serious?’

Who’s that man?’ Liam asked her as she sat beside facing the bartender.

An unwanted headache, don’t pay attention to him Liam.’ Was Nichole’s straight to the point answer.

What will you have Nichole?’ He asked her and before Nichole managed to answer him, the the “headache” approached and sat at Liam’s left side.

Listen whoever you’re get up and leave…!’ He warned Liam in a raised and threatening voice.

Get lost!’ Liam answered him quite calmly, he paid the amused bartender; who kept watching the three of them with a smile all over his face, and turned to Nichole: ‘Let’s go!’ He muttered and led the way to the bar’s small parking lot. ‘Who the hell is he?’ He asked Nichole as he saw the strnger following them.

He’s a crush on me, and he isn’t the only one mind you?’ She answered Liam with a merry chuckle, quite pleased with herself. ‘Oh let’s eat somewhere out of town, and get rid of him.’ She added as they reached his car.

Where to then?’ He asked her right after he led her gently to her seat, and he himself sat behind the steering wheel.

Anywhere we’ll decide when we’ll find the right place.’

In a last look in the mirror he saw the stranger that followed Nichole standing not far off, and it was quite clear that he was writing down his car’s licence number. He’s trying to scare me the bloody fool. Liam thought quite amused and switched on the car’s engine.

They made a few futile rounds at the city northern suburbs and while they were driving on a narrow lane a black sedan came suddenly fast towards them, it almost hit them and both cars stopped with sudden screeches; that stranger her headache popped out with a drawen gun in his hand, and as Liam came out towards him, he shot him in the chest. While Liam was sprawled bleeding on the ground, the stranger shot Nichole twice straight in her head; and then he turned to Liam and crouched beside him. With his gloved hands he wiped the gun’s handle and put it in Liam right hand, and turned to Liam smiling mischivously: “When the police will reach you you’ll be dead, and their conclusion would be that you killed Nichole and commited suicide.”

Liam made a crucial effort to raise his holding the and shoot the smiling stranger… But he woke up confused in his dark bedroom, and realized that he had much to drink last night.

@ Haim Kadman 2021 all rights reserved.

© 2021 Haim Kadman

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Added on April 19, 2021
Last Updated on April 19, 2021
Tags: literature, prose, love, hope, suspicion, thoughts, realization


Haim Kadman
Haim Kadman

Petach-Tikva, Israel

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