The training center’s

The training center’s

A Story by Haim Kadman

Chapter 27 of the thriller The Imperative U-turn.


The Imperative U-turn

Chaprter 27

Do we know how is he supposed to serve us, and in what way?’ The camp’s deputy asked his boss, as soon as Ilayev left their company.

Don’t ask me I would have sent him back to Moscow, if his future was under my direct command. But I haven’t the sligthest idea Jeff what Langley intends to do with him.’ His boss answered him with a quick shrug of his shoulders.

So we’ll have to entertain him or let’s say to keep his company, until Langley will decide what we’re supposed to do with him.’ The camp’s commander’s deputy remarked with a clear note of disappointment.

That’s right Jeff and it’s your task to keep him company, until we’ll be notified by Langley what’s our precious guest’s future.’

Right at that time Ilayev was wondering what will be his fate during the next few weeks. He knew quite well that he will never his Lushya again, and he missed so much… What’s for God sake can I do to return home to my Lushya? I miss her so much… He kept thinking and went over to the window, which overlooked the camp’s fence. I’ve lost her for good, he thought embittered and desperate. But if I’ll return by some miracle they’ll arrest me and interrogate me in the dungeons of Lubianka… Having reached that realistic conclusion he retreated and went back to the armchair opposite the TV screen, and sat down on it with shut eyes.

Hardly five minutes passed and light knocks on his front door woke him from his stupor. I’m under constant surveilance, he concluded but it did not surprise. He rose to his feet and went over to his front door. He opened it up and faced one of the three men, which he met them just a short while ago.

My name is Jeff Fiodor, it’s lunch time come let’s go.’

What, how come have I slept four or five hours?’

And what’s wrong with it Fedia?’ Jeff remarked smiling.

I haven’t written even one word yet, I mean the report that I should prepared...’

Never mind Fedia you’ll write it after lunch, and do take your time.’

Ilayev watched him surprised but did not comment. At the staff mess hall the camp commander and his deputy welcomed them without a word, but with an amiable stare, to Ilayev’s surprise. Jeff went over and at camp commander’s left side, while sat opposite the three of them.

So you’d a good rest didn’t you?’ The camp commander said smiling. ‘we’ll have lunch first of all and then we’ll talk.

The camp kitchen help brought the food and put it on the plates before each one of them, and the several minutes in which each of the four of filled his tummy, passed without a word of course. At the meal’s end when the table was cleared, and coffee was served; the camp commander turned to Ilayev and said: ‘We’ve no intention to force you to serve us, if you wish to return to your homeland we won’t stop you.’ After that astounding opening sentence the camp commander coughed slightly, and watched Ilayev’s eyes with an intent gaze. Several long seconds passed, before the shocked Ilayev was able to make up his mind and answer. ‘How am I supposed to serve you? I’m burned completely burned...’

As a GRU agent you’re burnt, but if you’ll serve us you’ll have a completely different identity Fedia, and completely different sorroundings. It will take time though to decide how you’ll werve us, and then you’ll prepared of course for your next missions… Meanwhile Jeff will keep you company, and he’ll help you to adapt yourself to your new reality.’

I see,’ Ilayev muttered and turned his attention to Jeff. So that’s it I’ll never see my Lushynka again, he thought gloomily with a heavy heart. Jeff stood up looking at him with a clear mute message: “let’s move”.

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© 2021 Haim Kadman

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Added on April 14, 2021
Last Updated on April 14, 2021
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A Story by Haim Kadman

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