The conversion tunnel

The conversion tunnel

A Story by Haim Kadman

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The conversion tunnel

The Planet of Peace

An excerpt

A furtive glance of IH75 eyes at him caused H86 to keep sitting, while the other group members rose to their feet and with a polite greetings  left the chamber.

I didn’t expect the cloned AH93 to reach such thoughts, while he’s no idea how to phrase his thoughts accureately.’ IH75 summed up with this sentence the discussion, which took place at the end of her group’s session.

Something is amiss in our perfect way of life he said, and he isn’t able of course to define it. As cloned humans he and AH101 are closer to us compared to my three other group memers who’re semi humans.’

Oh yes and those three objected vehemently to his thoughts, and to his attempts to interprate his own thoughts. But how am I supposed to take advantage of his idea, and use it?’

Let’s not rush things dearest H86 there’s your transformation procedure into an improved human tomorrow, and after you’ll be transformed successfully we’ll have a serious discussion on your future as a group leader; and on your group’s particular purposes.’ IH75 tried her best to calm him down, she had enough for one day she thought with a note of imptience. She does enjoy her beloved H86 company anytime, but right now she prefared to teturn to her den, to change and be ready for tonight entertainment with her beloved H86 of course.

I’m not a born leader like you dear IH75 I’m the lone wolf type, and I don’t think that I’ll be a successful group leader.’

I’ll tell you what dearest H86, we’ll ask the nomination &appointments committee, to appoint you as a research associate; which would entitle you to have a robot assistant a secretary in fact, do I’ve to add more details…?’ She asked him smiling.

That’s the perfect solution to my personal problem dearest IH75. H86 hastened to answer her eagerly.

I’ll demand to have RR427 as my secretary, and I’ll have her all to myself; and no one would be able to claim his right on her. He thought excitedly.

We’d better call it a day dearest H86, and I’ll see tomorrow at the nomination & conversion chamber.’

A second hardly after he reached the nomination & conversion chamber, IH75 arrived as she promised him.

I’ll come in with you to make things easier, and after they’ll put you in the conversion tunnel I’ll return to meet my group; I’ve to accept your replacement, and introduce him to my group members. Do come to my chamber at the end of the conversion procedure, and we’ll talk about your future.’ She whispered while leading H86 inside.

A small team of three robots welcomed them politely, as they crossed the chamber’s threshold and entered.

One of them the chamber supervisor no doubt, was sitting behind a reception counter; while the two other were standing on both the conversion tunnel sides. And while IH75 turned to the one at the reception counter, the other robots approached H86 on both his sides; and took hold of his arms, and led him to the tunnel with its blinking rows of red lights. They turned round, and with hardly any effort they laid H86 inside the transparent narrow tunnel on his back. A friction of a second before he lost consciousness he managed to see IH75 eyes watching him.

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Added on June 6, 2017
Last Updated on June 6, 2017
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