The flight test

The flight test

A Story by Haim Kadman

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The flight test

The Planer of Peace

An excerptT

Three samll spaceships were parked one beside the other in the closed spacious, and secluded air terminal of the planet of peace.

The entire planet’s ruling committee headed by HER48 its chairman, were gathered at the air terminal control center; while EIH65 plus EH117 and EH121, were busy with their last preparations before take off.

As the ruling committee members were sitting opposite the huge control screen, and kept watching the activity at the safely secluded air terminal; HER51 asked the chairman’s permission to talk, and expressed in fact the doubts of most of the committee members.

He may use the test flight to desert...’

That certain possibility busied my thoughts too, and of several more among us I guess; but taking into account that he betrayed his colleagues by cooperating with us, and he and the other one EIH71a were the brain of our successful coup d’etat he knows very well what will be his fate, if he’ll desert and will land at the moon air terminal; well that’s the main reason why he won’t dare to desert, and on the other hand he’s won’t be alone in the spaceship bridge… And there’re the two other spaceships that will fly rather close to him.’ HER48 made a short pause and looked on his committee members on both his sides, while watching their worried faces, he to elaborte the main reason why EIH65 won’t dare to desert; and tried his best to convince his colleagues.

If he’ll desert he will live as long as his interrogation over there will last, and he knows it better than any of us.’

They’re taking off sir!’ HER51 turned the chairman’s attention to the air terminal.

The three small spaceships started to move towards the huge hangar’s exit wall; the hangar’s entrances were shut tight automatically, and as soon as the exit wall opened up the three sapaceshipe gained speed and took off.

How long this flight test is going to take sir?’ HER53 ventured to ask.

We didn’t ducuss this certain question, simply because it will end when EIH65 will synchronze successfully the communication relay assembly.’ The chairman muttered as they all watched the image of the tested spaceship soaring up, accompanied by the two small spaceships; while they kept listening to EIH65 instructions to his two spposedly students, which were appointed to make sure that he will return safely back, at the end of the flight test.

The clear sounds of the conversation in the spaceship bridge filled the air of the air terminal control center, and the ruling committee memebers were able to converse directly with EIH65 if whenever it will be needed, but as long as no significant advancement was made and no results were achieved, there was no need to disturb him.

Couldn’t the moon experts spy on us I mean tape every word, be it in the spaceship bridge or…?’

Do calm down HER51 I’ve checked this question with EIH65, and he assured me that the moon security services deal just with internal law and order cases; and there isn’t the slightest chanch that they’ve the ability to evasedrop to us, or to what’s going on right now at the spaceship bridge.’

A sudden silence fell in the air terminal control center, and just the slight drone of the spaceship’s engines was heard.

But then EIH65 shaky voice was heard:

We’v some trouble here… We’re losing altitude too fast...’ And then the spaceship’s image vanished, and the huge control screen was an empty dark blue space.

Where’s the control center chief operator?’ HER48 cried out with a raised voice.

Take direct control of the spaceship, and turn it back!’

He must have cut off contact with us sir, I can’t control the spaceship!’

He tricked us!’ HER51 declared with an angry raised voice.

Was anything wrong with that spaceship?’ HER48 asked the chief operator, with clear note of hope.

There was nothing wrong sir, but whatever that human did during the last two days; well yes this could be the source of trouble, and if that’s the case they’re lost for ever...’

I see, call the two other spaceships to return.’

All rights © belong to Haim Kadman �" July 2017.


© 2017 Haim Kadman

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