The honeymoon is over

The honeymoon is over

A Story by Haim Kadman

An excerpt of the thriller Identity Conflict.


The honeymoon is overcame

Identity Conflict

An excerpt

On Monday morning at the beginning of their fourth week stay in Kazan, the phone in their hotel room rang. It must be a call from her superior, which conducted that operation no doubt…

Alex thought quite annoyed. The last three weeks were like an enchanting honeymoon, he did not want it to end so soon; but Alina returned the receiver to its cradle, and looked at him with an intensive stare of her dark eyes.

'We're flying back tomorrow.' She muttered and cleared her throat nervously.

That same night she did not let him touch her.

'We're about to part Alex, you'd better get used to it while I'm still beside you; it will be easier that way, for you might find yourself in similar situations in the near future.'

The next morning they had an early breakfast, and the same cab with which they arrived to the hotel three weeks ago, was waiting for them before the hotel's entrance.

The drive to the military airport of Borisoblesk, the flight back, and the ride in the limo to the SVR headquarters in Moscow, passed in continuous silence. They sat beside each other like two strangers, as if they met by mere coincidence. To his own surprise he got hold of himself, even when he was lying in bed last night beside Alina. It was not easy at all, he still craved to make love to her; but this morning he got over it and was able to treat her with indifference and coldness, just as she wished him to behave.

When the limo reached the headquarters building, Alina told him to get off and he had to return to his suite all alone.

A middle aged stranger was sitting in his suite's living room when he entered, the stranger rose to his feet as Alex walked towards him.

A heavy set type of medium height with a bald head, his light blue eyes radiated curiosity and skepticism, as if he was weighing Alex's potential.

'My name is Kolya and I'm your temporary guide and operator Alex.'

'I'm glad to know you Kolya.' He replied to his new operator dryly with a clear note of disappointment, as his aspirations to see Alina one more time faded with a sudden blow of harsh realization.

'Let's sit down Alex and learn to know each other, although our time together is limited.' Kolya said and putting gently his hand on Alex shoulder, he led him to one of the armchairs.

'So do tell me who you're Alex, where you're from and what's your education?'

As they've cut my stay with Alina in Kazan after a rather short while, his task is to check how well or ill I'm prepared. It can't be a repetition of my preparations and briefing just like the one of camp Peary, for I'm a born Russian and my future mission will take place in the US no doubt. The encouraging thought flashed through Alex's mind.

'My name is Alexei Garin, I was born in Kazan twenty three years ago,' Alex started to recite his cover story as was prepared and formed for him by Alina; and as he learned it during the three weeks, which he spent with Alina in Kazan. The description of his life story covered the alleged hospital in Kazan medical center where he was born, his parents home, childhood, schools, Kazan Moscow state university branch, his BA title in Journalism and politics; but how he became a member of the Russianexternal intelligence service, was irrelevant of course. The full details of his brand new life story took quite a while, and at its end Kolya looked at his wrist watch and suggested to take a lunch break.

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Added on August 8, 2017
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