The thriller HSS

The thriller HSS

A Story by Haim Kadman

The thriller “His Swan Song” will be free to download for $0.99, from Oct. 18 up to Oct. 25 2017. This thriller’s plot warns against another regional war in Iraq and Syria, after the total defeat of I


The New York Times 9.27.17: Iraq Orders Kurdistan to Surrender Its Airports

A day after Iraqi Kurds voted on independence, the Iraqi prime minister threatened to shut down flights to the region.

The Washington Post 9.27.17: Kurdish bid for independence from Iraq emerges as regional flash point

Baghdad threatened to stop international flights to the Kurdish region, while Turkey and Iran ramped up pressure.

The thriller “His Swan Song” will be free to download for $0.99, from Oct. 18 up to Oct. 25 2017. This thriller’s plot warns against another regional war in Iraq and Syria, after the total defeat of ISIS. Below is a short excerpt of this thriller, which published with on May the 7th 2017.

At the American embassy in Baghdad

When they reached the Embassy, the secretary allowed his crew of body guards to leave the limo and have dinner at the embassy's improvised cafeteria, as it was too risky to leave the embassy's premises in these hectic times.

'I'm going up to see the ambassador; it will take some time so keep your mobile switched on John.' He told the Colonel and went over to one of the elevators.

The ambassador and the president's special envoy who were expecting his arrival and welcomed the defense secretary nodding their heads with a mute greeting, the successful conquest of Ramadi and Fallujah were forgotten due to the slow advancement of the Mosul offensive.

'So what are the Kurds’ plans sir, and is their president someone we can rely on?' The ambassador asked his guest, as soon as the defense secretary shook hands with his two compatriots and sat down facing them.

'The question is the aftermath, I mean the mess we're going to confront after the conquest of Mosul; according to the Kurdish president Mosul must be part of the Kurdish autonomy, while Baghdad insists that Mosul must be part of the liberated Iraq…'

'And there're the Turks with their demands, just as well sir.' The Ambassador reminded his prominent guest.

'I wouldn't take the Turks' demands too seriously, apart from interfering in the fighting here and in Syria to make sure the Kurds won't declare independence; they won't bother us or more accurately their neighbors.'

'Why not organize a summit meeting between the two sides sir, to solve that problem?'

'It's too early to initiate such a move, but I'll bring it up in Washington as soon as I'll return.' The defense secretary summed up the short discussion.

On his way back in the armored limo escorted by his crew of body guards, on his way to his hotel’s suite to pack up his personal things; and a short while later on his way to the airport and the official departure ceremony, the secretary of defense kept thinking worried on the end of the Mosul offensive’s possible consequences. The ambassador's advice about a summit meeting was a wishful thinking, while he himself did not have the slightest idea how to prevent the future heated disputes between the current allies, which might turn into deadly enemies right after Mosul’s conquest.

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