Just voicing my mind using poetry as a proxy :)

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About Me

Hi all :)

I go by apebble, but you can call me almost any variation of apebble you wish (peb, pebs, pebbles, ape, etc.)...just don't call me apple :P

As for myself as a writer: I write generally depressing poetry, where there's generally a principle I'm trying to get across. I sometimes delve into romantic poetry (only recently).

When I do write stories, they are generally short and I try to put a bit of a 'surprise' in there.

Myself as a reviewer: I will use kind honesty. I realize I don't know everything about writing, so I am not going to state my opinion on your piece as an absolute. I may not like it, that doesn't mean it is bad :)

If it is a legitimately bad piece, I will tell you...as nothing is worse than someone telling you have something good when it sucks.

Since my genre is mainly poetry, I try to confine myself to reviewing that area. I will occasionally review short stories, but will only rarely review chapters/books (as I am short on time).

Thanks for reading! Feel free to friend me, ask for reviews, and review mine if you want :)


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Posted 7 Years Ago

Hi, thanks for the friendship.

"Seventy-two pieces of poetry from each of the seventy-two Demons Aleister Crowley is said to have evoked"

My poetry which was censored by crown court for five years, can be found at WritersCafe.org/MrDunne.