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About Me

Hi! I am Bhumika Devkota. I am the youngest from my extended family, which makes me a little - I suppose a lot- spoiled at times. I live with my parents and my older sister, who is currently a senior, busy navigating the path to college. All of us were born in Nepal, which is a small country in between China and India. I grew up in Nepal and lived there until I was eight though I had previously lived in Pakistan and Germany for a short time. And before moving to Guilderland, I lived in Maryland, a place that I wish I could visit everyday.

As someone who grew up seeing mountains while walking to school when I was little, I have a deep appreciation for nature. I can spend all day laying down in the swing seats and looking up at the sky from the yard. I love seeing the clouds float away and the leaves, with the golden light reflecting on them, dance as the wind passes away. This has always been a hobby of mine, especially in long car rides. And as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I used to mentally talk with trees, asking them “how are you?” or “don’t worry, you will grow too” when I was in elementary school, as I was sitting inside the car, not talking to anyone else.

As time has passed by and I have stopped talking to trees, I still love being inside a car, travelling. With music, gum, and scenery, I can go hours without talking with anyone in my family- a record for someone who loves to talk with people I am comfortable with. I love being in a vehicle of any sorts. I love travelling to new and old places. I love rolling down the window and being disappointed when we actually arrive at the destination because I usually prefer the journey more than the destination.

When I am not in a vehicle, I am more than likely to be in my room reading a book while listening to music. I love to read, especially when there is a good background song floating through my ears. If I like a book, I will finish it right after I start it. If it is the opposite scenario then I probably won’t even get past chapter one. For me, the first chapter has to be heart capturing or I won’t be able to get through with it. I suppose I am pretty judgmental about giving anything five out of five stars (the only one I remember is the movie Life of Pi even though I gave the book three or four stars based on my 6th grade reading skills). But even if I don’t really give out five stars, I do have a lot of favorite books and series. I have reread Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Keepers of the Lost Cities about a million times. My goal, ever since I was little, is to write a series just like that.

I am not sure from what age I started writing. I was never good at it and I didn’t improve until seventh and eighth grade. And now I love writing, perhaps even more than reading. But even more than writing, I love to imagine. I daydream all the time. I am known for dozing off and going into one of my what-if’s world. Maybe even more than what is considered healthy. I like creating my own world, one in which I control and experiment. And I am thinking about that world for most of my days from eating breakfast to walking from the bus to home.

My life consist of fandoms, books, daydreaming, travelling, being in deep thoughts, and my family. That’s who I am. It’s what makes me Bhumika Devkota.


Bhumika Devkota


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Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you for adding me.