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WonderLand xD, NY
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About Me

Hey! What's up?! Hows it going?! xD

My name: Allison

Pronounced: Uhh...I have no freaking clue
but I'm guessing its A-ly-sun? P:

Age: AGE is only a NUMBER!! Lol Jk
I'm 15!

Ethnicity: American and Italian (Though, I don't speak Italian :l I want to learn so badly!)

Location: Yuh Stalk much? xD Just kidding...
I Live in Wonderland! :D (New York.)

Personality: Find out! I always have time to talk ^-^

Pets: A *Turtle!!* :DD

Interests: Yes! I love this question!.....

Nothing!! :D (Kidding again)
Okay umm... I like Drawing, Photography, Listenin to music, Being with my friends, Boys, Fashion, Anime, Manga, Music, umm...Action movies, Horror movies, Music, Rock, Pop, Dubstep, Did I mention Music? (Damn. After reading this over again...I realized I sound like I have nothing to do whatsoever and have an obsession like cat ladies and their cats,no offense to cat ladies. XD But I'm just playing around ^-^ Just wanted to make anyone smile/laugh...if anyone is reading this... -_-" )

Favorite Books: Maximum Ride series, Witch & Wizard, Vesper, Twilight saga (and Manga), Hush Hush, Night Star, Thirst, Diary of the dead, Immortal, Awakening, Vampire Academy, ect.

Well that's All Darlings!

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