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South Shields, United Kingdom
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About Me

Hello to one and all, and welcome to my little page here. I'm fairly new to both this site and to writing general. So, I'll give you a quick idea of who and what I am, followed by my actual work history to date.

So, me:
I'm male, early-20's and I live in England. Yeah, this means I'm more likely to remember to carry an umbrella than my wallet, I have a twisted and rather odd sense of humour and drink copiuos amounts of tea (the elixir of life). I also study Accounting in my free time, though this is more of a hobby as opposed to my life. And my life is gaming: Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer (both games) and other, general RPG's as well. I'm not into LARP though, thats just weird...

My Work history is actually quite small. What you see here is the stuff I've started in the last month or so. And its what I'll be writing mainly at the minute. Apart from this I've done a few short fictions, mainly for the RPG's I play and run. Its all background and setting stuff, and so I haven't added it here. 1: because I haven't found the 'scraps' section yet (if they have one), and 2: because half the stuff has been deleted or lost in paperwork somewhere.
I started writing a few years ago, but because of one thing or the other I was never able to continue. I may not be the best author out there, but I have a few supporters who like my work and for this reason I will continue to write. That and I quite like to let my mind run free like this.

Work in Progress:
The Bringer of Death - Story about Masataka Shinn, a character in a game I'm playing at the minute. The first parts are backstory/setting before we get into the really fun stuff.
Chaos in Action - A story about Gazini, another character in the same game. This is his story and is being done as a request for a friend. I quite like this one, as its completely differant from my other work.
I'm also making notes and plans for a short story/novel/something which I hope to actually get published. But thats for the future, and so isn't going to get seen on here much.

I'll also be posting random one-offs, either work for the above games or fanfics for roughly the same place. If you have any comments then please leave them. And I have one quite small request to everyone that reads my work: please rate it or leave a comment. It will help me improve my work, which is something I want to do.

Take care, have fun and I'll catch you around here.