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Calgary, Canada
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About Me

* I love it when you rate my work, not just review it :P* Nearly all my work has spelling errors because my keyboard often misses keys that I press *

**If you would like to quote my work, or use it any shape or form, please ask me first. I'm more than willing to give some of this work to others in exchange for CREDIT, RECOGNITION, and you MUST ASK FIRST. Thanks! **

I can't really describe myself accurately...then again who can? It's always the collection of different insights of others close to you that can truly tell you what kind of person you are. Here's what I know about myself from my own thoughts:

I'm creative (I hope I am). I love writing, and sometimes I'll just stop what I'm doing, think for a whole 2 seconds, then stat writing until things start to sound mildly decent.

I've always wanted to escape into my stories. They're just so much more exciting and carefree than my life. I wish I could live in a world I created, and never die.

I'm in love, so that's where most of my inspiration comes from. There's lots of poems about him, that's for sure, but I'm not the only girl who loves him.

I can tell you that I love White, purple, rainbow, and other colored roses. Black and white are my favorite, aside from purple :)

I certainly can't say much more as it would most likely be inaccurate. Hopefully you can derive your own conclusions from my creations.


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Posted 14 Years Ago


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Posted 14 Years Ago

Well Hellooooo. Thanks for reviewing my story "A Swamp without Water," and I'm tired of messaging people so I'm writing this on your comment wall thing, whatever it's called. And the answer is... I never really considered her a ghost, but just a person wandering the graveyard waiting for mourners, (one in particular) but I think the ghost idea is sweet too :) Either I suppose

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Posted 14 Years Ago

Hey hey vampire

Your wall was empty....and I felt like being the first to un-empty it :D

Willow <3