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About Me

M>Y> N>A>M>E> I>S> A>B>B>Y> A>U>T>O>P>S>Y>

I wish i were older
I wish i were younger
I wish I were anywhere in between

ppl i absolutely luff and could never live without are:
-Zach Amos ZAMOS!!!
-Carley Catastrophe!!!!
-Margaret Murder!!!
-Brian GoudALE!!!!

I have some worthlesss information to give out to anyone who gives a care> so>here it is>>

My favorite color is>> electric blue, honeydew, bicycle yellow, lemony lime, and anything RAINBOW!!

My favorite word is>> Relevance. not everything has this.

My favorite qoute is>> ~You'll either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain~ >>THE DARK KNIGHT.. pleasingly dark and that's absolutely fine.

My favorite Person>> ZAMOS. easiest person to tlk to.. in a nutshell.

My favorite Music>> Oh Lord...umm alternative everything..contemperary Christian...UMM ok here's just some cause there is so dang much>>

Things That Interest Me (not nessacarily things i like)>> highschool band/pep rally music. i always hear it because i live in apartments right next to a highschool. I hear it all...night...long...:P
~The song: Day-O..."come mr. tally man tally me banana"
~Picture BoOks
Things That Annoy Me To Death>>
~People in middle school who think they know what love is. yes, i am in middle school, but i do admit, that I am still very unsure of what love REALLY is.
~Immature people in middle/high school

Favorite TV Shows>>I don't watch much TV but, Made or Rob and Big or Extreme Makeover Home Edition probably>>>>>>>

>O>K> S>O> I've changed this like 1>0>0> times and im sure no one R>E>A>L>L>Y> wants to read it so....yeah...that's all you have yo waste your time on>>

So all else you need to know is i do not tolerate the people with a feign unreal happiness, gushing and overflowing with compliments and junk when it is all an act in a bad play.. i just don't want to waste my time with those people so don't bother if you are one... i am only alive and willing to blossom for those who are truly who they are may it be happy>although im not sure exactly what the truth of this is>sad~angry~depressed~any truthfulness about it.

ok>>>i have bored you to death by now.

Auf Wheiderschen(german for, you guest it, good-bye)[don't ask, foreign language class, practice>>]


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Posted 14 Years Ago

post any questions or comments on my profile and my writings. Thanks!!!!!