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PebbleTown, Snowflake Chasm
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Mother Mother

A Poem by Vian

Magic Magic

A Poem by Vian

Orange Orange

A Poem by Vian

Emotion Poem Emotion Poem

A Poem by Vian

Butterflies Butterflies

A Story by Vian

Daisy Daisy

A Story by Vian

Leaves Leaves

A Poem by Vian

About Me

Lord Vian is a resident of the Human Cage, as He's sure most who can read this are. This Lord unfortunately suffers from Binge-Writing and has a tendency to ignore the thing called 'Life' when consumed by the Words. However, Vian has a tendency to procrastinate and finds that the Words are not as shy to come when the Night is present. Perhaps it is the soothing nature of Night that allows the Words to flow as freely as they do.

Vian is not the sort to plan a meeting with the Words and is quite kind to the precious Words that sometimes only trickle from their orifice as water does in the drought season- not that Lord Vian would know anything pertaining to that sort of discord as His domain is of the utmost perfection. This Lord has been content to allow the Words free reign and does not plan to ask too much too soon, but, does have the dearest wish that Lord Vian might succeed in his endeavours.

Our hope is to be well received in the Outside World. Vian has little ability to to judge Human situations and asks that any discrepancy be taken up with The Lord.

There is a bias but I would like it told that Vian enjoys of his own work most Experiment 34.7 and To Fall for a River. That is, should a Human wish for a suggested piece of reading.


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Posted 10 Years Ago

I fixed Mirror! It's great if you have anymore comments on it please review me
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