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About Me

My ultimate dream is to be a comic book writer. How can I do that, when there are many hindrances in the way of my dream?

First off, I live in the Philippines, so if I actually become a comic book writer, I'd have to leave my home country (we're talking about writing for an American comic book company like DC, Marvel or Dark Horse here).

Second, I suck at writing. Yes, I do. If most people I know ...look at my work, they'll fill me with praise. But, truth is, this is mediocre writing. I'm having difficulty detailing scenes in my stories (most especially fight scenes). I don't use big words in my writing.

But collecting comic books are my hobby, they're my passion. I save money from my allowance every day just to have enough money to buy comics. I drop by the comics store every month (when I mean every month, I do mean once every thirty days). Whenever it's my brithday or whenever it's Christmas, I get bills as gifts and I get around P5,000 (around $100) and I always...

...ALWAYS visit the comic store so I can spend a portion of my money on comics, graphic novels and TPBs, as well as some figures and busts. Comics have pretty much taken over a huge part of my life. I started collecting comics when I was in seventh grade and haven't stopped, and I never will.

I realized my dream to be a comics writer not too long after I started collecting comics. Call it anything you want, all I know is that it's my life. My collection will get bigger over time, and my dream of being a writer will be either more and more clear or blurry over time as well. For now, I'm trying to improve my writing, and hopefully it'll be as good as the writers I idolize.

And, hopefully, I'll get to live my dream. My ultimate dream. Even when there are many hindrances in the way of my dream. I'll keep on trying. :)


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Posted 10 Years Ago

That's okay :) Once at school I let my friends read my stories, maybe you just didn't get to see it though. Oh well I will post them here anyway. Continue writing!!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

I love imagining and re-imagining things. Then re-reimagining more things until my mind gets exhausted. :))