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About Me

I don't write much.
I try, but in the end, I can never express my feelings well enough to be heard.
I'm hoping to change that, maybe through the writing of poems.
I'm one of those people that gets majorly inspired at times, but can't figure out the wording to get it out... it can be frustrating at times.
I have a folder of all my unfinished poetry. It's getting quite out of hand, actually.
Most of my writing is inspired by the music I listen to, really. Somewhat based upon sports and movies as well (sounds ridiculous, but it's true). But mostly music. When it comes to the music itself, it's pretty much rock and its links into punk and metal. Nothing too heavy or too "punk", I guess. Like I'll listen to stuff like Avenged Sevenfold and The Misfits, to give you a general idea. So what you should have gleaned from all this is that some of my writing may be less than cheerful, but I'm not a depressing person! Really!
If you want something read, send it my way. Please! I love reading people's work on here but I'm limited to looking at who's online and then exploring their writing, just to get a broad feel for what's out there. So by all means, if you ever have something you'd like read or critiqued, I'm right here!
Anyways, hope you enjoyed your stay at my profile! As your reward for actually reading all of my ramblings, here's a butterfly.
Actually, you deserve more than that. Here's another butterfly.
But now you really should go look at some of the better writing on this site. You'll be quite amazed with the talent that's found it's way to this humble little cafe.


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Posted 10 Years Ago

write moreeeeeeeeee

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Posted 12 Years Ago

i like those butterflies. can you send me a few at some random point in my life just to make it better? cause i think it would do it.

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Posted 13 Years Ago

hey just wanted to be the first to show u some love