How long has it been? Hello friends, I'm back. :3

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About Me

Hellloo! Welcome to my profile! Please, sit down, flluff up a pillow, and do anything to get comfy. Now, I would offer you some tea or hot chocolate, but then that would mean that I would have to get up, walk to the kitchen, boil some water, and then climb to get to the shelf where the powders are placed--because I am quite short. I appologize if you wanted some sort of hot beverage, but feel free to go to the refrigerater and grab a glass of cool water.

Ok! Comfy yet? I hope so, because--if you had not yet noticed--I could probably talk non-stop for hours. Trust me, I have done so before.

Soo, shall we start with the basics? (So sorry if you said no.)

- I am a girl, just entering in her early-teens

- Like I had mentioned before, I am short :'(

- I believe that Earth is the only known planet in the universe that has cookies... so take care of it

- If you had a ballon in one hand, and a needle in the other, I'd probably run off screaming, covering my ears along the way

- I am absoloutly IN LOVE with reading!! I find that it is the best way for me to pass the time, and to also help me improve on my writing :)

- I have proven myself to be a VERY bad liar... so I don't tend to do that very often...

- I find it amusing when fish sleep. They just bob up-and-down with this expresion on their face: OoO

- To me, history and social studies are one of worst things life has given me. I suppose that I just don't click with those subjects

- Polymere clay, ftw!♥

- I can be very random at times... so beware >.<

- scary stories give me the heebie-jeebies :S

- A friend gave me the words that a wise-men would have said: Keep calm; it's almost summer. ;)

So yep! That's basically it! I'm sorry if you feel that I have wasted your time, but truly, you have gained more knowledge. ;) Useless knowledge, but knowledge nonetheless.

Good-bye! And don't forget to put your empty glass in the sink. As a sign of friendship, I'll wash it for you. ;)


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Hello! Nothing much.. busy doing homework and what-not. XD You?

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Hey :3 what's up? (>_<)