Rachel Grace

Rachel Grace


But she was beautiful because she was broken

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About Me

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Hello all fellow writers :) I am a seventeen year old aspiring writer of novels, short stories, and poetry. I consider myself to be mostly sane, in love with music, obsessed with artforms of unique and individual expression, and generally friendly and easy to talk to.
I have an extremely quirky and hopefully somewhat artsy personality that I will display for you with 7 facts about me.
1) I can consume chocolate at a rate which staggers the imagination.
2) I wrote my first 250 page novel when I was 11.
3) I have color changing eyes that go from blue to green to purple to almost black.
4) I love the moon and the ocean and the stars.
5) I'm a HUGE night owl.
6) I am fascinated by the dream world and the human consciousness, particularly memories and how we form them.
7) Speaking of dreams, I dream in color, with all five senses, and sometimes have lucid dreams. This makes for incredible dreams and terrible nightmares.


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Posted 9 Years Ago

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