Never give up, even when it seem hopeless. There is always hope and light :3

Sogn og frodane, Slinde, Norway
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About Me

Hello I'm a Hobby writer age 23, my fiance told me about this place to help whit my writing and so on. I just hope you all like my work and can help me improve. Sense i was little i loved making short stories, novels and poems for fun.

I love making Fantasy stories tough also some other genre's. My poems are all from fantasy to personal ones but i love to see what you all think of them. I love getting Review's and I will try my best to review back as well.

I might have allot of spelling errors, grammar and punctuation errors/fails do to my Dyslexia but I do try my best and would like to become better. Also keep in mind that English is not my native langue, and that as well will explain some of my errors. There are so many good stories and poems on here I feel grateful that my fiance told me about this place so I could become a part of it as well.

So.. Read and enjoy and don't forget to Review and ill do the same for you when I get the time :D !!!


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Posted 9 Years Ago

Keep up the writing!!! I love reading your poems! they are a lift to my spirits.