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About Me

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-As an introduction . . . .
every place that I go gets an even number of steps.
Yet, I don't very much like symmetry.

-I love the smell of wet moss when it rains.

-There's this amazing guy in my life. Finally. He has such sincerity swimming in those ocean-blue eyes and a nack for giving me infinite butterflies. Stuart Renwick has earned a place here on my profile and a perminant place in my heart.

-I think I've nearly chewed through the side of my mouth because of.... anger.... or nervousness.
Perhaps a combination.

-The scent of Betadine will forever haunt me.

-If it hasn't entered your mind yet, there is something about scent, in general, that sparks my liking.

-I will live in England with my tortoise and slightly disorganized house where I'll go outside to the woods daily.... to write in my mossy gazebo.

-I worry about losing my mind because of the filth in this world. What classifies someone as irrational, I wonder. I hope on all that is good to contain myself, because people are disgusting.

-I tried to develop a sense of adventure within myself. Now that it's there, it's hard to contain. The same goes for my dog....

-Most recently, I cry a lot. Without true intention, the slightest bit of beauty can bring the tears. The smallest amount of sadness, whether it is mine or yours, can bring the salty tears on. And I cannot help but cry when something free has been limited in any way. Is that odd??

-People are the problem with the world. Don't try to tell me otherwise. Demise is contradicted in the simplest of items, and I hate shoes and light bulbs. Katie will back me up on that.

-I really do adore stars. I've even claimed one. (Secretly....)

-I usually do fine in any state of the elements, and bond quite well with them.

-Close your eyes and imagine a world where the roads are paved by our bare feet, where the grass grows unscathed and the trees bloom with no structure, wild and recklessly for all of the birds to adorn them. Imagine a place where the food comes from an old woman down the road or a small patch in your yard, and your dog can run free, without worry of cars. Can you see a place where the plastic is gone and the rocks are all shiny, the soil like carpet?? That's where I want to live.

-Because thought does not particularly take up space, I have this theory: Without a body, organs, etc., thought would be.... just there. And of course, without a body, there would be no means of communication; no mouth to talk with, no hands, no body!! And so.... (and I'm not the only fanatical being that theorizes this) there could be physical bodies of thought everywhere.... or somewhere.

-When you ask me a question, I'll answer it in complete detail, often going off into side stories, if that helps better explain my answer. And if Im asked to write down a desired answer, be prepared for an esoteric answer.

-Age is only a number, but I despise my own for lack of respect.... or something, that comes from others by knowing it. Being however old does not justify or decline my use of words or floral patterns or.... plastic hearts and love.

-I enjoy those cheap little Indie films about clouds, the sky, drugs.... and love.

-Deep violin sparks something inhumanly desperate within me.

-I love eyes.... shining spectacles.... paisley orbs....

-I fancy chamomile tea with 2% milk, one packet of honey, and no sugar.

-When I awake in the morning and the birds are singing, I'm strangely urged to join in.

-Some days, I have theories, MAD crazy theories. And I'll wish to remember them forever. Some of the time, however, I am in my bed at around 3 am, and getting up seems unethical. So, I usually forget these theories for some time, until they come back to me in separate rants of thought.

-It's strange how scrutinizing things so densely has changed me. I worry about slipping because if it.

-I want a guy to write me a love letter in cursive. On compulsory instinct, I'd adore that.

-If a guy played a song for me on the piano, I would weep.

-I watch British television in a manner that is considered more than normal.

-Do you believe in mind over body?? Let me lend you my ear.

-I like to think, or thinking likes to enter my mind as much as humanly possible....

-Rest in peace, Hedwig....

-Send a little rain my way.

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Posted 10 Years Ago

Nah, we're doing all this s**t and we don't care about the consequences.
Bleh I wrote that at like 4am for the hell of it. xD

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Thanks for the review of Statue, the one you wrote 6 months ago! I do appreciate it very much. I just read it today... shows how much I check this site anymore...

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Thank you very much for your insightful review. I really appreciated it.

Hope you are having a good night.


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Posted 11 Years Ago


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Listen for a rock at your window tonight....;D

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Posted 11 Years Ago

I should label the numbers I have of you....I'm not sure which is your house and which is your mom's phone. ahhaa

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Alright so how about on Thursday you and I meet up at Central Park? Perhaps I'll be able to. Fred's been flexible lately, so hopefully it'll work out.

Ring my home phone some time n****r. I'll be able to talk.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

When you called I was out at dinner. :(
Today, I went to the mall with Patricia, watched her buy trillions of things, and killed my feet in the process.

I would call you back but....I'm not sure you're even allowed to use the telephone.

When I went into a store today SoCo was playing. They played If I Die,Straw Dog, and Cavanaugh Park. It pissed me off but I couldn't help myself and sang along. :)

We must come up with a plan to chill!!


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Posted 11 Years Ago


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Posted 11 Years Ago

Happy Christmas Harry.
Time Keeping.
A short story about portals, cats, cows and the keeping of time.
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