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About Me

List of all my stories:

MCS - My Chocolate Stalker = Joick/Jick 1shot. Nick is a shy boy in college. Joe is single university student who has 2 jobs. What happens when Nick meets Joe for the 1st time & Joe instantly falls for him?

P - Paradise = Joick/Jick A Joick brotherly love story about vacationing in well paradise & falling in love.

PPP - Passionate, Persistent, & Possessive = Joick/Jick Story. The sequel to My Chocolate Stalker, where they get married & live life together as a married couple.

DP - Deadliest Predator = Joick/Jick Story. Joe's a king of the ocean to be. Nick is just trying to get back home. But when his plane goes down, he finds himself stranded on a small island in the middle of nowhere. Will he survive? What will Joe do? What is Joe ... exactly? Find out in this thrilling & romantic series.

CG - Cellphone Genie = Joick/Jick 1shot. Nick only wants 1 thing & thats his iPhone4, but just when he thought he got what he wanted ... something or actually someone else appears.

SM - So Magical = Joick/Jick 1shot. A short story about magic & love.

WB - Worldwide Boy = Nogan 1shot. Nick & Logan are so in love & for their anniversary ... Logan wants to do something special before he goes on a worldwide tour.

BR - Bunny Rabbit = Kevick/Nevin 1shot. Nick & Kevin are BFFs & taking an astrology class in college together. Its a good life for them both, until Kev gets turned into something very unexpected.

H - Hot = Kogan 1shot. Kendall & Logan are going to class, when Kendall gets a sudden idea before they start.

DWM - Dance With Me = Kogan 1shot. Kendall wants Logan to be his dance partner, but Logan is being stubborn. Will Kendall be able to convince him otherwise?

AIN - All I Need = Jethan 1shot. Ethan Morgan is regular student, a geek & also a seer. Jesse is Sara's ex-vampire-BF, who wants nothing more than have Ethan Morgan as his own. My Babysitter's A Vampire (MBAV) 1shot story.

IPY - I Promise You = Joick/Jick Story. (NOTE: Story is discontinued by both authors) Joick story about brotherly love & taking care of each other. Story: CANCELED

SB - Summer Blackout = Joick/Jick Story. A Joick 1shot short story of Joe & Nick spending 1 night together in a well ... summer blackout, what else could happen? Brotherly love thats what.

HIC - Here I Come = Joestin 1shot. Joe has liked Justin for awhile, till 1 day he goes for it & tells him once & for all, his feelings.

MCL - My Crush: Logie - Kogan 1shot. Kendall doesn't like being ignored. What's a guy to do? Tease his only crush, Logie.

TIH - Tonight Is Halloween = Joick/Jick 1shot. A short story of costume changes & possibly love?

M - Mew - Kogan 1 shot. Kendall & Logan are members of BTR, but when a strange twist of fate causes them to transform into 2 Pokemon characters, so begins their magical adventure.

SN - Saint Nicholas - Joick/Jick 4 part short story holiday Christmas themed. Nick Jonas & Peyton Rai List are together at the mall on Christmas Eve to see Santa. Peyton has one wish to ask ... will the handsome Santa grant it for her BFF, Nick?

UA - Up Above - Joe's a solo rockstar living on top of the world & having the time of his life. Nick's a royal prince of the sea, but longs more than anything to be human. One day fate brings the 2 together in a romantic magical adventure like no other.

F - Faith - Shante (Shane/Nate) love story by 07mfkane1 & I. Stars: NIck Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Kendall, Logan, Carlos, & James from Big Time Rush (BTR)

H - Hourglass - Joick/Jick & Justin/Austin love story by Jicklove4eva & I. Stars: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber & Austin Mahone. Nick & Joe are best friends, but when Joe gets turned into a vamp, Nick is obligated to slay him ... but will Nick be able to do this or will something else stop him? Eventual Joick. On the other hand, will Justin tire of chasing his vampire cutie, Austin & also become a couple? Basically two couples that just happen to crash into one another.

WOY - Watch Over You - Joick/Jick love story. Stars: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Harry Connick Jr., Jordin Sparks, Max Schnerider Beyonce, Tim McGraw, Josh Groban, & select others. Its Nick's 14th b-day, Sunday one day before school starts for a new year in 8th grade. Hugo wakes his son up affectionately sleeping next to him & tickles him. Donie arrives shortly joining in the waking of his best friend. Secretly Donie has always liked Nick, but hasn't told him how he feels. And Nick has yet to acknowledge what he wants, a guy or girl. Nick soon meets Joe Anderson & just like that he instantly falls for Joe & vice versa & so begins a sweet romance of teacher & student, eventual Joick/Jick.

CAHE - Clearly All Hallow's Eve - Joick/Jick oneshot. Stars: Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas. Joe's a monster king throwing his annual Halloween bash, naturally inviting every spook-tacular subject in his kingdom. When a certain shy, keep-to-himself cute zombie comes into the scene, Joe's instantly smitten with him. Time for the young boy to meet the hansom king in one clearly unforgettable night.

OD - Oh Dear - Joick/Jick oneshot. Starring: Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas. Nick is a deer (Bambi-style) & gets saved by a certain guy ...

IAD - In A Dream - Miscellaneous collections of oneshots & short stories featuring Jick/Joick (Nick & Joe Jonas & various other characters)

SC - Summer Candlelight. Joick/Jick oneshot/short story. Stars: Nick Jonas & Joe Jonas. Sequel to Summer Blackout (SB); in this continuation Joe & Nick head to Southpart for the annual forth of July festival celebrating their one year anniversary. While spending time together they experience another blackout.

G - Ghostly. Joick/Jick Halloween-themed 2013 oneshot/short story. After watching a Halloween-themed movie alone Joe gets an idea to go check on a real haunted house (or so he's heard) & goes to see it for himself.

H - Hummie. Joick.Jick story. Featuring: Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, & Joe Jonas. Themes/Tags: Hummingbird love, magical transformation, talking animals, falling in love at first sight, Alpha Kev, Protective & possessive Kev, over-it Nick, skillful Nick, Adventurous Nick, Casual/Cool, Joe, sweet love, fast build, mate, M/M. Kevin & Nick are two hummingbirds living in Northern California settling there for now enjoying their life day-to-day. Kevin's loved Nick since forever, but suddenly he's worried Nick's attention is elsewhere & focused on a human named Joe … & so Joick ensues.

All of these are on my Youtube channel under the same username: VirgoAvatar or link here:

My Chocolat Stalker (MCS) = Finished 1-16.
Paradise (P) = Finished.
Passionate, Persistent, & Possessive (PPP) = Finished.
Deadliest Predator (DP) = Finished.
Cellphone Genie (CG) = Finished.
So Magical (SM) = Finished.
Worldwide Boy (WB) = Finished.
Bunny Rabbit (BR) = Finished.
Dance With Me (DWM) = Finished.
Hot (H) = Finished.
All I Need (AIN) = Finished.
I Promise You (IPY) = Canceled.
Summer Blackout (SB) = Finished.
Here I Come (HIC) = Finished.
My Crush: Logie (MCL) = Finished.
Tonight Is Halloween (TIH) = Finished.
Mew (M) = Finished.
Saint Nicholas (SN) = Finished.
Up Above (UA) = Finished.
Faith (F) = Finished.
Watch Over You (WOY) = Finished.
Hourglass (H) = Canceled.
Clearly All Hallow's Eve (CAHE) = Finished.
Oh Deer (OD) = Finished.
In A Dream (IAD) = Finished.
- Part One: Coming To Life
- Part Two: 2013
- Part Three: Arachnid
- Part Four: Another Holiday
- Part Five: Hey
- Part Six: Reluctance
- Part Seven: Belong Together
Summer Candlelight (SC) - Finished.
Ghostly (G) - Finished.
Hummie (H) - Finished