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About Me

Providing a space for people to discuss and get over behaviour which goes against the ethos and function of this 'site.

Please use this space to discover others who will be more likely to both sympathise and empathise with your reaction to the unacceptable behaviour of others.

Here are two open threads for you to discuss the more minor crime of being blocked (makes you feel bemused, miffed, unappreciated), or the more major crime of being targeted for personal attacks (makes you feel like leaving the site).
1) Open thread: discuss times you have been BLOCKED for no reason here
2) Open thread: air your grievances here, and find empathy/sympathy/support for unfair treatment

Please don't name names, as the moderators do not like it. If you really must name and shame, then do it by PM. I will remove reviews containing names and repost with the names XXX'd out, with full attribution given to you.

This is what I expect from an author on this website, by the way:
1) Constructive criticism is received thankfully, even (especially) when it points out many negatives.
1a) This is because a writer should understand that a reader may have a very different perspective.
1b) Even if a review comes from a perspective that the author is not interested in accepting into their work, the review is still valid and the reviewer is still to be thanked for having spent their time.

2) Blocking is a sign of disapproval and shunning. It signals a 'social threat' to our evolved biological stress system and therefore, when used calculatedly, is a form of bullying. When used systematically (i.e. a whole group blocks an individual just to make a point) it is most definitely bullying.
2a) Therefore only block where it is necessary. I don't mean "only block where it is objectively needed" -- your feelings are important too.
2b) Blocking in order to punish people who have left a constructively critical review is clearly unsporting.

3) Authors aim to improve their work. Therefore they should always be thankful to receive ideas on how to do so. Saying that a piece is 'finished' does not mean it is unimprovable, and therefore constructive criticism to improve it will forever remain valid.

Also, please consider the Pledge to Civil Conduct in Discourse on Writer's Cafe.