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About Me

So who are you? My name is Blinde Nova Aezian, but you can call me Blinde if you want to. My birthday is October 12th, 1994, which means I’m 16, almost 17. I’m a girl, if you can’t tell already. I’m also bisexual and I don’t have a religion. I am going into my Junior year of High School, and I’m quite excited about being closer to the top, even if I fit in with the “nobodies”, “abnormal people”, and “nerds”. As for why I’m categorized as such, I’m sure you’ll figure out with this short biography of myself. It won’t exactly be my life story, but you’ll learn a lot about me from these words. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to ask questions.

What are your relationships with people? I easily befriend kind, funny, and smart people. In fact, I’d choose those people over the attractive, popular people any day. I don’t like people who stab each other in the back if they feel like they could get a good gossip out of it. I have actual friends who keep my secrets and have my back if I need them to, and they know that I’ll always have their backs as well.

Personality (Hobbies): As for my personality? I’m generally told that I’m intelligent, sweet, and fun. There are some people who think I’m weird, and a smaller amount who think that I’m evil, but they are the minority in this case. Fitting in with personality: hobbies! I’m interested in many forms of art, actually. I’m into photography, writing, culinary art, music, and the common form of art. I also like to sing and play instruments. I’m trying to teach myself how to play the piano and guitar, and I’ve learned how to play the clarinet, flute, and the viola. Besides art, I like to learn. Therefore, I read a lot of different types of books and attempt to learn many different languages (especially Japanese). Also, I play some of the popular video-games and some less popular video-games. And! I love anime and manga!

Personality (Deeper): I can be very sarcastic and perverted when I make jokes, but I think that makes the jokes more fun! I’m generally easy to punch, but that might change after I learn enough self-defense. I get cocky about that stuff, even now! Hmm… I’m generally the best at math-related classes, because I usually teach myself in those classes, but I can also be very good at science. History is boring to me. English would be good, except that, although essays are graded fairly, the teacher’s opinion can still be a wall.

Are there any unusual things about you? Well yes, there are. For example, I have a masculine side. I don’t like to wear makeup, and sometimes I cross-dress. I like to keep my hair short. Also, I’m socially awkward. I just cannot jump into a group of popular people and start speaking. I’d freeze up and, most likely, die.

About your inner mind… Okay, okay! Let’s see. I’m afraid of spiders… No, wait. I have a phobia of spiders. Arachnophobia. Not just a fear, but a fear I cannot explain. Sometimes, I’ll see a spider and scream. Sometimes, if it is big enough, I’ll cry. Strengths? I’m intelligent. Does that count? Weaknesses? I’m short and have noodles for arms, so I’m sure that definitely counts.

What is your favorite sport? Swimming is, by far, my favorite sport. I feel like I was born to be in the water. In fact, I even feel more energetic when I’m in the water. I’m also a fan of martial arts.

What is your personal goal? I just want to succeed in life, really. I want to live in a real house and make a decent amount of money. I want to finish college and become really good at my career. I want to write a book before I die. I want to travel a lot.

Do you have any bad habits? I generally make all of my conversations quite awkward by saying the wrong things. I also snap at anybody who annoys me just a little bit too much.

What do you look like? Let’s see. I’m Asian American, so I have a bit of an American appearance and a bit of an Asian appearance. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I currently have it dyed black. My eyes are hazel, but they can appear more green or more brown depending on what I wear. My skin ranges from ghostly pale to a soft tan, so I’m generally very light-skinned. My hair is naturally straight, and I like to keep it short. My teeth are currently crooked, since I haven’t gotten braces yet. I also have a piercing in my left ear cartilage. No tattoos.

What kinds of things would we find in your room? Well, I have a queen-sized bed to sleep on, which is nice. I have a small dresser with a TV on top of it. I have two shelves: one for books and school things and the other for video-games. I also have a computer desk, which has a shelf with art materials on it. My musical keyboard and guitar are near the wall near my door. My wall has lots of my own art on it.

Do you have an accent? I think I slip and use a Southern accent sometimes. I can also slip when I say words with short O’s in them, which makes me sound British. Otherwise, I generally don’t have much of an accent.

Favorites List:

Color: Rainbow! Or purple (:
Book: I still have so many to read…
Band/Singer: Rise Against
Anime: Bleach
Manga: Vampire Knight
Art Form: Music, followed by photography, followed by writing.
Author: Again, I still have much to read.
Food: I like things with noodles and rice. Fettucine alfredo is amazing!
American Show: Glee or Pretty Little Liars
Subject: Math or Science
Candy: Kit-Kat bars
Ice-Cream: Vanilla or Mint Chocolate Chip
Coffee: Hazelnut Frappucino at Starbucks
Soft Drink: Pepsi
Tea: Iced Sweet Tea
Number: 13

Family: I have two younger sisters, my mom, my dad, my step-mom, and my step-dad. I have 5 aunts on my dad’s side and 2 on my mom’s side. I also have 2 uncles on my dad’s side. And those aunts and uncles all have children. And a lot of those children also have children. And so on… I also consider a lot of my closer friends my family.

Anything else: Ask me personally.

FACEBOOK-- Blinde Nova Aezian
YOUTUBE-- BlindNovaAsian
STEAM-- Blind_Asian
HOTMAIL-- [email protected]
YAHOO-- [email protected]
FANFICTION.NET-- Blinde Aezian
WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER-- [email protected]