Create-A-Character!  June 16, 2011 - June 30, 2011

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Characters act as the body through which the pulse of our stories flow, and a story with a bad characer often winds up as a bad story.

This contest deals with creating an interesting, unique character, never before written until now.

To keep the format somewhat regulated, please use the list found here ( or any variation of it. Feel free to cut questions out, add questions to it, or tweak the existing questions (I find it difficult to use an exact copy of that particular list my story doesn't take place on Earth, but you can easily remedy that).

Upload your completed character sketch as a short story to enter. Feel free to include pictures, drawings - anything that helps you create this person.

Any characters that you've already created before (and someone can prove) will be disqualified.

Questions? Message me!

Good Luck, and Happy Creating!


With permission, I will publish the winning character description on my blog for the world of cybrespace to view with jealousy!


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