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Got writers block?

Got writers block?

A Lesson by Sexy P3nguin



Okay, if you ever get writers block (which we all do) don't let it stop you from writing. Writers block can last from a few hours to a few days and it can be hard to overcome. If you're unaware what writers block is let me explain. Writes block is when you want to wrote something but you just can't think of ANYTHING! It can come when ever it wants and leave when ever it wants. I have suffered it and I am here to help out you fellow writers. As I stated writers block is annoying, but if you follow these steps you may be able to overcome it.

STEP 1: Don't let your imagination die.
--- Just because writers block has your mind on lock down does not mean your imagination is. Your imagination is full of unlimited ideas. You have to think deeply into your mind and dig out all your best ideas.
STEP 2: Write about it.
--- Now that you have your best ideas choose one (or two if you feel jumpy) and start plotting your plot. It sounds awkward indeed but it is what you need to do. If you just begin writing without thinking of what you're going to write you will become a victim of what I call mind puke. Mind puke is when you write an entire poem, and it makes no sense at all. Trust me, you don't want that.
STEP 3: Evaluate your writing.
--- After you have written your writing you need to proofread the final project. Look for grammar errors, spelling errors or anything that may just not fit. This is the most important step for one reason. Let me tell you that one reason. If you have any errors small or big these may throw the reader off track and they may end up reading the same line once or twice. You do NOT want this. This can be one of two things. 1.) The rhyme scheme may not work. 2.) It mat not make sense. So make sure that you re-read your writing.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Added on May 26, 2010
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Sexy P3nguin
Sexy P3nguin


Hello there everyone. :) My name is Dustin S. Davis. I choose NOT to share my middle name. Don't ask for it either. I wont tell you. Anyway, I have been writing fictional/non-fictional (more fiction)..