Books Only.


Its about books. Easy. Simple. We want to read yours! Talk about them. Pick a guy in your book to cheer on! Cry with the story, and laugh while reading. We don't want poems, or short stories, we want to escape with a book, and get involved with a character!

Anyone can join! Make a forum about your favorite books, and characters in them. (books on the site of course!) Add your book to our collection! We want to read them, which of course we want to review them!

RULES to submit your work:
-MUST be a book.
-The book must have at least 3 chapters.
-The book must be one you are planning to add more chapters to OR is finished.

Forum Rules:
-Please don't ask for reviews.
-You may talk about your book plot, characters, and other fun book ideas!
-Be friendly, but honest, and have fun!

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The Fallen

The Fallen


I miss some of the friends I made on here


Tomorrow Falls (horror/supernatural)

Carrie Ann G

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Really Get Involved

Mr. Michael Live

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Book Covers

T. Adams

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New Contest

T. Adams

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Hello there! I'm new!


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