Change the World (Competition)


Emotions have the ability to heal when shared. We find that the emotions, fears and inhibitions that we thought were unique to us actually affect so many others. So please share your heart and soul through the words you place in this competition.

This is a new competition that will become a monthly event, then at the end of next year all the winners of Changed the World will be invited to compete for 'Changed the Cosmos '.

I feel that being honest about and sharing emotions can provide healing like a touch of magic passed from soul to soul. So I want Poems of hope, Poems of emotional honesty, Poems that show acceptance of the pain required to understand pleasure. Poems that matter.

Thank you for entering and good luck.

(Link for the comp)

You Changed the World - Warrior of Life - Rick Puetter
You Changed Society - No Tears - Rachel Reaper
You Changed the community - The Just-There-Girl - Eden Harper
You Changed me - My Heart I Fill With Love (story song) - Nicholoas Rowe
Poured a little light - Society Grooming - Indigo Sunshine

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Poison Ivy

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