Horror Writer's Anonymous (HWA)


As I have seen there hasn't been a good horror writing group on the good ol' WC in, quite literally, years. So now it's time to revamp some old ideas with some brand new talent!

This group is going to be soley based on horror pieces. Whether they range from books to short stories, novellas or poems. Anything is no-holds-barred when it comes to this group.

I will be hosting, what I hope to be, successful group contests where fellow writers are given prompts to write newly inspired pieces. Each writer will be given a topic, an allotted time frame and once submissions are picked by the moderator, I wish the group to vote on which one is the best. Sort of a head-to-head dueling banjos sort of motif.

Also, it would be ideal to use this group to touch base on some other issues, such as: constructive criticsm, plot holes, dialouge, etc etc etc. Anything that we can do to help fellow members improve and expand their writing techniques would be a plus.

I want whatever twisted images burn through your brain, I want your zombies, your vampires, your things that go bump in the night. I want your best and I want to be scared. The macabre is a decadent treat and we must all take care to savor it. So let's see what you all have and let's have a blast doing it!

I hope for active members and to see some new and faces, as well as the old. Welcome all to Horror Writer's Anonymous.

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A Story by Tom Chan

Tom Chan

Tom Chan

Shah Alam, Malaysia

I'm new


Returning from 8 years of depression.

James Watts

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My first real horror story.

T. Greyman

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Howdy, HWA

B. Benson McMullen

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Australian horror "The Apocalypse Show"


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Horror Battle/Prompt Log

Pauline Ramsey

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