Mind And Soul


For those who enjoy stepping into another level....I would like to live like a river flows!

According to the German poet Novalis, "The seat of the soul is there, where the inner world and the outer world touch. Where they permeate each other, the seat is in every point of the permeation."

Lets begin to trust the music of our own soul..you have inherited treasure that no one will ever be able to take from you.. Lets together share in laughter, smiles and tears our exciting journey to finding peace within....
On this journey, you begin to see how the sides of your heart that seemed awkward, contradictory and uneven are the places where the treasure lies hidden. You begin to become true to yourself. Feel free to join us..........

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moving piece

June 21, 2007 - July 1, 2007

moving piece


ok how do i do this

Bewitching Sensation

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