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If you live within the Midwest- United States or would just like to know whats going on in a different part of the planet. Then there is an outlet for you! Join Plucky Magazine's up-to-date news center and receive updates of what goin' on in your gayborhood and throughout the world. Become your own reporter and post your own stories and receive reviews, today!

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"After withdrawing from Plucky Magazine as Executive Editor. I have since then remained a silent advocate for this incredible, yet very young magazine. Thank you for joining this group on WritersCafe.Org. I hope we can better understand each other. From one country to another, one story at a time. We can change the world..." -Joshua Randall

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Your Life

Your Life

A Chapter by Octob3r Star

Octob3r Star

Octob3r Star

Austin, TX

The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to l..