Project: Save the Words


This group is for those who love the English language! More specifically, it's to promote, a website by Oxford Dictionaries, which is dedicated to the use of words that are dropped from our amazing language!

Every year, thousands of words in our language are lost, forgotten, (and if you're a Who fan, they're erased by the light at the end of the Universe). These words are perfect for poets like us to use in creative, figurative and downright awe worthy ways! I challenge you to look at these words, write them down, and use them in as much of your poetry as possible!

Don't forget to define them in your Author's Note so that people know what us mischievous little poets are up to.

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describing myself and my views on saving words: ella caron

obvious pseudonym

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I like words obviously


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'tis indeed a fine idea

Patches I'm not so new anymore.

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Let's Get Started!

Kiri Nells

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