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The world is full of writers, there�s no doubt about it; people have things to say, visions to express, epiphanies to share. Behemoth literary magazines and publishers, unfortunately, never quite seem to give these undiscovered writers a chance to share that vision. Often, they expend their glossy pages on heralded writers that will better sell their product, shelling out formula rejection letters that crush potential writers and convince them to drop the pen and pick up a calculator and don a pinstripe suit instead.

In response, So Many Lemons strives to squeeze those bitter lemons of rejection into that timeless proverbial glass of published lemonade. Our goal, as an up and coming presence in the literary marketplace, is to seek out the writers that have not yet gotten their Dave Eggers / George Saunders / Joyce Carol Oates break.

One important detail to note is that SML does not just accept any and all previously unpublished writers; rather, week seek the work of unrecognized authors whose work is stellar, but whose presence in the publishing industry is virtually nonexistent. We hope to give new writers the exposure they deserve and to give readers the original fiction they crave. The work that will be featured here will, ideally, have unique voices, evocative characters, and compelling perspectives.

That being said, if you think you can move and inspire us, give us insight on life, and wow our pants off with an advanced knowledge of independent clauses, submit your short stories, essays, poems, and visual masterpieces.

Submissions are now being accepted via website: , as well as via email: [email protected]

*** Please note that if you are interested in being published in SML online literary magazine and do not wish to enter the SML Challenge, works submitted to this group may be considered for publication, upon permission from the author ***

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