We Rebel Because We Have To.


Forget the stereotypes, forget those unrealistic impossible to meet standards. Say what you feel, express what you mean. Us as teenagers and young adults are classified in this world to rebel. But we do it because we have to. We may freak out and spazz, but the only thing we can think of for people to listen to us is to make it loud and bold. So of course we protest, graffiti, riot, jump up and down, scream, yell, start drugs, skip school, get drunk, sneak out, start fires, cut, refuse to talk, bully, REBEL. Of course we do, how else can we get your attention?

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What's something you've done because you feel you've been neglected?

Amber Susan Thomas

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¡viva la revolution!

Thomas Pynk

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If I may?

Rainbow Rider

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