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Writing prompts, you've heard it many times before I'm sure. But this time it's a different. I didn't put the word 'weird' in front of writers prompts just for the heck of it. I did it because they really are weird. And that's the point.

Prompts to give you an idea, keep you from writers block, and to make you think differently. A prompt that starts as an idea, but you make into the writing form of art.

Each day I give you a prompt. Look at the forums for the prompt. You have to check on your own. I'll do a forum for each month, and it will be filled with prompts for that month.

I encourage everyone in this group to be involved. Look at all the forums. There is one so I can get an idea on what kind of person you are, to make the prompts a little more desirable to actually write. And give your prompt suggestions. Get a chance to tell me what you want!

There will still be contests of course, but if you haven't got the point, then you may never get it. They will be weird, and sometimes perhaps make no sense.

I only except writing that has to do with the prompts I have given. So, please keep that in mind.

Once in a while I will give a serious prompt.

Sometimes there may be a vote, because this is not just my group, it is your group as well. That means you give your thoughts to, but only when I have a hard time making decisions.

This is weird, but I promise not so weird you'll go insane. Now, good luck!!

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