Writing Mentors


A group dedicated to helping fellow writers out!
Here's the idea....
Post a forum thread stating your age.
Upon your age groups you will be put into categories.
15 and younger- Juniour
Older than 15- Seniour
(If you don't wish to put your age, simply put the category!)
(I'm giving though 16 year olds the choice of being a mentor or being mentored. So please state in your forum thread what your wish is!)
Also you may wish to include in your forum post a bit about your writing & yourself. It just helps me when I go to match you! Saves me from having to visit your page and read about you!

A juniour and seniour will be paired up. The seniour will become the mentor! You will recieve notification via mail message when I pair you up!
The seniour will be responsible for reviewing, messaging, etc. all to help the younger writer!
The younger writer will be responsible for contacting your seniour somehow to let them know you've got work you'd like to have looked at!
(More details are in the mail message you receieve one paired. But please, don't hesitate to message me if you wish to know anything more!)

A few things...
-You must be kind in reviewing. Nothing nice to say, don't comment at all!
We want to encorage writing not discourage.
-No harsh language, or anything with an evil tendancy.
-Anything out of line and your taken out of the group!
*** If any group member is being out of line, please notify me. We want this group to be a nice place.***

You may post writing here-----

Also PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE! ask questions if you have any!

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I'm new


*drum roll*

zach h.

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14 years old

Brook Hughes

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16 - wanna be junior, looking for mentor!

Sabyth Fay

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I want to help

Silent Knight

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