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This is the group for the Yukon High School Creative Writing Club! This is a place to post your work so fellow YHS writers can be inspired by your work or offer helpful critique. Everything from poems, short stories, or songs--fantasy to historical fiction. This group is calles Yukon Muses & Their Writers because of a joint thought many writers have--that they don't own their muses; their muses own them. Like a cat has people--a muse has a writer. Our goal is just to enjoy writing and help every Yukon writer reach their full potential and improve our own. We simply ask that when reviewing other writers' works please be courteous and respectful of their POV(Point Of View) and be aware that some people may have very different opinions than yours--offer advice and suggestions but keep in mind it is still their work! And we also ask that writers remember to be courteous and respectful when responding to reviews!

The Yukon High School Creative Writing Club meets every Monday in Mrs. Bowles room; but you don't have to attend every meeting to be a member. If you simply want to come in when you have the chance or just keep in touch with the rest of the crew on this site that is fine also. The group is composed of freshmen, sophmores, juniors and seniors and it is organized by Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Ashford it is a laid back group of creative people who just want to discuss writing with people who enjoy it as much as they do.

<b>Writing Prompts</B>

Every week we have a prompt in the meeting that we write about for anywhere between two minutes to five. It could be a poem, a drabble (a short story composed of usually 100 words or less) or a song--anything related to that particular prompt. This is not turned in as a grade and we don't have to save them. This is just a fun activity we do to challenge us and see how everyone comes up with different ideas. If you cannot make the Monday meeting or simply want to see what others wrote again each prompt will be posted Monday night on this group on the forum. You can either post your response there or submit it to the group as a whole--or both. Each forum topic will remain open for as long as possible and you can submit writing to it or the group past that week in particular if you so desire.


Please say either on your profile as a writer or as a message to Carlee that you are from Yukon. This group is strictly for YHS.

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