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Kerri Hart


I know I haven't been on lately, I am clearing my profile of most works and starting over, I am sorry I haven't been active.

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About Me

I suppose there is a reason your reading my bio, yes? I don't know why... I am quite awful at them, but I'll make sure it can't be too boring.
AT 11:11 tonight look into your closet, there will be one ticket to go under platform 13

One you arrive there, a train will take you to Gringotts bank

But make sure to stay towards the front of the train, other wise you may run into Mr. Holmes and his Faithful partner John Watson, an acquaintance you do not want to make

When you arrive the faeries will ask you for a password

You are to say "Luke, I am your father."

They will then take you to a vault where you will be forced to battle Tris Prior

When (if) you are able to beat her, you will find Katniss' bow, shoot straight, and you will be allowed to enter the Vault.

Inside you will find... Well, you will just have to discover that for yourself, won't you?

Well then if you are still reading my bio, I assume you are quite annoyed with me so I will keep this short.

Hello! I am Kerri Hart, and I would love it if you could read my current book, Reaching For Fragments. It would mean the world to me! If it has killed you that much to know what you would find in the vault, message me! I love new friends!



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Posted 10 Years Ago

hey my friend its been long...

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Posted 11 Years Ago

no problem
cant wait to read your writing!

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Thanks for the add! :)