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About Me

I am a simple person with simple needs. All I need is the joy of my children surrounding me, the experience that one can only get from living life, and the chance to write whenever the mood strikes. My ultimate goal... to be able to make a comfortable living doing what I enjoy most and that is of course writing. The main thing is showing my children that age doesn't have to be a factor when chasing one's life dream. I feel the only way to do that is to lead by example which is what I am trying to do here.
I prefer the gene of crime/horror/drama. Something that when a person walks away they are still pondering the twist and turns that each page took them on. I want a person to read the story again and again in order to see if the can pinpoint where the story went from one point to another. Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and Ann Rice are just a few of my heros in the world of writers.
I am in search of the feed back and fellowship that can only be given and received by other writers. I have found that more see writing as a "cute little hobby" but they honesly don't realize that without writers the world would come to a stop since even the most basic form of commication involves writng. I don't think those who aren't in to writing realize who much work is truly involved.
There other things in life that makes me the person I am which I believe makes me a well rounded person and able to relate to anyone on almost any level. Below are just a few things that make me the person I am:

1.Helping those who need it without expecting any form of praise
2.Standing up for what is right in life even if I am standing up alone
3.My family
4.My friends
5.The simple beauty of life around me.

1.Every inch of Ireland
7.All of the Middle East

1. Having a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and the rising of the morning sun when everything is still quiet. Before everyone and everything gets caught up in the hustle of the day.

2. My son covered in mud from head on a hot summer day and he looks over at me out of the blue and says I love you mama.

3. The moment I right the last word to what I feel is the perfect story

4. Every second that I breathe

1. Step out of my comfort zone and take a chance
2. Always keep mind open enough to learn something need, see another point of view, and always be able to be mature enough to sometimes agree to disagree
3. Always be trrue to who I am.


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Posted 11 Years Ago

To decide and to declare, to create and to express, to experience and to fulfill,
Who You Really Are.
To re-create yourself anew in every moment in the grandest version of the greatest vision
ever you had about Who You Really Are.
That is your purpose in becoming human, and that is the purpose of all of life.

Neale Donald Walsch, American writer, from "Conversations With God"

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Posted 11 Years Ago

Welcome to Cafe`

I have to run off now and read
your stuff.