Alternate Worlds

Alternate Worlds

A Chapter by Zephyair

This is what happens when two very similar alternate universes collide. Could they have been one at some point?


Chapter 1: Alternate Worlds

"Alternate worlds, univerese maybe. They're everywhere, but they are invisble. They pass through eachother without so much as a trace. We've learned that in some worlds, scientist think this is dark matter moving through space.

"Some worlds though, can collide in very physical way. Not only can the very geography of the worlds change, but the people are moved there as well. Due to the differences in geography some people may not survive a collsion, others may be better off than before.

"And while some collide others are seperating. They are tearing apart at the seams. Some people are taken with it, others are left behind. Both can have catastrophic and miraculous effects. It all depends how and when it happens.

"Some worlds collide into others more often and some may never collide or seperate. This rarely happens though with the amount of universes that may exist beyond our own, your own. This world collides with others regularly, sometimes with a few at a time. And sometimes they never split back into the two original.

"The alternate worlds travel around and through each other, while Outer Planes, compelely unnatural worlds that are necessary for the existance of the worlds surrond those one. These worlds can be made of some of the most basic elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Then there are those that balance the others out, like Light and Darkness. And the place were people go when they dream and mediate, the place some call Nirvanna, others call Limbo, is the Astral that surronds everything and ties it all together.

"That is the theroy of the alternate worlds and universes. And that is exactly what has happened here."

His explaination done, he picked up the cup of tea. His world had just collided with another. As he had mentioned, his world was prone to collsions often. And the people sitting before him, happened to be from that other world and because they just happened to appear in his backyard. So he felt it was necessary to explain why they were there.

He drank the tea slowly. It was sweet from the honey he loved to put in it. The taste of lemon still promient though.

"That explains why we are here...But where is here, exaclty?" asked the tallest of the foreigners. He was broad shouldered with blue eyes and combed back blond hair.

"In our world, this would be the country Austria," he replied.

Another of the group gasped, his purple eyes widening beyond the frames of his glasses, which were about to fall of his nose. He pushed them up and tried to recompose himself. "You couldn't have just said Austria..," he replied, very blustered.

"I did," he said nodding. "Is there something wrong?"

"Very...What did you say your name was?" the foreigner asked.


"Because, Zuriel, Austria happens to be a country in our world too. It also happens to be my country," he replied, curtly.

Now that was a surprise. "Surely its only a coicidence....And what do you mean by your country? Are you its Chanceller?"

"No, I am Austria," he paused. "This is going to be difficult to explain."

Their host smiled. "It sounds interesting enough. Go ahead."

"Each of us," he waved his hand indicating the others,"Are the personifaction of a country in our world. I happen to be Austria."

Zuriel raised and eyebrow and drank more tea. The only female guest, straight across from him did the same. She had long brown hair, a slight wave to it. He wondered for a moment which country she was.

"Our worlds aren't all that different then. I may not be the country personified, but I am its guardian," he said, placing the cup on the small table. "In this world, each nation has it own guardian. If any battles get to out of hand, they get us to act as champions for them. Its quite sad actually. When you're immortal, you get...attached to those who are as well." He was thinking of her again. In her slumber, hiding for when she was needed...Actually, he was supposed to be waking her up soon.

"Guardians?Immortals? This is the stuff of fairy tales," said the tallest one again, he most definatly had a german accent. Leaving Zuriel to believe that he was Germany.

The scrawny looking one beside him laughed. "I wonder what our guardian would like. Wouldn't you like to know, West?"

Now he was confused..West? Were they different portions of the same country? He wanted to be sure. "Which would you two be? I may be able to introduce you."

The scrawy albino one smiled. "I'm the awesome Prussia, of course! And this is Germany."

That explained everything. Though, in his world Prussia was no longer a nation. He was about to ask about that, but it was off topic and the orginal question needed to be answered.

Shaking his head, he said, "I cannot introduce right to her right now."

"Her? Its a girl?" asked the nation Prussia.

"Yes. She also happens to be one of the oldest and more powerful as well," he replied.

"What about me? I'm Hungary?" asked the girl he had been looking at before.

Had he been drinking, he may have choked. That girl..Hungary? He remembered the alliance his own country had with the Hungary of this world. It should be the other way around.

"I can introduce you to him," he replied. It would be reluctantly though. He was still wondering how a vadleany could become a guardian. They weren't all that powerful. But then again it was Faibian he was thinking about. He might be an exception...considering most of his race was female too.

"Vee~ Me too!" the smallest of the group said, waving his hand. He sat on the other side of Germany. "I'm Italy!"

It would be nice to talk to the guardian of Italy again, Carmine wasn't too bad, a little annoying, but he was torerable. "Of course." There was a ringing throughout the house. The doorbell. Zuriel was beginning to hate the sound of that bell. "Please, give me a moment."

He stood and left the parlor. Straightening his own white jacked, he walked through the halls to the door. A second ring. He brushed the hair from his face and opened the door. Upon opening the door, he was tackled to the ground.

"Zuri! Its been awhile! Why haven't you invited me over like you said you would?" asked the surprise guest.

It was Faibian. The one he didn't want to see. "Because...I have company right now."

"Other worlders?" he asked, getting off Zuriel and helping him up. "I heard some of them are countries....Do you think that's true?"

"It is...In fact. Hungary is inside and wishes to meet the so-called guardian of her country."

"Hungary's a girl? I never would've thought...Lead the way!"

Zuriel reluctantly led him to the parlor. "Excuse me. I'd like you all to meet Faibian. Hungary, this is the guardian of your country."

It was then he realized he forgot to mention that not a single guardian was human, including himself. Though, his white hair and gold eyes should've been hint enough. "I think..I have forgotten to mention one thing....," he said, shyly.

"And what is that?" Hungary asked.

"Its not to you or to Faibian, but is directed toward you all." He paused, just to add weight to his words. "None of us, the guardians, are human, we're all some sorta of race that is just best suited to each country."

Faibian laughed. His long dark brown hair fell out of place and into his face. "It fits perfectly for a seraphim to be the guardian of a musically inclided nation!" He patted the other on the back roughly, causing Zuriel to nearly fall over.

"Seraphim? Isn't that an angel?" Austria asked.

"I'm a type of angel. We're best known to be the messengers between Earth and Heaven, though a lot of us live here. Its funny, I'm actually name after another angel whom was the patron, so to speak, of harmony. Whether that refers to music or life in general is up to you."

After this, Austria and Zuriel were abosored into their own conversation, leaving Hungary and Faibian to their own deviced and the other three unattended. After at least ten minutes of this Prussia had become restless and annoyed. He was fidgeting and playing absently with the tassles on the couch pillows and poking insistantly at a yellow bird that Zuriel was sure came with him from the other world.

Germany, though attempting to hold it back, seemed just as restless. With a sigh he spoke, "I don't mean to be rude, Zuriel, but if our worlds are so closely related, in the sense of geography, then are they in events?" he asked.

Snapped away from his conversation with Austria, he glanced toward the larger nation. "Its quite possible...What kind of 'event' was going on in your world?" he asked in return.

The room quieted. Several frowned, including Italy, never seemed to stop smiling. "War."

That single word, proved so much. "Its the same here."

Zuriel wondered if their two worlds were once together. He hadn't been a guardian for more than three-hundred years and he knew the nation he currently protected was much older than that. He wondered if perhaps a former guardian would've known 'Austria'. Or if, like the guardians, the personified nations could be killed in battle which decied the fate of a war.

If that was true, then it was doubful that a previous guardian could know him. His mind wandered, attempting to figure out if there was a chance that one of the older guardian could've known. Then he remembered about her again.

He sat up straight. He was supposed to wake her and now he had a good reason too. Before anything more could be said, he stood and clapped his hands, bringing the heated conversation between Faibian and Hungary to halt. "Germany, Prussia, you wished to meet your guardian correct?" he asked, to be sure. He might as well take them along, she wasn't that dangerous when she woke up. Though Faibian might be a problem.

"Of course!" Prussia exclaimed, leaping from his seat and almost knocking the coffee table between them over. Germany nodded.

"I was asked to wake her, so I might as well take you along with me," he said. "Now if you'd follow me. And the rest of you are welcome to come along too. Faibian...You remember last time you were present when I woke her up."

"It was so worth it," he said, smiling slyly. "But I don't think I want to try it a second time....How about I just wait for you guys here? I know you don't trust me all that mush Zuri but I promise I won't break anything..."

Zuriel sighed. How he hated that nickname. "Fine, but if I come back and there is a single thing out of place, I'm not letting you come back."

Faibian frowned, annoyed. "Deal," he replied glumly. "But what am I supposed to do for the several hours you're gone?"

"I'm sure you'll find something."

With that settled they left.

She was sleeping in a very secluded place, hidden from the world and only a handful of people knew she was there. Zuriel was one of them. After a ride on the speed train headed to Germany and a short car ride, the last of the journey was a hike on a very nicely paved path that wound through a section of the Black forest. The path itself was away from the area's surronding towns and villages and hard to spot if you weren't looking for it.

She had asked that something be put there so if someone who wasn't the ones entrusted with her location needed to find her, instructions could be given. Zuriel found if useful just because he didn't have to dirty his array of fine white clothes.

There was little conversation on the way there, but once on the path, Germany asked, "All this traveling for one person. You even mentioned she was asleep. Should she not be awake now?"

Zuriel chuckled. "Its not the same type of sleep. She can sleep for eternity if she wanted to, but if she were to do so....She could die. Its necessary to wake her up every now and again if she doesn't herself." He gulped. "But I've been asked to wake her by the new Furher. Apperantly, she's necessary to his plans. I can see why though."

They reached a large stone door, set in the side of a large cliff. He stepped forward and placed a hand on the door. Once hidden glyphs light up brightly with a white light and the door opened. Being a angel and the spiralling staircase that led downward was black, he conjured orbs of light to illuminate the corridor.

"You guys should get used to this sort of thing," he said after seeing the stunned expressions on the others' faces. "Things like magic are a natural occurance here. And even more so around her.

"She's been named one of the most powerful. At least within the top three, she's also one of the oldest. I think the only one older than her is England's guardian." He began to ramble on about how the guardian's were ranked. England's guardian, the dragon Lazarus was first, next was either Russia's Viktor or Germany's Abisthine, the one they were going to wake. After that, it was guessed at France's Odette and Japan's Kagamaru. He forgot the name for the Chinese guardian, but he was next and then American's. He wasn't even in the top twenty, neither was Faibian. The power of the guardians did not reflect the power of their nation. Though, often it did help.

They had reached the end of the staircase and another pair of doors stood before them. Though they were made of a red wood, worn with age, but much less mencing looking than the stone doors. The gold knob glinted in the soft light coming from the orbs and he turned, motioning for the others be quiet and wait outside of the room. If she had been sleeping as long as he thought she was, she was going to need special waking.


© 2010 Zephyair

Author's Note

First chapter~ Spelling errors will be present since Word Pad doesn't have a spell check....

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