Wonder Full Ch. 2

Wonder Full Ch. 2

A Chapter by AliceIsIn

Things get a little crazier...and crazier. Is Alice really insane, or is she telling the truth?


Ch. 2

What Kind Of Birthday Present Is This?

                Alice turned off her television after the nurse came in to give her her medicine.  We had been watching a goofy movie on Disney, but I knew as soon as the overly kind nurse left that it was all a show. She stood staring out the window as I finished the rest of the popcorn we had popped earlier.

                “What’s up Alice?” I asked, licking butter off of my fingertips. She shook her head.

                “Nothing, just waiting for everyone to close up so I can give you your present.” She replied, turning to look at me. I gave her a questioning look, but she waved me off. “Don’t worry about it. Wanna see my drawings?” she asked, switching the subject. I nodded, eager, and set the bowl by the chair. Alice came out of her room a few minutes later with a thick artist notebook, and I noticed that pages were sticking out of it, their corners bent.

                “Wow, Alice, I didn’t know you draw?” I said, astonished as she set the book in my lap and set herself on the chairs’ arm.

                “Yeah, well, it’s kind of a therapy, ya know?” she explained, somewhat shyly. I flipped open the cover. The first picture was of a landscape. There were forests and desserts and lakes and cities and in the distance, a great castle, barely visible. It was a miniature, or so said the note scribbled in Alice’s handwriting beneath the picture. I flipped to the next one; A profile of a boy with a mop of hair that fell into his eyes, which were aimed at my direction. He had a small smile spread across his lips and a little heart was sketched in the corner above his head.

                “Oh my…Alice, these are amazing.” I whispered, flipping through the other pages, marveling at my sister’s newfound talent.

                “Thanks.” Something in her voice was off, and I closed the book, turning to face her. She was staring out past the window again.

                “Alice, what’s wrong?” I asked.

                “Remember, when we were little, Dad read us Alice in wonderland? It was our favorite book.” She whispered. I sunk lower into the chair, going back in my memory.

                “Yeah, I do.” I laughed quietly. “I was always jealous that the main character was Alice, and not Allison.”

                “You shouldn’t be jealous.” She whispered, so quiet I could barely hear her. I tilted my head in confusion.  She pulled herself from her daze and looked at me, her blue eyes rimmed in purple.

                “What happened that night, Alice?” I asked, cautious. I didn’t know if I was going too far. She shook her head, brown hair spilling from its now loose bun.

                “You wouldn’t understand.” she said and made to get up, but I grabbed her thin wrist.

                “I think I would if you would just explain to me.” I pleaded. Her eyes were dull and her face fell blank.

                “Fine. Are you ready for you present?” her vacant expression made my stomach lurch, and I nodded slowly. Alice wrenched her arm from my hand and stood in front of me. “Good, get your coat and shoes on, we’re leaving.”


The hallway was dark as Alice pulled me along. My heart was thumping in my ribcage like a frightened bird. Every time I tried to open my mouth to say something, she would spin around and hush me with a finger to her pale lips. A few times we had to backtrack because nurses would be answering the calls of their patients.

                “Alice, where are we supposed to be going?” I finally managed to whisper as we quietly sped down the back stairwells.

                “You’ll see.” We slipped through an open door into the back kitchen, with only the exit sign as a light. I drew closer to Alice. “Baby.” She hissed, and pulled me along the dark room, past the oven and large refrigerator. Before I could protest, Alice shoved me through the back door that led into the garden and eventually the woods. With a small click, the door was shut and Alice stood, blocking my way.

                “What the hell are you doing, Alice!” I whispered. Shoving her away, I pulled at the door. “Why did you close it? Now we’re locked out!”

                “I’ve got to give you your present!” and she grabbed my hand and took off running through the garden and into the wood. I struggled to pull away, but my seemingly frail sister was stronger than I thought. As soon as we reached the tree line, however, my struggling came to a stop and terror took over. No light shone through the bare branches. The moon was covered by thick rainclouds, and the taste of rain began filling the air. I stumbled and almost fell, but Alice pulled me along. After running for what seemed like hours, I began to hear the sound of running water, and sure enough, we came upon a large stream, a few yards across.

                “Ta-da.” Alice said, breathless. I stood next to her, my breath coming out in white clouds, tearing in my throat.

                “Alice, this-“ I took a breath “is great. Now let’s” another breath “go back.”  My hands shook with fear and I felt tears spring to my eyes, but Alice only shook her head.

                “This isn’t it.” And again she took my hand and pulled me through the icy water of the stream. I shrieked but before I could pull away we were across and walking towards a particularly old and gnarly tree. She pulled me down onto my knees and stared at the gap between the roots of the tree. I followed her gaze and my blood turned to ice and my breath caught in my throat. A rabbit hole. I began scurrying backwards, but Alice caught me.“Steady, sis. It’s alright, just calm down.” She said, calmly.

                “Calm down? Calm down?! You pull me out of the hospital and through almost a mile of woods and expect me to calm down? We’re sitting in front of a freaking rabbit hole, Alice!” once I said those words, however, it dawned on me what it all meant. “You don’t seriously think….” A tear rolled down my cheek. Alice took her hands and rested them on my cheeks, staring me in the eyes.

                “Do you trust me?” she whispered. There was a silence, and a cold wind blew through the clearing. I could only manage a nod. She gave a small smile. “Good. I’m not crazy, ok? I wouldn’t do this if I knew I was. I couldn’t find anyone else that I trusted more than you to show this too.” She looked down at the hole, then back at me. Her voice had turned from calm to pleading. “Please, Allison?” I gave only the slightest nod before she was off, crawling towards the small opening. I only stared, my limbs like lead. “Ok, so I’ll go in first. Follow me. Take a deep breath before you go in though.” She turned her head to give me one last look. “I’ll be waiting for you. Everything will be fine.” And without a second glance, she crawled into the tunnel and disappeared.

                The woods were suddenly very dark and scary, and I shivered in the cold. I was thinking about running away and getting help, but there was the fact that I had no clue where I was and I couldn’t leave my crazy sister. She trusted me to come through. I crawled slowly towards the gaping hole. It seemed to grow larger and larger, and my stomach lurched. I was crazy, I knew it. But so was Alice and she needed my help. So, without another moments thought, I took a huge breath and crawled into the rabbit hole.

© 2010 AliceIsIn

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wow, I think I know where this is heading now :) still want to carry on to see what you have planned

Posted 14 Years Ago

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