Wonder Full Ch. 3: Wonderland Belongs in a Book Right?

Wonder Full Ch. 3: Wonderland Belongs in a Book Right?

A Chapter by AliceIsIn

The twins are finally in Wonderland and Allison is NOT happy...


Ch. 3

Wonderland belongs in a book…right?

As soon as my body squeezed through the very dirty hole, there was an immense pressure and I found myself shooting through a very twisty tunnel. It was so sudden and fast that I yelped, letting out that breath I was warned to take. The tunnel squeezed tighter and tighter, and soon I found white spots popping up in front of my eyes. My head began to get very fuzzy, and I was afraid I was going to pass out before I was shot upwards and out. I landed hard on my stomach and felt my lungs expand gratefully. I let my head fall onto the grass below and caught my breath before I heard  Alice’s yells and then a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Allison, Allison?” came Alice’s faint voice from above my head. I gave a small moan and rolled over, blinking furiously in the sudden sunlight. I felt Alice’s hands poking me to see if I was hurt at all. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I murmured, sitting up slowly while my head swam. “I just had a bad…”I trailed off. Alice was hovering over me, her face inches from my own. “Alice, what…what happened to you?” I whispered. Miraculously, Alice had become…well Alice. She was no longer gaunt and pale, but blushing and round faced and the circles under her eyes gone. She smiled, the corners reaching from ear to ear.

“Oh, yeah.” She laughed. “That’s one of the perks I guess.” I tilted my still dizzy head in confusion. “Here, get up and I’ll show you.” She grabbed my arm and gently drew me to my feet, wrapping her arm around my waist in the process. When I managed to focus on my surroundings, I gasped in both fear and awe. We were surrounded by bleak forest, the sun watery behind the thin wispy clouds. The grass underneath my feet, I noticed, was a pale silvery gray. The trees were the same colors too, although to my horror, they were twisted into letters. Apparently they grew like that because there weren’t any marks of forced growth.

“What the hell!” I shrieked, shoving Alice away from me. She stumbled forward but balanced just before she fell. “Where are we?”

“Hey, chill out!” she yelled, walking back over to me. I shook my head furiously and crept backwards towards the tree. “Come on, everything’s fine Allison. Let me explain.” I shook my head again, eyes flickering in between the trees. “Allison!” she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from crawling back towards the hole. “Even if I let you go back, you can’t go that way.” She said, keeping a strong grip on my wrist. I stopped struggling and stared at her. “Come on, once we get where we’re supposed to go, I’ll explain everything.”

“You’re crazy.”I whispered. She froze.

“What was that?” she asked, her voice icy.

‘I said, YOU ARE CRAZY!” as soon as I said those words, I regretted them instantly. Alice’s face changed from shocked, to hurt, to furious in a split second. Before I knew what was happening, her hand was drawn back and then forward, quick as lighting. I felt the sting on my cheek before she actually slapped me. I stumbled back, tears welling up in my eyes. She stood there, shaking.

“I am NOT crazy, Allison. This is real, not anything less.” I let out a sob and sank to the ground. Why? Why was I here with Alice, of all people. She was sent to the hospital because she was mad. I shouldn’t be here. I was dreaming, that’s all.

“You’re not dreaming. You can sob and cry and ask questions later, but we have to go, like NOW.” She pulled my arm, still angry, and pushed me along. I was too scared and upset to resist any more. So I dabbed my eyes, wiped the snot from my face, and watched where I was stepping. We walked for ten minutes and all the while my eyes were spastically flitting from tree to tree. The trees themselves were odd enough. When we walked, some of them would spell out ominous warnings like go back, turn away, escape while you can. But once you took another step, the message disappeared, like it was never there. The gray light filtering in from the silver branches made everything gray and dull, like there was no life. Even our footsteps seemed far away, like nothing held anything in this place. If this was Wonderland, I was ready to say goodbye.

There was a beaten path that Alice led me through, and after walking amongst the trees for an hour, it felt good to come upon a cobbled road the color of pennies. It stretched for a hundred yards in the distance, and then over a huge hill. It was so big that I couldn’t see the top. I took a step forward, but Alice held me back.

“We have to wait for our guide. Hold on.” I stared at her, puzzled. She shook her head. “He’ll be here in a moment, don’t worry.” He? I only nodded, still upset, and sat down. I was tired and dirty and scared and had no idea where we were, so I thought I deserved a little rest. Ten minutes passed and we were silent, until Alice jumped up and yelled, waving her arms. I had only just dozed off and awoke at the sudden noise.

“Alice?!” I yelled, following her lead and jumping up as well. “What in the hell…?” I looked towards the hill in the distance, and on the crest I could see a lithe figure sitting atop of it. It looked like an animal, but from that far away, I couldn’t tell. It perked up and started to pad slowly down the side of the road. “alice, what are you doing? You don’t know-“ she stopped me with a glare. “Ok, ok, but if we die, I’m haunting you for eternity.” Her lips twitched, but she kept from smiling.

The figure slowly slunk closer and closer, and when it was almost upon us, I noticed that it was a cat of unusual color, size and shape. It was huge, almost as large as a yorkie. Its eyes were yellow and rimmed with neon green; they almost pulsed. It was thin and lithe, like it was stalking us. It had white fur with black stripes evenly across its whole body, like they were painted on. The only thing that scared me the most wasn’t his unusually sized claws or the large teeth, but rather its smile. It was so human, but not. It stretched from ear to ear. Literally.

“Hello, laaaadies.” It purred, and I yelped, jumping behind Alice. The cat laughed and sat at our feet, staring up at us with huge yellow-green eyes. “Oh, pardon me.” He said in a very proper british accent. “I must introduce myself, since my lovely darling Alice here has failed to introduce me.” He held out a paw to me, letting his claws slide back into his pads. “My name is Cheshire Cat, but you may call me Chess.” He glared at Alice. “That was the name she gave me.” Alice chuckled and I stared at his paw.

“Well, shake it, dumb a*s.” She said, nudging me in the side.

“Uh-um hello…Chess. I’m…Allison.” Crouching down, I shook his paw, which was oddly cold, and smiled. “So are you the cat from the book? Can you…you know…disappear?” I asked hesitantly, standing up. He grinned more widely.

“Well, you could say that. There’s much to explain, but I guess I could show you. We have to hurry though.” I nodded, not wondering what to expect. First, his tale began to unravel and in a matter of seconds, all that was left were his eyes and slightly crazy grin. Then that too was gone. I looked over at Alice.

“That was cool, but wh-“ I stopped. A head above Alice and myself hovered a head that began from the top. The hair was messy and ruffled, the color of snow. Then came a face. Pale and thin, he was very handsome, but then his body followed. He was tall and thin, wearing a midnight black suit with a swirling black and white tie. He was lithe and even standing he had a sort of magic to him. My mouth dropped.

“Hey, Chess.” Alice murmured. He stared at her, then smiled.

“Hey love.” My mouth dropped lower. He pulled her towards him and hugged her, resting his chin on her head. Alice seemed like a child under his embrace, but that was until she stretched on her tip toes and touched her lips to his. They drew apart after that, not wanting to waste any more time I suppose. I was in shock, standing as still as a statue, my mouth unhinged. They both laughed.

“Lots to explain!” said Alice, breathlessly.

“No s**t?” I murmured, shaking myself out of my stupor.

“Alright then, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s best we move on.” Said the Cat, not looking embarrassed at all. He then changed back into his cat form, moving in circles around us. “Let’s move it ladies, before the Queen of All Things Terrible realizes we’re here.” He purred sarcastically.

“Wait what?” I squeaked. You have to understand I was still utterly confused, but Chess would have none of it.

“That’s enough Allison. We’ll answer all of your question when we get where we’re going. Now move it. I don’t want to bite, but I will.” I immediately stepped forward, not wanting to have those razor sharp canines sunk into my leg.

The three of us began walking quickly towards the hill, the cobble making our steps seem so much louder. I glanced around and was shocked to notice we hadn’t moved at all; the trees were the same we had been near the whole time.

“Alice, Ca-I mean chess, why aren’t we moving.” Alice glanced around and sighed before looking at the cat.

“It’s because you don’t believe that you’re walking on a cobbled street. You still think you’re dreaming or crazy.” She explained, folding her arms. “You have to believe Allison. This isn’t a dream. You’re here, I’m here, he’s real, we’re all standing here.” She reached forward and grabbed my arm, squeazing it.

“hey!” I yelled, pushing her off.

“Allison, you have to believe.” Chess said, his tale twirling. I looked around. My head told me no. This wasn’t real, it couldn’t be. Logic was on my side. Wonderland belonged in a book, not some crazy world my sister took me to for my freaking birthday. But my heart said yes. Although it hurt me to believe it and I was afraid, I trusted my sister. I knew she brought me here for a reason. I nodded, but that didn’t mean I was totally convinced. I was only just, only just, beginning to think about if this place was real enough or not. I took a step and the wind whooshed through my hair, and I was suddenly on top of the hill next to Alice and the Cat, looking out at the most wonderful, strange, scary, magnificent place I had ever seen in my life.

© 2010 AliceIsIn

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems! Comments are Wonder Full...haha...

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wow this is amazing! great imagery as well :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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